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Monday, December 9, 2013

Tom Tomorrow Explains A Conservative's True Meaning of Christmas

Here's how the GOP controlled states keep poor people uninsured:

Americans Discover They're Trapped In GOP's Medicaid Expansion Gap

"But in 25 states, that robust interest has a downside: Navigators are forced to tell more and more people that they probably won't be able to get covered because their states, all of which had a GOP-controlled legislative chamber or governor, have refused to expand Medicaid. Lynne Thorp, who is overseeing the University of South Florida's navigator program in that state, told TPM that about one in four people who contact her team fall into that Medicaid gap.

 "Those are hardest phone calls because it doesn't make any sense to them," Thorp said. "We have to explain that they fall into this gap where this program can't assist them."

GOP governors and legislatures to America's uninsured poor their states:





Rational Nation USA said...

There is no such thing as a free lunch You either pay now or you pay later. My fear is my grandchildren will be stuck holding the bill.

Now, let's talk about spending cuts. Starting with the DOD budget and taxpayer subsidized corporate welfare.

Republicans? Conservatives? Anybody?

Leo T. Lyon said...

Obama proposed 10 spending cuts to one revenue increase. The Goopers said NO!

Sid said...

I'll have to find someone who believes in fiscal sanity before I will discuss fiscal sanity issues, or policies.
For those who supported not funding two wars, a drug program and tax cuts if the face of multi-trillion dollar debts, they do not believe in fiscal sanity, and do not deserve a place at the table when discussing fiscal sanity, or responsible fiscal policy.

Clearwater, Florida said...

The cons will tell you it's all about putting the burden on the children! What will we tell the children when they learn about Reagan's "trickle-down-my leg-and-suck-it-up-you-poor-suckers economy that put the country in the toilet?

The Boehner and Cantor and Ryan "fiscal conservatives" are neither. They are, however, scam artists. The goal is to stop anything Obama does, even it it means hurting people.

PS. Mandela was one of this planets greatest. And the viper pit con blogs that are trashing him demonstrate how rotten most of that political party really is.