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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Poll On Who The TGOP Wants For Preznit!

It's the best, bestest news we liberals could hope to see.  The TGOP are enthralled with a loud-mouthed jackass who's managed to lose dozens of business partners because of his slanderous blatherings.

"I am committed to addressing the issues our country is facing and am confident my business mindset and common sense solutions are resonating with the American people,"  --Trump

No, Trumpy.  You're "resonating" with a small segment of the TGOP, not "America." America dislikes you, your arrogance, and your bigotry.  You're going nowhere, pal. Enjoy your 15 minutes of flaming stupidity.

For a supposedly smart business man, he's a major dumbass.  Insulting entire countries and cultures isn't going to win anyone any supporters, except bottom-feeders. 

That so many TGOPers think Trump is "telling it like it is" is very telling about their values and their bigotry--they think it's delicious with a dollop of Trump on top.

The rest of the country and the world laughs at their foolishness and at who they think should represent the United States of America.

Donald Trump 13.6% 

Jeb Bush 13.3% 

 Ben Carson 10.5% 

 Marco Rubio 9.4% 

Rand Paul 8.4% 

 Scott Walker 8.0% 

 Mike Huckabee 7.3% 

 Ted Cruz 4.7% 

 Rick Perry 3.4% 

 Chris Christie 3.0% 

 Rick Santorum 2.8% 

 Carly Fiorina 2.6% 

 John Kasich 2.2% 

 Lindsey Graham 1.3% 

Bobby Jindal 0.9% 

 George Pataki  0.3%


Jeb Lund of the Guardian:

"The party has run so long on nativist anxiety about foreigners plundering lady liberty, stealing jobs and slowly strangling the republic to death that the next step is just calling immigrants rapists, thieves and murderers. And thanks to years of purity testing in Republican primaries, after trying to ignore the issue for weeks, the remaining candidates have only two options left: try to join or outflank Trump to the right or try to non-ignore ignore him by writing him off as “inappropriate.” 

 The rest of the world can just call Trump an idiot, a man with few ambitions outside of being Trumpy, whose remaining strands of what one might call policy are wisps of spun sugar extruded by hot air, reminding everyone of the tacky coif that sits atop his blanched Smithfield Ham of a face. The Republican Party can’t even luxuriate in ad hominem. Yeah, they could call him an empty suit and a bozo, but that stops working the moment anyone notices that he sounds like a slightly loaded version of themselves."

Reince Priebus discussed his concerns with Donald Trump...
·|By Dana Bash, CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus spent almost an hour on the...


Les Carpenter said...

Trump on the Stump excites 13.6% of likely republican voters. WOW! That likely be the lowest information folks in the GOP "big tent".

I can't figure out if democrats are more afraid og Trump or if republicans are more afraid of HRC. The interesting factor is that either of them are taken seriously by anyone.

Gary S. said...

It's not surprising to see the GOP falling for a major asshole like Trump. Remember how they loved the half-term half-wit governor from Alaska Sarah Palin? They didn't see her for what she was then, and lots of them still think she's brilliant. This is today's GOP: falling for stupids as soon as they open their mouths.

Infidel753 said...

Oh, the humanity! He's actually in the lead now? The candidate Republicans like best is the one the country likes least. Well, as Lund says, this is the natural end to the road they've been marching down for years. The rest of us can just sit back and watch as this overgrown frat boy staggers around knocking everything over.

Infidel753 said...

RN: Not many Democrats are afraid of Trump. We're laughing at him, and at the Republicans who can't stop him from wrecking their party.

It's Republicans who should be afraid of Trump.

And any comparison between him and Hillary is absurd. In a couple of weeks he's said more stupid things than she's said in her entire lifetime.

Les Carpenter said...

I spend a fair amount of time on both liberal and cconservative weblogs. What is striking is the similarities. Both spend more time in denigrating to "other side" than in providing positive viewpoints and information as to why it makes sense to support either the liberal or conservative agenda.

I suppose it is easier to sell ones brand by denigrating the competion that it is to effectively enunciate the positive of ones own brand.

Negativity sells; it has been the way of political selling for so long it seems like forever. As has been said, it simply is what it is.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Trump's resume for political experience is nonexistent. Remember when Mr. Obama was running for president and the Republicans said he had less executive experience than Palin? The GOP pounded on that talking point during the entire campaign. How do they reconcile that point now vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton?

Whether one thinks she should be president or not, there's no question that she's more qualified for the job than is Trumpy. His uncensored blatherings show that he does not have the temperament to be a leader. He could, however, be tapped as the Loud-Mouth-in-Chief of the GOP.


It's not surprising at all. There is a segment of the GOP that loves uninformed loud-mouths. Trumpy will have his 15 minutes of stupidity and support from that segment. He will not get the nomination, no matter how much money he has.

Les Carpenter said...

Perhaps Shaw, in my view neither is qualified. And HCR is looking increasingly less trustworthy or presidential.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BTW, RN, this blog isn't the only place where you'll read criticism of Trump or other GOP contenders:

As Republican infighting grows, donors call for calm

Appeals include call to keep Trump from debate stage

"Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey on Monday charged that Republicans don’t need ‘‘lectures’’ from Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin repeatedly dismisses Republicans in Congress as having few real-world accomplishments. And Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky regularly jabs his Republican opponents by name.

Yet no candidate has injected more provocation into the 2016 Republican presidential primary than Trump.

Few party officials see the reality-television star as a credible candidate, yet he has stolen the spotlight, lashing out at a growing number of Republican critics who have condemned his recent description of Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists."

Les Carpenter said...

This is true Shaw. In fact my own weblog, currently in idle mode, as well as my Facebook page has been critical of republican candidates in general and The Donald in particular.

Yes Trump has stolen the spotlight, and dimwits like Hannity et all will keep it shining brightly on him. And the lowest information voters will soak it up.

So, why not sell the positives in your candidate that can counter his BS and start building arguments why people should consider Webb, Sanders, HRC, or tat other guy?

Why... because negativism has won the day andrules. UUnfortunately as it plays to the lesser of two evils mentality.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN: "So, why not sell the positives in your candidate that can counter his BS and start building arguments why people should consider Webb, Sanders, HRC, or tat other guy?"

So why not sell the positives? Because I have not decided who I would vote for. That's why.

If you look at my blog, you will not find anything about Clinton or Sanders. Yet.

Les Carpenter said...

Good point.

Neither have I.

Mr. Mackey said...

Donald Trump is playing evryone for chumps. he's in this for the publicity and to see how many foolish conservatives will fall for his joke.

Ducky's here said...

One thing you overlook, RN is that it is poor strategy to attack an opponent when he is unilaterally self destructing.

Reince Priebus, the Human Anagram, must be awake nights cursing what Roger Ailes' has wrought.

It does benefit Jeb Bush at the moment who can make the statement that "Americans need to work more hours" without getting nailed by questions of where the productivity increases of the last few decades have gone.

Take a look at that list:

Cruz ...

Why would any sane Democrat risk countering those "ideas"(LMAO) when it's much safer to let
these mamalukes beat each other silly.
Should Bernie concentrate on building his base or lecturing a schmuck like Bush on the labor theory of value.?

Ray Cranston said...

Trump is the 2016 version of Sarah Palin, only without the heels and lip gloss. Right now you're seeing the most conservative of the conservatives swooning for him. Like they did with Palin. Remember how having her on the GOP ticket got McCain in the White House? Yeah. Me either.

Enjoy the Trump Circus while it's in town. The GOP will have to clean up the elephant dung he leaves behind.

Les Carpenter said...

Thank you for making my point in a slightly different way Ducky.

Infidel753 said...

Titan: Trump is the 2016 version of Sarah Palin, only without the heels and lip gloss.

Thank goodness for small favors.

Enjoy the Trump Circus while it's in town. The GOP will have to clean up the elephant dung he leaves behind.

Impossible. The Trumpelphant's dung-production volume is beyond the capacity of any clean-up operation. They're still trying to shovel up the huge Mexican-rapist pile, and he's already blasted out another mighty mound of birth certificate. While they're trying to deal with that, there'll be something else. No way they can keep up.

skudrunner said...

You should be able understand all of Trumps animosity toward immigrants. He has married two has divorced one with the other not far behind.
He does hate losing.

Trump will keep the debates interesting and then he will be gone. His understanding of how the average American lives is about on par with the >H<.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Two of Trump's wives are from eastern European countries, not Mexico. He claimed Mexico sends us criminals, rapists, the worst. He was wrong to slander an entire culture and country. Actually stupid.

Hillary Clinton did not come from a wealthy family like Donald Trump or John Bush did. Trump and Bush became multi-millionaires the old fashioned American 1% way, through their daddies.

Ray Cranston said...

“The Republican Party is making a mistake if they think they can just remain quiet when he speaks up, or to demur or to just lightly distance themselves,” said Peter Wehner, a former official in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. “He’s doing tremendous damage.”

Let the blowhard continue to do "tremendous damage" to the TGOP so Americans can see how demented the TGOP has become. It's favorite candidate for the presidency is a major narcissistic clown. Tells ya everything ya need to know about the people who support him.

Dave Miller said...

Yes Skud, you are correct in that he will soon flame out.

However, and this is a big one for me, especially as he renews his "birther" stance, [we're still waiting to see what he found in Hawai'i] the GOP adopted a stance of "If you are not openly critical, and rejectionist, then you agree with islamic terror" isn't it logical to imply that every GOP candidate who does not specifically condemn and reject his remarks, and indeed his candidacy, agrees with him?

At least according to the terrorism logic?

If not you, maybe some other conservative could answer this here, or on the other blogs where you go for Dave, Shaw, Ducky & RN bashing.

We know you're reading.

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

The best news of the day, besides the fact that the Trumpet will not be the next president is that the symbol of white supremacy, treachery, and murder is coming down from South Carolina's state house grounds!

A solid win for all decent people.

Shaw Kenawe said...

During the last presidential election, Trump bragged about the people he sent to Hawaii who were finding out amazing things about President Obama's birth certificate. Of course, the charlatan never shared those "amazing things" with the public after he boasted about it because it was all a big fat lie.

I agree with you Dave, the candidates who say nothing about the nonsense coming out of his mouth during this election cycle must agree with and approve of it. Ted Cruz has endorsed Trump's anti-Latino bleatings, calling it "telling it like it is."

Normal people call what Trump dribbled from his mouth, racism.