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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER ADVOCATES GENOCIDE: " is time to wipe Pakistan off the map..."

We liberal bloggers surf the 'net and actually read what the conservatives are saying on their blogs to try to understand their POV or, at the least, learn what new lies they're spreading.  But sometimes we read a post so utterly insane and jaw-droppingly stupid that it must be shared so that we liberals can get a better insight into how some conservative minds work. 

Green Eagle deserves heaps of praise for doing this sort of work on a regular basis.  I don't know how he manages to wade into the swamp of falsehoods, distortions, and racism that is found on many of these blogs, without incurring permanent harm to his psyche and stomach, but he does it.  I admire his courage and stamina.

The blogger whose post is copied and pasted below is not on Green Eagle's usual list of crazies, because GE covers blogs that have a large following, like Gateway Pundit, Atlas Shrugs, and World Net Daily.  But even though the conservative blogger I speak of doesn't pull in the number of readers that the above-mentioned rightwing blogs do, the subject of his post, advocating genocide for the Pakistani people, needs to be exposed.

The blogger has vehemently denied he called for the annihilation of 190+ million men, women, and children, because Pakistan harbored bin Laden, claiming he was using a metaphor in his post, and not actually calling for the eradication of an entire country and all of its inhabitants.

Here are his posts on his fantasy of being the president of the US and committing genocide:

 "Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Osama Ben Ladin is DEAD!

That is a good thing.
Osama Ben Ladin is DEAD!

That is a good thing.

This was one of history's most vicious, dangerous and vile human beings.

I'm glad he's gone.

President BO deserves a lot of credit for this one...even though there are some "loose-end" questions yet to be answered (from the world of timeing, methodology and propriety).

He would not have been able to accomplish this most necessary task had the ground-work not been laid by George W. Bush.

Both men should be revered for their part in this historic event.

Now, in my humble, but correct opinion, it is time to wipe Pakistan off the map and smear her remains on someone's wall like so much nasal mucus.

With Ben Ladin in a million dollar compound, 35 miles from the capital, in a squalid neighborhood, near a military installation, there is no way they did not know his whereabouts.

They knew.

But they weren't telling.

They harbored a world-class criminal and should now pay the price.

So now we will watch to see whether this administration has the stick-to-it-iveness to stay focused on protecting this country from world-wide terrorism or not.

I'm watching...are you?"


Monday, May 9, 2011

PC...The Pakistan Connection

In a previous post I wrote: "Now, in my humble, but correct opinion, it is time to wipe Pakistan off the map and smear her remains on someone's wall like so much nasal mucus."

I wrote that because our government has insisted that Pakistan has been an important ally over recent years.


I watched ABC's World News Tonight tonight (not my favorite source of news, but hey!) on which a top level Pakistani official revealed that it is assuredly true that Pakistan knew the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden for a number of years.

America's Public Enemy Number One, and he is sheltered under the noses of an "ally."

Some ally!

You liberal/progressives who think I don't know what I'm talking about have ridiculed me for saying we should annihilate Pakistan.

Well, this is have the right to be wrong...and you are.

If I were president (an unlikely scenario, since I have adopted the Pat Paulsonesque stand that if nominated I will not run. If elected I will not serve), I would advise America's sympathizers in Pakistan to both leave the country. Then I would destroy what is left.

"But...but...they have nukes!"

So what?

If we destroy them, I promise you they will not use them.

These people harbored the Mastermind of 9/11.

Look...when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, we did not sit back and try to placate them with rhetoric. We took them on and subsequently showed them that we had the capacity to blow them to smithereens.

OBL attacked and killed 3,000 people in the World Trade Center twin towers.

So far, those involved have paid a scant price.

It is time to up the ante and demonstrate once again that if attacked, the United States of America has the resolve and the political will to make you wish you hadn't done it.

I hate war.

I don't want war.

I am not a war monger.

But we didn't start this war.

They attacked us.

It is time to get them, and get them good.

Posted by Joe at 12:05 AM 9 comments

Here's Joe's denial that he advocates genocide on the Pakistani people for allowing bin Laden in the country. (His answer is directed at me and another commenter who wondered what Jesus would have thought of his wish to kill 190+ million human beings.):
Joe said...
"XO and SK: What you have just proven beyond any shadow of a doubt is that you do not know what you are talking about and that you cannot read beyond the abilitites of a government school preschooler.

Each of you has an aunt whom I know disapproves of the political stands you take and who does not like the raw vulgarity each of you posts. They do not like the hatred you spew toward conservatives and they just think you are very much insane.

What? You don't believe I know your aunts?

Well, what on earth makes you think you know Jesus.

There is absolutely nothing in your attitudes or behavior that indicates that you know Him, yet you are comfortable attacking me because He would not approve of my words.

I suggest a remedial course in reading for you both that includes the use of metaphor, simile and other literary techniques, and how they apply to making points and stating truths.

In terms of reading and descernment,[sic] you are both sophomores."

Blogger Joe advocates the killing of 190+ million men, women, and children, then turns on those who call him on that insanity and accuses us of being nuts?

Up is down, black is white, war is peace.  In their world, which is driven by fear, feelings of inadequacy, and hatred for Mr. Obama, plainly stating that a country should be wiped off the map is a "metaphor."  Y'know, like this guy's metaphor about wiping Israel off the map. 

Link to blog that advocated genocide.


Pamela Zydel said...

I can honestly say, in my opinion, none of that sounds like metaphors, similies or even a play on words. I just don't understand why this Joe isn't owning what he wrote. When I write something, I sure as heck will back it.

I don't think any of us know if Pakistan knew anything. But if we find out that they DID, we need to cut our ties ASAP, including foreign aid. I'm not an advocate of blowing people off the map and spewing them on walls, because I trully abhor war and violence. We do need to defend ourselves and if Pakistan would attack us, then we'd have to do what was necessary.

In this case, if it turns out they were harboring Bin Laden then we would have to cut them off, meaning aid not limbs!

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

For a background on public opinion within Pakistan, I highly recommend this blog: Informed Comment by Juan Cole. Like everything else about Pakistan, it is a complicated situation where nothing is pure black or pure white, but many shades in between. Note: the overwhelming majority (more than two-thirds) of Pakistanis have cheered the demise of bin Laden, but we never hear about ordinary citizens, the moderates. News from Pakistan is always sensational or negative. It should also be pointed out that Benezir Bhutto, the wife of the current president of Pakistan, was assassinated by radical elements, presumably Taliban.

Rabble rousing bloggers - and I will not dignify them as conservative - are just as ignoble as any terrorist, IMHO (and you all know how I feel about visiting those places - a waste of time). Whether these idiots mean it or are merely venting steam, railing against them will make no difference. They deny everything and are immune to shame.

okjimm said...

Ya, what Octopus said. I went to a couple of those sites.... and now need another shower..... so cool, clean water.... washed down with a beer. Sheeesh...

billy pilgrim said...

Pakistan is a sovereign country and is free to make it's own policy however the united states has a history of recognizing sovereignty only when it suits its own interests.

the saudis have been funding al queda for years but i don't see any rush to punish them. if i remember correctly obama bowed to the royal saudi potentate.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he leaned down to shake the guy's hand. Obama is always the tallest guy in the room.

Infidel753 said...

There's a baffling tendency on the part of many people to assume that the government of a country is identical with the entire country, even in the case of a country with no real democracy.

People say "China did this" or "Pakistan did that", when what they actually mean is that a tiny oligarchy, which has arrogated itself the right to rule hundreds of millions of people, actually did whatever is being talked about.

It seems likely that the Pakistani regime, or at least important elements within it, knew bin Laden was there, and were shielding him. Frankly I wouldn't be averse to targeted killings of individual officials of whom this could be proven.

But to talk about blowing up the whole of Pakistan is absurd, especially if, as Octopus says, the majority of Pakistanis cheered bin Laden's death. Most people in Pakistan are barely educated and have little knowledge of, much less influence over, what their rulers do, especially when they do it in secret.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't know if this is a view held by a majority of conservative bloggers--I doubt it--but that this blogger felt comfortable--even proud to publish this not once but twice (the second time defending his call for genocide)--astounded me.

I didn't see any difference between this blogger calling for the annihilation of Pakistan and Iran's Ahmadinijad advocating for the same thing for Israel.

Joe said...

Of course I did not advocate genocide, a advocated inviting those who side with America to leave Pakistan and destroying the rest.

But little details like that escape the blinder-focused attention of liberal/progressives.

Nevetherless, the actual point of the article (missed by those of a particular pre-determined mind set) was that Pakistan is not our ally, no matter what our politicians (and liberal/progressives)think.

I guess I could have written a post that went like this: "Pakistan is not our ally."

But that would have been a pretty short post, would not have used any of my obnoxious talents, would not have used hyperbole (a literary device, BTW) and would not have generated much excitement.

There is nothing I like more than generating excitement among liberal/progressives.

They exhibit it so well.

And for the likes of PDH, I do proudly own what I write. But it has MY meaning, not yours.

dmarks said...

I am rather leery of a nation that has rape as one of the punishments in its criminal justice system, is "official Islamic" (which is a declaration of contemp for all other faiths and intent to treat adherance to these as second-class citizens.

And then there is its brutal occupation of part of India in an effort to turn it into an Islamic terror state.

But no, I do not wish it wiped off the map, nor do I deny the legitimacy of this nation.

That type of attitude belongs with Ahmadinajad.

Bill said: "...however the united states has a history of recognizing sovereignty only when it suits its own interests."

That sort of history is ancient history.

"the saudis have been funding al queda for years but i don't see any rush to punish them. "

Actually, the Saudis are strongly oppose to Al Qaeda.

dmarks said...

Good call and comments, Shaw/etc. This is just like Ahmadinajad and those who "question" the rights of the Israelis to exist.

Tim said...

Let's dust off the "Mission Accomplished" banner, get out of both "-istans" and let India and China figure out which one of them wants to vie for influence in those dessert S&^thole countries.

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