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Monday, January 28, 2019


 Nearly half of America has no confidence in Trump 'at all' ... and women hate him \

Trump has YUUUGE negativity among women. Gee, I wonder why? 

 As reported Friday, a new low of 27 percent of women approve of Trump’s job performance, compared with 49 percent of men, a vast gender gap.


Here's appalling news from the CBO:

Is this how President No Confidence makes America great again?

CBO: Shutdown cost economy $3 billion

The S&P differs with the CBO:

 Government shutdown cost US economy at least $6B, S&P says

President No Confidence thanked Americans for their sacrifice and the suffering HE PUT THEM THROUGH for his pointless, useless, reckless partial government shutdown. There's still no money for his vanity project wall, and he caused this country possibly irreparable harm.

President No Confidence is also President Chaos.


skudrunner said...

So are you saying for a couple billion more we could have a wall to protect us. Seems like madam got her way at the expense of the American people.

It is not surprising that women dislike trump more than men. Women are more sensitive and judge people on their behavior and their feelings while men judge people on what they accomplish. Feel good vs do good and that explains why the book men are from mars and women are from venus was so successful.

trump is a pig who enjoys wallowing in the mud and bring all those who want with him. Lets accept that and just go on.

Ducky's here said...

I don't believe a wall i necessary for our security, skud, but leave that be.
Do you believe that policy should be implemented because tRump threw a tantrum? Is that what the legislative process has come to?

Rational Nation USA said...

So skud, let me see if I understand this. Are you saying women, because they judge on behaviour and "feelings" they have no concern for doing good? My experience advises that while women are indeed generally more sensitive (call it better emotional intelligence) they are just as concerned about doing good as men.

Can you tell me what I'm missing?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that some believe that a physical vertical barrier is the ONLY thing needed for "border security"?

One more thing. There would be ZERO people sneaking across the "border" if citizens of the US, as a whole,
STOPPED HIRING ILLEGAL ALIENS. There's that little was said in another older movie..


Just Sayin'....Don't believe me? Ask any medium to large ag. farmer about "migrant farm labor",
and how VITAL and VALUABLE that labor is to Big Ag...

..because without that labor, billions of dollars of ag crops would rot in the fields...

So, do we REALLY want to secure our borders...
completely....and, at the same time, cut our own
throats, ag wise? I can tell you, it's the open secret in Napa Wine Country...They NEED those skilled hands to pick those grapes..and no, any Joe Blow in off the street CAN'T do this work- it takes skill and experience to pick those million dollar grapes...and it takes a large number of workers to do it...

We had better take a closer look at what's gained
and what's lost by having "Secure Borders".....

skudrunner said...

Duck, It would be nice to see our elected elite work together instead of playing revenge politics. Tantrums went both ways with trump digging his feet in the sand and madam saying we aren't going to give you anything.

RN, I didn't expect you to understand

Anon, agree we need migrant farm labor and we need immigrants to provide that. Secure borders does not mean no one can enter it means we can just control who enters. That can be accomplished by controlling who is in the country which would require congress to have a comprehensive immigration policy, have work permits and enforce our laws. This is something that has been battled over the past four administrations and no one will tackle it because it is too controversial.

Anonymous said...

I've lost all respect for the government with the outrageous, and ridiculous arrest of Roger Stone

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @5:34 AM

Really? I'm thrilled that our law enforcement people got the slimey, dirty-dealing, criminal scoundrel.

skudrunner said...

Remember Ms Shaw innocent until proven guilty. That should apply to republicans as well as democrats.
Storm troopers used to arrest a private citizen is a little theatrical don't you think. I guess if it is used against trump associates it is OK to raid a persons house in the middle of the night because after all they are a huge threat to society.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner, "innocent until proven guilty" applies only to a court of law. As a private citizen, I can decide if I think Stone is a guilty dirty, rotten scoundrel.

Since you listen to or hear only right wing propaganda, you failed to read that how the feds took Stone in was perfectly normal when dealing with a man who'd threatened the life of other people and who was a flight risk.

It is a reflection on you and your values that you come here and defend Stone but with every chance you get, you've trashed Barack Obama, a decent, loving, faithful family man.

skudrunner said...

I didn't defend stone because until the storm troopers broke down his door I had never heard of him. I also didn't realize he was holed up with an arsenal of weapons ready to eliminate people.

I Never trashed BHO's family values just his ability to govern all the people in the country instead of just the special interest groups and the billionaires.

Trump has shown he does not have the ability to be president either so the next two years will be painful. His tax cut actually hurt the working person who travels for a living since they took away a lot of business deductions.

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