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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Good News!


Trump cancels press conference that he had scheduled for the one-year anniversary of the Capitol insurrection.

"Alyssa Farah, who worked as the Trump administration's director of strategic communications, told CNN's Kaitlin Collins on Sunday that he is getting terrible advice and should remain silent on the anniversary."

S.K.: Trump didn't know enough on his own that he should remain silent on the anniversary of one of the blackest days in America's history? A day he instigated and that caused irreparable harm to our country?


Shaw Kenawe said...

From a friend on Twitter:

"Trump cancels his Jan. 6 public statement in wake of House Select Cmte. releasing contents of letter to Sean Hannity requesting his cooperation. Trump is losing his marbles/having a sh*tfit over witness testimony that gives more damning evidence of his criminal conduct on 1/6."

Dave Miller said...

All of this may be true. Some are saying Sen Lindsey Frank prevailed on Trump to cancel his "event." Others speculate that it was because no TV coverage was to be expected.

Whatever the reason, it is good news. Even if I was looking forward to a split screen with Trump haranguing about the election as Pres Biden led a prayer gathering for our country.

Now the bad news...

This read from The Guardian is chilling.

I can wish it were not true, but it certainly has an inevitable ring to it.

Mike said...

tRUMPs narcissism keeps driving him to do crazy things. He will never get a clue or stop doing what he is doing. He's too old.

BluebullAmerica said...

There is another, much more mundane reason for Trump to have canceled the event at Mar A Lago. The Southern Blvd Bridge which is the main entry and exit from Mar A Lago on the island of Palm Beach is being replaced and is heavily restricted for the next couple of months. Guests would have to take either the Lake Worth Bridge to the south or the Royal Palm or 5Th Street Bridges to the north. Neither is all that close and both would be a pain in the butt for large groups. I'm guessing everything put together made King Clorox decide against further embarrassing himself.


Dave Dubya said...

I was hoping Trump would try to draw attention to his coup.

EVERY dem campaign ad needs to show that day and say, "THIS is Republican Trumpism".

The ongoing civil war, a cold war at the moment, will continue unless we can reform the severely rigged Constitution's Electoral College and Senate. And the radical Right will STILL want a civil war. They want a dictatorship, nothing less.

"By 2040, 30% of the population will control 68% of the Senate. Eight states will contain half the population. The Senate malapportionment gives advantages overwhelmingly to white, non– college educated voters. In the near future, a Democratic candidate could win the popular vote by many millions of votes and still lose. Do the math: the federal system no longer represents the will of the American people."

We can expect more white nationalist minority rule and less democracy.

Right Winger Frankie said...

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of a very important day in U.S. history.
Be prepared to hear this a Million and One times.
Sane Republicans will commemorate by praying that Trump becomes The President again in 2024

Shaw Kenawe said...

Well, Right Winger Frankie, let's hope God will do what he did on November 3, 2020, in answer to Trumpublicans' prayers.

Ray said...

OT: Re AG Garland's talk today shortened: We're bagging the small fish first, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Dave Miller said...

BTW... re my above comment, it's Sen Lindsey Graham. Not Frank. Must've been water on the brain.

Anonymous said...

Sane Republicans don't vote for Trump.

Dave Miller said...

One more thing to be happy about... as reported by NPR

"The November 2020 election in Arizona’s largest county was administered properly and not marred by fraud, the Republican-led local government concluded in a lengthy report released Wednesday. The 93-page document debunks one-by-one vague allegations of potential problems previously identified by the GOP-led state Senate and championed by former president Donald Trump and his allies."

Anonymous said...

Reality really, really hurts. If you're a tRumpublican of the uneducated class. tRump loves em.

Anonymous said...

If the end comes, it will come through democracy itself. Here’s one way I imagine it could happen: In 2024, disputed election results in several states lead to tangled proceedings in courtrooms and legislatures. The Republican Party’s long campaign of undermining faith in elections leaves voters on both sides deeply skeptical of any outcome they don’t like. When the next president is finally chosen by the Supreme Court or Congress, half the country explodes in rage. Protests soon turn violent, and the crowds are met with lethal force by the state, while instigators firebomb government buildings. Neighborhoods organize self-defense groups, and law-enforcement officers take sides or go home. Predominantly red or blue counties turn on political minorities. A family with a biden-harris sign has to abandon home on a rural road and flee to the nearest town. A blue militia sacks Trump National Golf Club Bedminster; a red militia storms Oberlin College. The new president takes power in a state of siege.


When otherwise intelligent people find themselves willfully denying reality for the sole purpose of supporting the stories that they tell because it makes them feel good\ we know it won't be long before we our democratic republic passes out of existence.

BluebullAmerica said...

Sane Republicans? HAHAHAHAHAHA Like there is such a creature.