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Friday, July 21, 2017

We're on the Brink of an Authoritarian Crisis

The closer Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team comes to Trump's finances, the harder Trump is going to fight him, even threaten him.

There's probably a very good reason for Trump implying that Mueller would cross a "red line" should he probe the Trump finances:

Trump is probably a dirty money launderer for the Russians.

Trump is most likely a crook:

Be steadfast, Counselor Mueller. You and your team are the only bulwarks that stand between the American people and Trump's destruction of our American democracy.

We’re on the Brink of an Authoritarian Crisis If Trump fires Robert Mueller or pardons himself 

Republicans won't do a thing about it—and our democracy will be changed forever.

Trump’s Russian Laundromat 

How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House. 

Trump legal team spokesman resigns

Here is The New York Times editorial board on the interview (h/t Daily Kos): 

 "In less than an hour on Wednesday afternoon, President Trump found a way to impugn the integrity and threaten the livelihoods of nearly all of the country’s top law enforcement officials, including some he appointed, for one simple reason: 

They swore an oath to defend the Constitution, not him. 

 For a president who sees the rule of law as an annoyance rather than a feature of American democracy, the traitors are everywhere. [...] 

 In the end, Mr. Trump is concerned with nothing so much as saving his own hide, which means getting rid of the Russia inquiry for good. He previously said this was why he fired Mr. Comey, and it may yet be the undoing of Mr. Sessions, Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller."

Mueller will surmount Trump's threats. Our democracy demands it. | Editorial


Stephen B. said...

Making America Great Again will be fully accomplished when we pledge allegiance to the Hammer and Sickle rather than to the Stars and Stripes. The transition is well underway.

Ray Cranston said...

From Trump fanatic supporters:

Trump despises the NY Times and never misses a chance to call it “failing”, “awful,” “lying,” “fake news,” etc…for a year, that’s pretty much all we’ve heard. So he invites them for an interview, this failing newspaper he despises, and slams Sessions.

What do we expect the Left to do with this? Is this their fault?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Stephen, it seems all too horribly true.

Ray, if that quote is from where I think it is, forget trying to understand them. They are irredeemable. That they still support Trump is proof of their illness. I can't tell you the number of trolls I get here every day telling me I'm the one who's delusional.

I feel sorry for the poor slobs who still think Comrade Trump is for America. He's only for himself.

skudrunner said...


I can sympathies with you on feeling sorry for the slobs who support him. Millions felt the same way for eight years of constant attacks and failures.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, only in your far right universe is Obama a "failure." You sound like a 30 Percenter. There is no evidence that Mr. Obama's presidency was a failure. So stop attacking him and his eight years and look at the facts of where America is right now after only 6 months into a Trump Administration.


There was no criminal investigation in Mr. Obama's first 6 months or either in his entire 8 years. The BENGHAZI! committees -- REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES -- admitted there was no wrong-doing.

You and others who keep yapping on this idea are just plain wrong, and it appears you guys are consumed with shame because the last two GOP presidents GWBush and now DJTrump have been disasters. I'm not going to allow your "Obama Was A Failure" lie to stand.

Mr. Obama was a dignified, knowledgeable man who never embarrassed America and was liked by our allies (except the far right Israelis). Even Israel wasn't 100% against him. We've seen day after day after day that Trump is a know-nothing buffoon who has embarrassed America on the world stage and has shown himself to be a dunce in domestic and foreign issues.

Why can't you just face that and leave Mr. Obama out of it?

Tribalism, when it forces people to support a fraud like Trump, is a poison on this country.

Ducky's here said...

Come on skud, time to admit you helped elect a tool of Russian oligarchs.
He is an utter failure and it's time that were admitted by all.

Ducky's here said...

Great reaction to L'affaire Sessions at the mothership today:

"What do we expect the Left to do with this? Is this their fault? Should we start blaming the Republicans ... "

Well Queen Bee you can start by blaming Trump. Then resolve never to get suckered like this again.

Dave Miller said...

Duck... quite a thread over there today. You've got that right.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"What do we expect the Left to do with this? Is this their fault? Should we start blaming the Republicans ... "

Yes, start by blaming each other for not knowing better than to vote for a narcissistic fraud who hasn't a decent bone in his bloated body nor a functioning brain cell in his skull.

They should be reminded of who the last GOP president was: GWBush, and who their present POTUS is: DJTrump. Both of them walking disasters. However it took Bush almost 8 years to get to 28% approval; and in six months, Trump is almost there.

Tribalism is the poison on America.

skudrunner said...


No I didn't help elect DJT but the one thing of greatness he has accomplished is keeping -H- out of the office. Actually it was the DNC who made -H- their only candidate and it didn't work out well for them.
Trump has a few more years to accomplish something but it is an up hill climb. Even though his numbers are bad, in a recent poll he still beat -H-. Of course we all know how accurate poll numbers are.

Shaw, BHO was well liked across the world. After all he did not believe in America's greatness, gave billions to worthless feel good causes and released more billions to an enemy of the US and Israel. The problem he had was a stagnant economy for eight years, a devastated middle class and a pro racist agenda, whats the rich and wealthy loved him and he paid them back.

Rational Nation USA said...

skudrunner, you're a business owner right? A smart guy who navigated the regulatory roadblocks and rapids of rough and tumble business. I'd like to ask you question, and, I'm certain you will be honest in your reply. Would you do business with DJT if given the opportunity? If so why, and if not why not.

Another question, do you believe DJT has the qualifications to be President? If so why and if so why not. And PLEASE don't mention Obama as a comparison. But feel free to compare Trump to Wahington, Adams, and Jefferson.

Thank you and I anxiously await your response.

skudrunner said...

Thanks for the compliment and I do not apologize for anything I have accomplished. Of course I would do business with Trump. I don't select who will pay me as long as it is legal.

DJT is not a career politician and I consider that a plus. His ego is the minus but so far his accomplishments show he can get things accomplished for the American Taxpayer. The fake news on all sides clouds all the issues and it is difficult to sort through the truth.

Rational Nation USA said...

Since you sort of skated around the question do you think Trump is qualified to be President I assume you do.

I am glad you qualified the business question with "as long as it is legal". How much of Trump's dealings are shady to illegal I'm sure none but Trump and his atty knows for certain.

Trump has accomplished very litle if anything for the American People of real substance.

What Trump has done is create chaos and managed to achieve the lowest approval rating in 70 years after only 6 months in office. There are reasons for this and it has little to do with the credible news sources. Trump says and does what crosses his mind at any moment without thought to the potential consequences.

Trump is, in short, a menace to our democratic republic. Sad, but it is what it is.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "but so far his accomplishments show he can get things accomplished for the American Taxpayer"

His biggest accomplishments seem to be embarrassing the United States on the world stage and bringing chaos to our country and suspicion to him and his family. He's really done nothing but Tweet like a maniac.

It is amazing to watch how the far right will accept any politician (Trump IS a politician, and a horrid one at that) no matter how inept and corrput so long as he claims he's a conservative. SAD!

skudrunner said...

Shaw, I felt the same way about the leftists praising the previous administration and ignoring their disastrous decisions that placed the US in a bad position. The feel good do nothing administration had a large following especially foreign. After all the US paid the bills for most of them so why not support the free stuff. Does Trump apologize for the success of the US, no and I am glad he doesn't.

Les, is there proof about Trump's dealing being illegal. I would say getting out of the feel good do nothing paris accord saved us billions, not entering TPP, respect for border patrol and law enforcement, reign in EPA, approve the pipeline, threaten to take funds form sanctuary cities, lower the number of illegal immigrants crossing, actually do something with Syria other than drawing a line and having Russia come to you aid, have member countries pay for NATO.

Foreign leaders hate DJT because he is calling them on the carpet. They had eight years of the US paying for everything and them doing little other than give praise.
Lets talk now about something important like russiamania and all the russians who voted in our elections.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, here's a suggestion. Try getting your information from outlets other than right wing echo chambers. Most of what you wrote is fact-free, half-truths, or right wing spinning and Rush-ian blather.

I haven't the time nor the inclination to help you with the facts.

I can congratulate you on believing that the US is in good company with Syria as the only country not in the Paris Climate Accord. Nicaragua did not sign either, but that's because that country didn't think the accord was strict enough. So Trump and Assad are two peas in a pod on the Paris Accord. And you and the wingnuts are okay with that.

One other thing. Had Hillary won the elctoral college and she was yammering about pardoning herself and her family after serving only 6 months in office, I don't think you'd be hear telling us all what a great job she was doing.

Tribalism (and you are a BIG supporter of anyone who's in your tribe, it seems, no matter how crooked) is a poison on American politics.

And lastly, President Obama, unlike Trump, served the presidency with great dignity, intelligence, and honor. Unlike the crybaby whiner and probable crook who's defiling the Oval Office now.

That's not just my opinion, but almost 70% of the American people. Your opinion of Trump is most assuredly a minority opinion.

skudrunner said...

We differ on the benefit of a program that has no enforcement arm. The paris accord is a feel good, do nothing money drain of the US Taxpayer. Why does China not have to live by the rules set for others? What about India having very loose guidelines?

I will agree with you on two things. BHO was liked by many but being liked doesn't produce results. DJT has a less than stellar approval rating even in those states he won.
-H- go beat and that is probably the greatest accomplishment DJT can have. Can you imagine how much money they would have extorted from foreign governments and large corporations to fund their "charity". Bill would have upped his speaking fee to Russia and Vlad would call -H- again thanking her for meeting with him.