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Monday, July 31, 2017

Trump: America's Weak President

Below is a sampling of opinion (from liberals AND conservatives) on how Trump has weakened himself and America with his incompetence, narcissism, tweeting, and lies:

NYT's Dowd: Despite tough talk, Trump is 'really weak'

"The dark pandemonium of the Trump West Wing has become a wormy scene worthy of Hieronymus Bosch. As Trump Fox News cheerleader Katrina Pierson likes to say, 'People have to get comfortable being uncomfortable,'" Dowd wrote. She concludes the piece by saying that while the president has reportedly referred Priebus as "weak," it is the president who is "weak" and "can't get it done."

Trump is weak says Conservative columnist, Peggy Noonan:

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan says President Trump’s primary problem as a leader is not that he is “inexperienced, crude, an outsider” but that he is “weak and sniveling” and “undermines himself almost daily by ignoring” traditional norms of American masculinity. “He throws himself, sobbing, on the body politic,” Noonan wrote in her column Thursday.

Top ABC analyst Matthew Dowd says Trump is 'a weak person's idea of what a strong person is'

"Donald Trump has a bizarre view of what it means to be a strong person … in this society, especially a strong man," Dowd said. "To me, Donald Trump and his actions are a weak person's idea of what a strong person is — the way you commit violence, how you act toward others, all of this. His idea of a strong person is bullying people. His idea of a strong police officer is mistreating people that they apprehend. 

 "To me, it's a much broader sense — he has somehow launched himself back in the 13th century of what he views as a strong person."

NYTimes:   Trump’s Really Weak Week

USNews:   A Pitiful, Helpless Giant

Donald Trump's ineffectual attacks on Jeff Sessions are just making the president look weak.

"President Donald Trump is looking awfully weak these days. Just look at Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, who is still attorney general in spite of his boss's recent bizarre public shaming. The kindergarten aphorism about the relative power of sticks, stones and words is proving true of Sessions, but not so much Trump, whose words are indeed inflicting damage – upon himself."


Rational Nation USA said...

America, specifically those who either out of fear or remaining woefully ill informed elected this pus boil and brought disgrace to our White House and America.

Truth is Donnie Tiny Hands is afraid of his own shadow.

Sal Vador said...

Trump is soft, weak, whimpering, and petulant. He isn’t smart enough to do the job and isn’t man enough to own up to the fact.

Ducky's here said...

Mooch, you're fired !!!

Kelly figures there's no room for two alpha dogs.

What a clown show.

Kevin Robbins said...

I just heard the heartbreaking news. The Mooch is out. I was so looking forward to him and Kelly working together.

Not in My Name said...

The left and the Progressive idiotic bloggers sees him as the worst thing that ever happened to this country since 9/11.

But to those who elected him and support him, he's the best thing to happen to this country since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Kevin Robbins said...

Which ones are the idiots again?