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Friday, September 30, 2022

DeSantis is a galloping hypocrite...


and a Trumpublican. But I repeat myself.

DeSantis, Once a ‘No’ on Storm Aid, Petitions a President He’s Bashed

The Florida governor, who as a congressman opposed aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, is seeking relief from the Biden administration as Hurricane Ian ravages his own state.

"The president and the governor have each made a point of saying publicly that they and their teams are in touch. “He complimented me. He thanked me for the immediate response we had,” Mr. Biden said on Thursday, suggesting that any political conflicts with Mr. DeSantis were irrelevant in these times. “This is about saving people’s lives, homes and businesses.” (In February, Mr. DeSantis baselessly said Mr. Biden 'stiffs' storm victims for political reasons, insisting that the president 'hates Florida.')"


Dave Dubya said...

I have to wonder how many ignorant Floridians who saw the hurricane blow away their "F**k Joe Biden" signs will slurp up all that socialist relief money, only to continue screaming about "Commie Democrats" and "socialist Biden".

Dave Miller said...

De Santis, when he was a Congressman, argued and voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy victims, decrying our “put it on the credit card mentality”.

Why is he now singing a different tune?

Is it because much of that aid, which only he and one other rep from Florida opposed, went to a bunch of libtards living in the northeast and he wanted to own them? Because he would never sacrifice his principles would he?

Dave Miller said...

Haley Barbour, former Governor of Mississippi, longtime Conservative, GOP leader and strategist said, as it relates to aid for hurricane victims and states...

“People think this is a role for the federal government — that some disasters are too big for the community to bear the cost to get back to where you need to be...”

So I ask for all the true patriots and real Americans out there... where is federal aid for flood, fire and other natural disaster victims enshrined, or even mentioned in the US Constitution?

And if it isn't, why are you not adamant in opposing it as an overreach of the federal government?

And for extra credit, why is not socialism when states that cannot afford to fix their own house after a disaster, expect other richer states, like California and New York, to help pay for your inability to keep your house in order and prepare for rainy days?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... OT but... we're killing it today at the home of "false facts", the Stench Trench, otherwise known as WYD...

They're copying and pasting our posts and comments asking why, without any sense of self awareness or irony, anyone would read us.

And yet they do. Then they amplify us even more.

Free publicity and shares... gotta love it.

skudrunner said...

He has done a marvelous job managing during the hurricane and is a great governor for Florida. Maybe he will run on a ticket with Manchin as the level headed party. If you will look at the devastation that has occurred in Florida and not the philosophy of never let a crisis go to waste you would see how good a job he has done. Biden has stepped up to the plate and offered federal assistance as well so Kuddos to him also,

Dave Dubya said...

You neglected to say DeSanitis is lower than a worm's belly for voting to DENY hurricane relief to Sandy victims.

Now watch him attack Biden for all the "socialism" that his state needs.

It's good to see you are more humane than he is.

skudrunner said...

Rev, That is something we as Americans have always done, help others in a time of need. I am surprised as a self proclaimed christian you didn't know that.

One of the big differences with Sandy relief is the massive pork included. 17 Billion for projects in NYC which wasn't hit. He may have trying to be fiscally responsible. He was in favor of having those greedy insurance companies pay claims for their policy holders. Probably because they didn't offer a big enough kickback.

It is unfortunate that we don't have stand alone bills instead of attaching all the non related pork/graft. I am sure there will be massive fraud in the relief payments for Florida

Dave Miller said...

Yes Skud, Desantis is doing a marvelous job. But tell me, why does Florida need federal money? Since it's a mostly red state, don't they believe in being responsible for themselves?

Shaw... if I were Biden, I'd tell my advisors to get me to Florida and get me TV time. Then I go on and tell the ppl of Florida these truths.

Governor DeSantis and Sen Marco Rubio in the past have voted against the type of aid you need right now to rebuild your homes, your cities and prepare for the next hurricane that will surely hit your state. They voted against that aid because they did not believe we should increase the deficit to help the Americans who experienced the disaster of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. There have been many in my administration and around the country who have said I should treat Florida as both then Congressman DeSantis and Sen Rubio treated the people of New Jersey and New York after that disaster and deny you the federal help you so urgently need now.

But I said no! Because America, red states and blue states one country.

Sadly, people like Governor DeSantis and Sen Rubio do not believe that. They only want help when their people, from red America, when they need it. But that is not how our founding fathers imagined the United States of America. They imagined us together, working it out, for the good of all.

I've resisted making this about politics, but that can no longer be avoided. America needs leaders like Charlie Crist, who was a Republican before that great party went off the rails, and Val Demmings, a former police chief here in Florida. Both of them support the type of aid you need right now, just like almost every other Florida elected leader did back then except Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio.

We're going to work this out and my administration will get Florida the help it needs, just like we are working to get Puerto Rico the help they need and deserve too, as citizens of the United States. But if you believe the US Federal government should continue to help states like yours in the future when they face disasters like Hurricanes Ian and Fiona, then in November, make sure you help elect Charlie Crist and Val Demmings. Because only Democrats have a track record of always standing with victims in times like these.

Dave Miller said...

Nice try Skud... but Ron DeSantis, a founding member of the Freedom Caucus of the House, did not work to improve that bill, or offer an alternative, he voted against it, as did Sen Rubio. There was very little pork in that bill and the "stuff" that was unrelated to repair was to make future damage less possible by dealing with the fact of how climate change is making these super storms more prevalent.

BTW, only one other House member from Florida joined DeSantis in voting against that bill. I gotta wonder why, because they weren't a bunch of SJW liberals.

Also, right now, there is only one party actively working to help others in time of need and it ain't the GOP. They supported splitting families up at the border, lying to ppl to get them flown to other states, are outlawing abortion and asking for criminal penalties for ppl raped, denying contraceptives and more.

A lot of Americans do indeed come together to help. Sadly, it's hard to see how the GOP and the conservative political class fits into that narrative.

Narwhal said...

It is so sad how everything has become politicized.

skudrunner said...

We need to follow Kamala's guidelines and distribute aid by equity along racial guidelines and the color of peoples skin. Of course that goes along with her statement that NKO is an alley of the US and Pelosi's statement that Texas shouldn't send immigrants North because the only job they are good at is working the fields in the South. Talk about clueless people.

Dave Miller said...

An addendum for Skud... you opined "That is something we as Americans have always done, help others in a time of need. I am surprised as a self proclaimed christian you didn't know that."

Where is this coming from? All I've done is ask where this new found Republican love of helping ppl is coming from. It's a legit question based on the voting records of ppl like DeSantis and Rubio. I know I also called out a probable favorite of yours in Haley Barbour too, but let's face it, no Dems interpret the constitution as the "originists" in the GOP do.

I'm not advocating for no aid and anyone being honest and commenting on my posts and comments over the years would know that. I'm asking Republicans to justify how they decide to share federal aid when it is not in the constitution. And I'm asking why they seek to apply all sorts of preconditions when federal disaster aid is for other states, but when it is for their own state, they immediately call up the WH and ask for help.

Maybe you should take a stab at those questions.

It'll help you realize why most of us libs who want to see all sorts of benefits expanded to all Americans, think conservatives are generally blowing smoke with their "principles."

skudrunner said...

Rev, I don't think political parties help others I think it is people helping people but YOMV. As to the border which is not open there have been hundreds of unaccompanied minors crossing with no one meeting them. I guess in your view that is OK as well as the crossers who are part of human trafficking. What about the 53 that dies in the semi or the ones that are dying in the river. Guess all of those things are just republican propaganda or as -H- was always saying A Great Right Wing Conspiracy. Now Pelosi says all immigrants should remain at the border because all they can do is work the fields. Let me know who is the who is the party of hate.

Les Carpenter said...

Again, an example of the otherism embraced by some. DeSantis is indeed a hypocrite and a Trumpublican. As are many in the state of Florida.

However, during this time of loss, hardship, and suffering President Biden is exactly right. And the nation and all its people should support fully that socialist aid to Florida and its people. For it IS the compassionate, right, ethical, and moral action that should be taken.

Personally I despise the politics of DeSantis and all Trumpublicans. But that isn't what's important. The suffering of Floridians is.

Trumpublicans, unless they clear their fog clouded vision will ultimately reap the nagative karma they've so vigorously sown.

Dave Dubya said...

I'd prefer Skud not "quote" me like he does Pelosi.

It seems he frames everyone else's words around his FEELINGS.

What Pelosi REALLY said:

“Right now, the best thing that we can do for our economy is comprehensive immigration reform,” Pelosi told reporters after being asked if she thought the southern border was secure following more than two million arrests of illegal crossers over the past 12 months.

“We have a shortage of workers in our country, and you see even in Florida, some of the farmers and the growers saying: ‘Why are you shipping these immigrants up north? We need them to pick the crops down here.'”

Gee, can Skud be BIASED?

Dave Miller said...

Classic Skud... You mischaracterize, wrongly interpret my views and ascribe ideas to me I've never espoused. Then when called on it, make up some other BS.


But I get it, being direct, asking and answering specific questions is hard for conservatives. Because they don't like it... many see real questions as "gotchas".

It's just not worth all my time to interact with you on the border issues.

Because like many, you're not interested in learning, dealing with reality or seeking a solution. You just want to... I have no idea really.

As to the party of hate, it's the party that advocated splitting up families to deter immigration to the US... here are the former president's own words...

“If they feel there will be separation, they don’t come...”

If they know their kids will be taken, and they may never see them again, they won't come. How do you understand that sentence, that direct quote?

In order to deter people, we should be cruel and break up their families.

That is the GOP. Go read the comments on any immigration post at the Mothership. They are openly racist, dismissive and advocating cruelty. Now I'll admit libs got lots of issues, but they don't openly advocate policies designed to be cruel to people.

That is the special purview of the GOP.

Sorry Skud, it's just a fact.

skudrunner said...

Rev, Thanks for replying and clearing up some things you have issues with. We will not discuss the border crisis because you don't see it as a humanitarian crisis and I do. I live in the present and some live in the past. There was a time leslie was a republican and now he is a liberal so things and people change which is a good reason to live in the present. I have always been an independent and voted for the best candidate. I would like to have a reasonable choice but that seems to be too big a stretch. I don't visit the "mothership" so cannot on comments that are said

Les Carpenter said...

Everything is impermanent and in a state of constant change old skuddie. It is actually you that lives in a state if ego driven reified calcification longing for the "good old days" when folks of color knew their place.

I hnow you will forever remain stuck in the mud.