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Sunday, September 25, 2022




Les Carpenter said...

Truth cuts through the bulls**t of the MAGAt's. The egocentric BS that has been one of the nation's problems since, well, a very long time. And the MAGAt has it in spades.

Grey One talks sass said...

I am a soldier in the LGBTQA+ wars for equality. For decades I've been told by bacon cheeseburger eating Christians who shave and sport tattoos that the Bible says me and mine are only deserving of death.

When the overt hypocrisy is noted I've been told ad nauseum that the death of Christ fulfilled the old laws therefore shrimps and bacon are totally ok to eat.

And yet, those same passages are brought to bear when condemning humans for just being who they are. Apparently there is a fine print exemption for only Christian Nationalists (Narrator: there was in fact no exemption - the law was to apply to all equally).

There is a difference between Christians (those who live their life as their Lord and Savior suggested) and Christian Nationalists aka Dominionists aka Christian Fascists (those who cherry pick what rules to follow based on their bigotry and view keeping ones word applicable only for those within their tribe).

There is no Both Sides to this issue. In the USA many folks place their hand on the Christian Bible when swearing to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Christian Nationalists forgo the whole Constitutional protection bit.

Les Carpenter said...

All the reasons you noted are good reasons why one may choose to turn away from the Bible. Particularly the Old Testement. The Book that is heavy with otherisms. The interpretations applied to the New Testement by ego driven special interests you mention is nothing but hypocricy pure and simple. The Jesus they profess to worship and love is surely disappointed in the bastardization of his teachings. Teachings the groups you mention probably never understood to begin with.