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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Trump administration: "...the moral bankruptcy and gross incompetence..."

Eugene Robinson of the WaPo:

It’s exhausting, I know, but don’t let outrage fatigue numb you to the moral bankruptcy and gross incompetence of the Trump administration. This ugly departure from American norms and values must be opposed with sustained passion — and with the knowledge that things will probably get worse before they get better. [...] 
As long as there are pro-Trump majorities in the House and Senate, there will be no real congressional oversight and no brake on an out-of-control president’s excesses. Incumbency and gerrymandered districts mean that winning anti-Trump majorities in 2018 will be difficult. But not impossible.
The Democratic Party needs a plan, a message and a sense of urgency. Trump hopes to bully critics into submission, but the country is bigger than this one president. And much better.


Here's the moral bankruptcy of the Trump administration:

ComradeTrump's goal is to allow the ACA "to collapse" and his pledge is to "not own it."  

That statement would leave millions and millions and millions of Americans without insurance: Infants, toddlers, children, the elderly, men, women of all ages. No health insurance.

That is morally reprehensible and inhumane, an outrage to Americans by an incompetent and buffoonish president. His children and grandchildren will not be hurt -- billionnaires won't suffer. But the rest of us who are not billionnaires will.

That's not leadership; that's "I don't giveaship!" 

But not all GOPers are on board with that kind of nihilism and irresponsible "I don't giveaship!"

This GOPer along with two other legislators are not going to support the catastrophic Trump solution to health care reform:

West Virginia Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito

GOP women shut down repeal-only scheme: “I did not come to Washington to hurt people”

Brava! to her and every legislator who puts country above party.


skudrunner said...

Brava! every legislator who puts country above party.

Do you mean both of them because it is all about self interest and keeping their jobs. The one area we lead the world is we have the most self serving leaders in the world and we in fact do need to drain the swamp. Maybe make Rex Tillerson King since he seems to be the only one who is competent.

Jerry Critter said...

Of course, allowing it to collapse means to actively defund it at every point they can so that it cannot function properly. Republicans will own the collapse also, if it occurs.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yup Jerry, we got ourselves a republican gubermint with an incompetent republican preznit. So yeah, they'll own it.

skudrunner said...

How do you fix a disaster other than wipe it out and start fresh. That won't happen of course because the republicans and democrats have had seven years to correct it and nothing has been done. It is all about political posturing so they can pat themselves on the back and say what a great job they are doing.
Maybe a new approach would work but that would require getting rid of All of the incompetents and that just won't happen. Term limits would be a good start but it would have to be put on the ballot and can't see that happening either.

I am still searching how 26 million will lose coverage if obamacare is repealed when only 10 million are enrolled.

Jerry Critter said...

skud, It is not that hard to find out. Just read the CBO report.