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Saturday, January 5, 2019

About that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dance Video...

Some  far rightwing nutjob tried to smear Ocasio-Cortez by publishing a video taken when she was a college student at Boston University. It's a joyful, youthful take on a dance sequence from the movie "The Breakfast Club," and it shows that Ocasio-Cortez can dance. And she's adorable.

The rabid rightwing base of the GOP should think twice before they attempt to smear AOC with a harmless dance video. If the current base of the GOP can accept youthful soft-porn photos of Melania Trump, the FLOTUS, in which she is naked and in bed with another woman, they need to keep their mouths shut about a noncontroversial dance video in which AOC is clothed and acting like an exhuberant, normal college student.

The person who tried to trash AOC got a huge surprise when instead of hurting AOC's reputation, the release of the video made her the coolest new member of th 116th Congress!

You go grrrrl!


skudrunner said...

She has some great ideas like everyone paying their fair share of taxes. Maybe everyone pay 15% of their income that way everyone pays their fair share and the rich would pay the most.
She is a idealist which most people are when they are young but she could change the political landscape by making politicians transparent on their beliefs. That was promised a few years back but then it went underground. Maybe before she takes millions from lobbyists she will expose the way they purchase our politicians.
Hate or like DJT but at least he expresses what he thinks he just does it in an offensive way.

Rational Nation USA said...

Why anyone would use such material in an attempt to smear anyone just highlights how immature and stupid the tRump right wing of the GOP is. Unfortunately the rest of the dim witted GOP isn't too far behind.

Anonymous said...

This is what a scared shitless rightwing tRump d-sucker sounds like:

"A certainty: There is a 100% chance rabid, unhinged Democrats will go too far and turn off the normals.

This is going to be a fun two years. Leftwing loons and rage-stoked nutballs think they can use the power of congress to get President Trump's tax returns, subpoena every last shred of everything from him and anyone connected to him...

...and it will be a hilarious pleasure to watch those same loons and nutballs explode in tears and rage when it turns out congress cannot get their grimy dickskinners on the president's tax returns, and their subpoena powers are limited in scope to relevant issues under the law and germane to the committee's jurisdiction.

Those slavering for plenary politburo show trials will be sorely disappointed."

The slobbering shitpants who wrote that forgets that a majority of Americans want tRump impeached or censured.

Somehow in their bloated false sense of righteousness they actually believe no one will touch the s.o.b. idiot a$$h0le. They support a guy who cheats on his wives and who cheated the public, the government (taxes), and everybody who does business with him. He has no loyalty to anyone, including the mothers of his children.

The generals have left the building (WH) and all he has left supporting him are third string toadies and the deluded deplorable 30 PERCENTERS. The bottom of the barrel Rethuglicans.

Oh, and shitpants who actually believe the Dems are the ones who are "unhinged." I wonder what shitpants calls people who continue to support a corrupt, serial adulterer and liar?

Wait. I think I know. Shitpants would call them good Xtian Republicans. Bwahahahahaha!


Infidel753 said...

Waitwaitwait, being in a dance video is now somehow a bad thing? What is this, Iran?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: Hate or like DJT but at least he expresses what he thinks he just does it in an offensive way."

Apparently, DJT expresses what Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and Anne Coulter thinks as well. How does it feel to be led by FAUX NOOZ personalities?

Also, you dismiss DJT's disgusting character because "...he expresses what he thinks he just does it in an offensive way."

This is what the 30 percenters admire -- this is what DJT thinks:

“I did try & fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. I just start kissing them. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything—grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

DJT also expressed what he thought about John McCain, a POW for 5 years (during those years, Trump told us that he had his own "Vietnam" worrying about getting an STD because of all the shagging he did. Yeah. Ver expressive.

Also, he was expressive when he mocked a disabled journalist and a Gold Star family. Those horrendous insights into DJT's rotten soul were there for everyone to see, and yet people voted for the mendacious, immoral pig.

But he certainly expressed what he was thinking.

skudrunner said...

I don't watch Fox news so I wouldn't know what the talking heads are saying.Hannity, Ingram, Coulter, Madcow, Matthews are all the same. Millionaire talking heads who appeal to a shallow partisan audience. I much prefer BBC or PBS to get my news.

Biden asking Chuck Graham to stand was OK with you. Clinton saying I did not have sex with that women and his spouse calling all his accusers sluts is OK with you.

Les, the majority of republicans don't agree with what trump does and us independents hope civility returns to the political arena.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: I never heard of Chuck Graham. But this is what I found on Wiki:

"Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden asked him to stand up, apparently unaware of his paralysis. When Joe Biden realized Chuck couldn't stand up, he asked for the crowd to stand up for him."

Where did you read that I was okay with Bill Clinton's lying about having sex with Monica in the White House and Hillary trashing the women who accused Bill? Could you please find evidence and link to where I supported any of that?

If you don't watch MSNBC or anyone from that cable news medium, how do you know the right wingers refer to her as "Madcow?" And why do you do so? She's a Rhodes Scholar and has a very successful show on cable. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, an undereducated fool, advises President Porn Star Shagger.

Oh, as for Trump and his bragging about his adulteries during his marriages and with famous men's wives, the GOP has decided that is a fine Xtian value and it is not important that we Americans have a liar and a cheat representing us on the world stage.

Bill Clinton was impeached and found not guilty and will forever have that next to his name in history books. Not something to be proud of. He was wrong, wrong, wrong, and he will forever be remembered for his disgusting behavior.

Meanwhile Donald J. Trump has a 93% approval rate with Republicans. So the GOP admires a fraud, a liar and a cheat.

Proud of yourselves?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753 said...
Waitwaitwait, being in a dance video is now somehow a bad thing? What is this, Iran?

The nut who spread the video around the 'net thought it would ruin AO-C. Instead, it made her the star of the internet and loved even more. The base of the GOP is extremely unself-aware. They have no idea how the rest of America thinks.

We can blame her youth and inexperience for any freshman mistakes she makes -- and she probably will.

What is the excuse the GOP base has for a 71 year old guy who constantly tells America that he knows everything and no one is better than he is at everything and then effs up everything he touches?

Rational Nation USA said...

skudrunner, if the majority of Republicans do not agree with what tRump does why then do they not call him out on it? Why don't they make their voices heard?

skudrunner said...

Les, They do but some don't listen. As to the accuracy of polls, we saw that in the 2016 elections. They don't mean squat but some still choose to put faith in them.

Ms Shaw, A Rhodes scholar status is on par with nobel prize winners. Depends on the committee and what they want. Look at one nobel winner who won because he hadn;t accomplished anything but was a swell guy.

I didn't say I have never watched Fox or MSNBC news I said I don't watch them. Coulter, Madcow, Matthews, Hannity, Ingrham and the rest of the partisan talking heads have nothing worthwhile to say except how the hate the other side. Watching that is not worth my time.