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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Bill Maher tell us how:

David Rothkopf

“…His finest hour. Decisive. Cool. Able to both strike hard and do so with the kind of American values and restraint that elevated the mission and stands in stark contrast to the bombast and recklessness of some of his predecessors”.


Paul Krugman:

"For the most part I’m staying away from the whole Osama thing, in part just because the field is so crowded, but just to say the obvious: isn’t the GOP showing a stunning lack of grace in this whole affair?

It’s particularly striking if you remember the atmosphere from 2001 through until 2004 or so. Back then, any hint of criticism of Bush’s War on Terror, or even a failure to show sufficient enthusiasm for his leadership, led to accusations that you were unpatriotic and somehow warped by your partisanship.

Now Obama actually gets his man — and does it in what seems to have been a truly gutsy fashion — and all we get is carping.

I can’t actually say I’m surprised, but it’s still kind of amazing."

h/t The Only Adult in the Room


Charlene said...

Anyone who criticizes our President in his leadership on thing during this time of war is not a patriot!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Charlene, it's unAmerican only when Democrats criticize a president during war time. When GOPers do it, it's "courageous!"

Any fair minded person can see through the GOP's complaining: It's eating their arses that this president did in 2 1/2 years what GWB couldn't do in 7 years.

Tim said...

It's just killing them that a pinko commie socialist "community organizer" succeeded. Capitol knows no patriotism, and neither do the Republicans.

Leslie Parsley said...

Their panties are in a twit and I'm loving every damn moment of it.

Malcolm said...

When I first heard the news that Bin Laden had been killed, I literally laughed out loud. The reason for my laughter is that I knew it would drive the GOP crazy that a president who they've tried to delegitimize at every turn did something their guy could not do. I would love to give conservatives/Republicans some truth serum to see if they really believe all the nonsensical BS they've been spewing.