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Tuesday, February 13, 2024



The Captain of the Mother Ship:

"I honestly don’t think the Dems are envious of much Republicans have to offer….they SHOULD be jealous of DJT because he was such an effective businessman AND president,..."

Trump's companies have filed for bankruptcy at least six times. 

This is no exaggeration. Digital World noted this in its SEC filings. This excludes additional business failures that might not have declared bankruptcy, but closed owing vendors, employees and others. 

For the record, here are some of Trump's noteworthy business failures. 

Trump Airlines — Trump borrowed $245 million to purchase Eastern Air Shuttle. He branded it Trump Airlines. He added gold bathroom fixtures. Two years later Trump could not cover the interest payment on his loan and defaulted. 

 Trump Beverages — Although Trump touted his water as "one of the purest natural spring waters bottled in the world," it was simply bottled by a third party. Other beverages, including Trump Fire and Trump Power, seem not to have made it to market. And Trump's American Pale Ale died with a trademark withdrawal. 

Trump Game — Milton Bradley tried to sell it. As did Hasbro. After investment, the game died and went out of circulation. 

 Trump Casinos — Trump filed for bankruptcy three times on his casinos, namely the Trump Taj Mahal, the Trump Marina and the Trump Plaza in New Jersey and the Trump Casino in Indiana. Trump avoided debt obligations of $3 billion the first time. Then $1.8 billion the second time. And then after reorganizing, shuffling money and assets, and waiting four years, Trump again declared bankruptcy after missing ongoing interest payments on multi-million dollar bonds. He was finally forced to step down as chairman. 

Trump Magazine — Trump Style and Trump World were renamed Trump Magazine to reap advertising dollars from his name recognition. However, Trump Magazine also went out of business. 

Trump Mortgage — Trump told CNBC in 2006 that "I think it's a great time to start a mortgage company. … The real-estate market is going to be very strong for a long time to come." Then the real estate market collapsed. Trump had hired E.J. Ridings as CEO of Trump Mortgage and boasted that Ridings had been a "top executive of one of Wall Street's most prestigious investment banks." Turned out Ridings had only six months of experience as a stockbroker. Trump Mortgage closed and never paid a $298,274 judgment it owed a former employee, nor the $3,555 it owed in unpaid taxes. 

Trump Steaks — Trump closed Trump Steaks due to a lack of sales while owing Buckhead Beef $715,000. 

Trump's Travel Site — was in business for one year. Failed. 

 Trumpnet — A telephone communication company that abandoned its trademark. 

 Trump Tower Tampa — Trump sold his name to the developers and received $2 million. Then the project went belly-up with only $3,500 left in the company. Condo buyers sued Trump for allegedly misleading them. Trump settled and paid as little as $11,115 to buyers who had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Trump University or the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative — Trump staged wealth-building seminars costing up to $34,995 for mentorships that would offer students access to Trump's secrets of success. Instructors turned out to be motivational speakers sometimes with criminal records. Lawsuits and criminal investigations abound. 

Trump Vodka — Business failed due to a lack of sales. 

Trump Fragrances — Success by Trump, Empire by Trump, and Donald Trump: The Fragrances all failed due to being discontinued, perhaps as a result of few sales. 

Trump Mattress — Serta stopped offering a Trump-branded mattress, again likely due to slacking sales. 

 Truth Social — This existing Trump business owes big money, and may well be breathing its last.

Who, in their right mind, would ever consider that litany of failures as being an "effective businessman?" Only those who know nothing about Trump's actual business dealings/failures. Or someone willfully ignorant and determined to stay that way (It's what happens when you live in a bubble and listen to FAUX NOOZ).


As for Trump's legacy as POTUS, the Captain of the Mother Ship and her sailors are, again, woefully ignorant on that as well. Here's the Council on Foreign Relations' assessment on Trump's presidency. 

It isn't great:


-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

You obviously aren't a Samuel Beckett fan...

"Fail. Fail Again. Fail Better!"

Les Carpenter said...

It takes not a genius to recognize that aside from Trump being a failure as a human being he certainly is, a colossal failure as a businessman by any true analysis of his business activities.

Objective history of Trump as a businessman and as a president, went written, will not be flattering in the least and likely extremely critical in lion's share. As it should be.

Trump is a charlatan and he always has been. It is his nature as he has no ethical or moral compass.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Hers was a response to my statement that "Democrats were envious of DJT". I said that because...

So what is envy? Let's go back to the scene Augustin mentioned: The baby is envious of his sibling sucking the mother's breast. The subject does not directly envy the Other's possession of the precious object, but rather the Other's ability to enjoy the object , so stealing from him and possessing the object will not alleviate his envy. Its main purpose is to destroy the Other's ability to enjoy the object. Accordingly, envy belongs to a trilogy: Envy, stinginess and melancholy, which are three ways of not being able to enjoy the object, are also three ways of reflexively enjoying this impossibility.

She responded that they should be "jealous". Yes, they should, but not for the reasons she gave. Wanting to "possess" another is jealousy. Wanting to destroy is envy.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

I make the fuller argument here.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

The impulse to "destroy" Trump is pure "envy".

Shaw Kenawe said...

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

"The impulse to "destroy" Trump is pure 'envy'".

I disagree. The impulse to destroy Trump POLITICALLY is to stop the "slow march to totalitarianism/fascism."

You stubbornly don't see it, because, IMO, you cannot let go of your delusion that Trump is a moral, capable, and decent human being. He's not ANY of that. Almost his entire Cabinet from his administration, including his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, have described him as either a "moron," "idiot," "clown," and "embarrassingly stupid." Those assessments are from people who worked with him daily and saw his true self. They want nothing to do with him ever again.

You, however, and the Mother Ship sailors, who've never been personally involved with Trump, cannot let go of your misconceptions about Trump's morality and capabilities as a leader, because your egos are tied into your loyalty to a Liar, a Cheat, a Fraud, and a Sexual Assaulter/Rapist. If Trump were anything other than the leader of the former Republican Party, you and they would not want to have anything to do with the scoundrel, never mind lead the country.

But here we are.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Trumps business savvy revolves around his ability to borrow money. He is the master of it and one has to admire his embracement of debt. He's used so much leverage, a kind way of saying "borrowing" that some banks can't afford to foreclose on his business. It's no wonder that the U.S. deficit under his presidency skyrocketed. So much for the republicans being the party of fiscal responsibility. Yet Trump lives like a king. His latest scheme is to take over the RNC by installing relatives in high positions. His motive of course is to get the RNC to pay his fines and legal bills but the poor deluded and frightened republicans will most likely let him do this rather than suffer a mean tweet.
I don't know if Trump actually has any net worth when comparing his debt to his holdings, but I gotta admit the guy lives like a king.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Trump is a moral, capable, and decent human being.

I don't believe that at all.

What I do think is that Trump's defense of his own self-interests extend a blanket of "negative liberty" protection over the rest of America. Government cannot be allowed to continue to be a force for "positive liberty". There are places Government should NOT be allowed to go... and Democrats think it's a "good" idea to go there. Who of us believe that "torture' (enhanced interrogation techniques) was EVER a "good" idea? Read "2 concepts of liberty" by Isaiah Berlin. It's the quintessence of classical liberalism.

Shaw Kenawe said...

FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

"You obviously aren't a Samuel Beckett fan...

"Fail. Fail Again. Fail Better!"

Trump never learned to "fail better." His latest business venture, Truth Social, is failing.

I actually AM a Beckett fan.

I've seen "Waiting for Godot," several times. It's a wonderful statement on how humans waste their time believing something better's coming, something promised is just over the horizon, or something will save them from their pain on Earth.

Lucky's speech from that play is superb.

"Krapp's Last Tape" is pretty devastating as well.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

I love waiting for Godot! :)

...and several other of his works.

btw - Happy Fat Tuesday!

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

It's Mardis Gras/ Fat Tuesday... don't be like Estragon. Lent doesn't come until tomorrow!

Shaw Kenawe said...


"There are places Government should NOT be allowed to go..."

Yes. A girl's and a woman's uterus and reproductive choices. I agree.

_FJ: "...and Democrats think it's a "good" idea to go there. Who of us believe that "torture' (enhanced interrogation techniques) was EVER a "good" idea?"

"Democrats are divided – 37% say the methods were justified, while 46% disagree. About twice as many liberal Democrats (65%) as conservative and moderate Democrats (32%) say the CIA's interrogation techniques were not justified."--Dec 15, 2014

I believe it was under the GWBush's administration that waterboarding and other methods of torture were used. Abu Ghraib developed a reputation for torture and extrajudicial killing, and was closed in 2014. Abu Ghraib gained international attention in 2003 following U.S. invasion of Iraq, when the torture and abuse of detainees committed by guards in part of the complex operated by Coalition forces was exposed.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I named a blog, "For Reasons Unknown," a repeated line from Lucky's monologue in "Waiting For Godot." It is lost somewhere in the bowels of the internet.

Or "quaquaquaqua," even better.

Les Carpenter said...

That's actually part of the problem. Always looking for something better. Never being satisfied with what one has.

The two places most folks spend most of their time is the past which is gone, analyzing stuff to make the future, which has not yet arrived, better.

So, living in the past to try to project to a better future keeps one chasing their tail in the present. Not spending time truly understanding or enjoying the ever changing present moment.

Break from this and you're on your way to mitigate and ultimately end suffering.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

You can't live in Kairos forever, Les. Kronos will catch you eventually. He's a bit of a Langolier in that respect. ;p

Les Carpenter said...

Don't argue your point with respect to mundane or relative reality. So, i leave it to you to figure out the antidote.


-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

I already have. Meden agan!

Dave Dubya said...

Ah, the memories of my short but sweet sojourn on the Mother Ship.
Thersites Soldier:

Why the desire to punish Trump?

Always remember, folks. Republicans may be the party of jealousy, but Democrats are the party of envy.
Dave Dubya:
Thersites Soldier wonders, “Why the desire to punish Trump?”
Because he CRIMINALLY interfered with the 2020 election and sent a violent mob to the Capitol to OVERTURN our election. He watched them on TV for HOURS hoping they succeeded in stopping the process. Then he PRAISED his thugs, telling them, “We love you. You’re very special”.
I thought you people on the Right support punishing criminals?
I am a tad impressed how some of you admit seeing the vile nature of Trump. As you complain about Democrats wanting to “destroy the country”, your hero openly admires , praises, and supports Putin.
He welcomed Russian interference in 2016 with, “Russia, if you’re listening…”. His campaign MET WITH RUSSIANS in Trump Tower, for God’s sake!
Does anyone actually believe Putin wants what’s best for America? He’s USING Trump’s vain narcissistic ego and anti-democratic authoritarian nature to destabilize the US and our elections. THAT is Putin’s agenda.
And Trump returns the “favor” with, “One of the presidents of a big country stood up and said, Well, sir, if we don’t pay and were attacked by Russia, will you protect us? You didn’t pay? I said no, I would not protect you (our NATO allies). In fact, I would encourage them (Russia) to do whatever the hell they want.”

I highly doubt any NATO leader would actually say that to him. Trump lies, in case anyone hasn’t figured that out yet.
While he spouts that he is immune to justice because he’s above the law, and declares his intentions to be a dictator, some of us want to preserve our democratic republic with equal justice under rule of law. It seems progressives have become the real Constitutional conservatives now.
Trump declared: “Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”
When enemies of the Constitution tell you what they are, believe them the first time.
“America first”, my ass. It’s ALWAYS been “Trump first”. Some of you are starting to see that. Good.
Maybe you’ll start to see that opposing Trump doesn’t make someone “vermin”, a “RINO” or a communist?
davedubya…you’re getting blocked after I finish this. There’s so much ridiculous jumping to leftwing conclusions that it bugs me too much to have it here.

Putin IS smart, you don’t run a country and call all the shots without being smart. That NEVER means you must like or respect that person….you just think he’s smart.

If you call “Go to the capitol peacefully” inciting problems, you’re not as intelligent as I’d thought you were, by the way.

YOu have not heard this here, so stop it: “Maybe you’ll start to see that opposing Trump doesn’t make someone “vermin”, a “RINO” or a communist?”

Shall I tell you who Biden’s “met with” in our White House? LIke the lawyers working against Trump in Georgia and others? Oh, so much.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

In the interest of bipartisanship I appreciate FJ citing a bunch of philosophers recently. Good to see a conservative that appreciates liberal arts stuff. Go Teachers Union!

Dave Dubya said...

While wading through the cesspool of fascist White Christian nationalism in the Mother Ship, I noticed how Thersites behaves among his fellow "Patriots" and "Real Americans".

Thersites complained: "Every conversation with Democrats devolves to racism and a false accusation (become a mythology) that Republicans are “racists”.

Thersites also complained about Obama the “Halfrican Kenyan”.

I must say THAT was "mighty white" of him.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Democrats can't stomach Trump's "jouissance". He can't be allowed to enjoy his wealth... we must "take it away" strip him of Trump Corp. He can't be allowed to "enjoy". THAT is envy.

"Every conversation with Democrats devolves to racism and a false accusation (become a mythology) that Republicans are “racists”.

QED, eh, Dave?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Dubya You haven't lost much by being locked out of that blog. The Captain of the Mother Ship doesn't like ideas or facts that are contrary to her and her followers' beliefs.

That blog is an echo-chamber of Trump worshippers. How many times has she written that "if only Trump would do this or that, meaning not act like a maniacal clown, everyone would fall in love with him -- she often mentions his lovely smile and what a nice man he is.

It is useless to try to get through to someone like that. Someone who admits to being a faithful Fox News follower. FAUX NOOZ, the entity that has admitted lying to its viewers and whose lawyers have said that no reasonable person believes what they say! Also, the same entity that had to pay $787 million for lying about the 2020 election vis-a-vis Dominion Voting Systems.

What kind of people would continue to watch a cable news organization that publicly admitted to lying and disinformation? Only those whose minds have been sealed shut for decades and will not let opposing ideas and not let prevailing facts get through.

As I've said before, they are irredeemable, lost souls.

And their racism is appalling: "Moslem vermin," "Halfrican," "Ni**er in the wood pile,"

This from one of their more bitter racist commenters at Geeez blog:

"Mikey [speaking of Michelle Obama] started out with all the grace and aplomb of a 1960s-era Hong Kong B-girl. Greedy, sneaky, flashy, insecure, ignorant, and unfortunately unattractive.

As time passed, she graduated to become a bitter, confused, closed-minded, brainwashed, victimized, racist parasite.

Today Big Mike is mistress of her body and understands that a big ass, a paunch, tats, and ebonics do not attract franklins from whitey. Realizing that gangly silverbacks are largely unappealing to most people, she no longer has tiny little hairs in places where kinky hairs are unsightly on a woman who would be queen — upper lip, ears, chin . . . ."

Something terrible was done to the unfortunate person who wrote that, and she's never addressed it for healing. Instead, she's directed her rage at a woman she's never met, doesn't actually know, and slandered for her because of some hideous hurt she received sometime in the past.

Luckily, Michelle Obama will never see that kind of rot against her, so it doesn't affect her at all, but it gave the person who wrote it an outlet for her rage and feelings of powerlessness.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The republicans do all they can to appeal to bigots Maga Jew fellow. But they always have some kind of caveat to their nonsense. Maybe it's a black guy who was paid to sit behind Trump wearing a Blacks for Trump tshirt. Or guy claiming to be a Jewish person posting nonsense. At least the black guy got a few bucks. You getting a few bucks for trolling Maga Jew guy or are you just a useful idiot?

Joe Conservative said...

People aren't entitled to their "gaze". They must always adopt the gaze of the "most oppressed"...?

Types of defined "Gazes":
Male (women)
Medical (patients)
Orientalist (Orientalized "others")
Colonial Gaze (the colonized)
Rich Gaze (poor/ working class)
Straight Gaze (LGBTQ+)
White Gaze (people of colour)

...and in "mixed" company then "rank them" in terms of a hierarchy of proper oppression?

Surely we should learn a little tolerance for differences in "the other" instead.

Joe Conservative said...

Is it just as disgusting to you when a black person complains of white privilege in "less than flattering" terms? Why not? Power differences? What is Michelle Obama's "power difference" when compared to that of the white-male complaintant?

Joe Conservative said...

His was an "envious" comment on the hypocrisy of Michelle Obama's "white resentment" (aka 'envy')

Joe Conservative said...

"...we can not perceive the world and at the same time apprehend a look fastened upon us; it must be either one or the other. This is because to perceive is to look at, and to apprehend a look is not to apprehend a look-as-object in the world: it is the consciousness of being looked at."
- Jean Paul Sartre, "Being and Nothingness"

Joe Conservative said...

Ah, it's back. Never mind. :)

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

A black person complaining of white privilege doesn't bother me because I have empathy JoeC. I don't get racially profiled. I am not treated with suspicion simply because I have less melanin in my skin. I don't get vilified because my "booty" is different from the white person's ideal. If a white person gripes over racial quotas he/she is cheered by a good many white people who decry the nonsense of reverse racism. It's a terrible blight on our Nation that a civil war had to be fought to end slavery. That after the 14th amendment guaranteeing equal protection under the law for all, we still had to enact civil rights legislation. It causes me great wonder that so many would vilify a black person for bringing up white privilege in conversation and telling them to "get over it" while singing the praises of Trump and his maga army that attacked our capitol and chanted "hang Mike Pence" instead of telling them to get over Trump's defeat. Great example of white privilege right there. They didn't get their way and go nuts. But Heaven forbid a successful woman of color tell a truth that upsets them.

Les Carpenter said...

Gee, thanks for that -fj. But, the wisest aren't really into duality. That's your game. Working to eliminate dualistic thinking IS the view and intention of those with understanding and wisdom.

Dave Dubya said...

Thersites also complained about Obama the “Halfrican Kenyan”.

Prima facie, eh, -FJ?


Thersites Soldier wonders, “Why the desire to punish Trump?”

Because he CRIMINALLY interfered with the 2020 election and sent a violent mob to the Capitol to OVERTURN our election. He watched them on TV for HOURS hoping they succeeded in stopping the process. Then he PRAISED his thugs, telling them, “We love you. You’re very special”.

I thought you people on the Right support punishing criminals?

Maybe -FJ is equally sympathetic to thugs and murderers who "Can't enjoy their freedom". Because, "THAT is envy".

Trump is the LAST person I would want to be or to emulate. And Kremlin agent -FJ calls it "envy". This is how amoral, dishonest and shallow an authoritarian mind can be.

Also racism isn't racism to racists.
A cult isn't a cult to a cult.
Insurrection isn't insurrection to the insurrectionist.

-FJ and his Trump cult prove these again and again.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

It wasn't "criminal" until Trump did it. Lawfare is pure envy Dave.

And the so-called "quote" has no context.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

A black person complaining of white privilege doesn't bother me because I have empathy JoeC

But no "empathy" for a white person complaining of Obama privilege? Wow. If it weren't for doubles, you'd have no standards at all.

Les Carpenter said...

No standards are far superior to whatever standards it is you stand by -fj.

Dave Dubya said...

As we've learned by their own example so many times, sociopaths HAVE no standards but their own agenda.

Kremlin agent -FJ is trying to squirm his way out of his racism. It won't work, and neither will his patently absurd, "It wasn't 'criminal' until Trump did it".

Sorry, Ivan. The laws were written before Trump violated them.

How much does Putin pay you? Or is your service to him free, like with Trump?

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

You mean Human ones? LOL!

Les Carpenter said...

Wonder what the Russian asset -fj has to say about Putin's plan to put nukes in space Dave. Betcha he and the MAGAverse are celebratig tonight. Longing for the day Putin launches a strike on the US. Their desire for totalitarianism fer excedes their love if America.

Dave Dubya said...

Kremlin Agent -FJ, Trump, and the cowards, sociopaths liars, and grifters of his Party of Putin are ALL authoritarian enemies of truth, democracy, and our republic.

History will record that this hostile takeover of a powerful American political party will be a historic victory by Russia and Putin.

And if this should somehow fail to destroy our republic, Putin is building a settlement in Russian for all of his American puppets.

They LOVE the poorly educated dupes and slimy traitors Trump has elevated into a powerful neo-Confederacy.