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Friday, July 24, 2015

GOP Favorability Takes Nosedive

Dear GOP,

Please keep encouraging and taking Donald Trump seriously in his bid to be your presidential nominee.  Please.

The Democratic Party

GOP Favorability Takes A Nosedive Since January

See that precipitous nose dive?

Obviously it's Hitllery Klintoon's fault that a YOOOOGE majority of Americans think the GOP sucks.  The fact that the Goopers keep falling for charlatans like Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, and Donald Trump as serious presidential candidates has nothing to do with it.  Hitllery is obviously behind Trump's popularity with the GOP, just as she was behind Sarah Palin's meteoric rise and fall with the American people.  It's all the Klintoon Krime Family's Fault!

This has nothing to do with it:

As in 1999, Most Do Not See Trump as Serious Candidate

To recap:

68% of the American people have an unfavorable view of the GOP.

75% of the American people think Donald Trump is a clown.

PM Carpenter:

GOP polling just gets better and better, funnier and funnier


Infidel753 said...

What's striking is that Republican favorability has never really recovered much since 2009 in the wake of the disastrous Bush Presidency, and during most of the years since then it's actually been lower than the 40% it registered at the time -- and always substantially lower than Democratic favorability.

It's only gerrymandering, and the two midterm elections where they won because of historically low voter turnout, that have let this zombie party stagger along with the appearance of viable life.

The sharp drop since January is likely related to the Presidential clown car situation, but again, Trump is more symptom than root cause of the problem. Even if Trump had never entered the race, the plethora of zany candidates and the party's taking the wrong side on almost every social issue would be hurting it.

From your TPM link: "the percentage of Republicans who had positive views of the GOP dropped by 20 percentage points since January - from 86 percent to 66 percent". What are we to make of this precipitous drop in the party's image in the eyes of its own members? Some of that 20% drop may be sane Republicans tiring of the insanity, but I suspect more of it is the teabag / RedState / fundie crowd losing its shit over the dominance of the establishment / moderate / "RINO" element (remember that to those guys, people like McConnell and Boehner are closet liberal traitors, simpering toadies doing the will of Obama, with only bomb-throwers like Cruz being true conservatives). The right wing is very fragmented these days, with the increasingly unhinged base frothing with anger at its endless defeats on everything from gay marriage to the Confederate flag to Iran. They've seized on Trump because he expresses so well what they feel, being the ultimate verbal bomb-thrower, but if Trump didn't exist, they wouldn't be any saner. And much of their anger is directed at the party establishment which they view as wimpy for not sharing their nihilism.

Poor Republican party, too crazy for the country and not crazy enough for the base. No wonder it support is looking more threadbare than ever.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump's threatening to run as an independent candidate is nothing new.

He did the same thing in 2011.

And obviously, the Klintoons put him up to that back then. I mean if someone thinks it; it MUST be true!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753: "The right wing is very fragmented these days, with the increasingly unhinged base frothing with anger at its endless defeats on everything from gay marriage to the Confederate flag to Iran. They've seized on Trump because he expresses so well what they feel, being the ultimate verbal bomb-thrower..."

All you have to do is visit right wing news sites and blogs to confirm that. The meme circulating on their sites is that Donald Trump is a stalking horse set up by the Clintons to make them look crazy. The extremists on the right fail to make the connection between the loons they've supported over the past 7 years and Trump's popularity with their fringe base.

I saw some New Hampshire GOPers who were interviewed by a local station a few days ago and who were asked why they liked Trump. Not one of them mentioned any serious foreign or domestic policy that Trump has articulated (that's because he hasn't), but they all said they liked the fact that he "tells it like it is." IOW, these particular conservative men and women don't like him for his solutions to problems, but for his school-yard taunts and threats and his clownish behavior.

Robert D. said...

Trump is the poison his party concocted

skudrunner said...

Doesn't say much about our political system when neither party has over 50% confidence rating.

Paula said...

"IOW, these particular conservative men and women don't like him for his solutions to problems, but for his school-yard taunts and threats and his clownish behavior."

The GOP created Trump in their own image and they're so embarrassed by the Chump that they're blaming him on the Clintons? See how they keep re-defining themselves as "crazy?"

Anonymous said...

"Trump is a byproduct of all the toxic elements Republicans have thrown into their brew over the last decade or so — from birtherism to race-based hatred of immigrants, from nihilists who shut down government to elected officials who shout “You lie!” at their commander in chief.
It was fine when all this crossing-of-the-line was directed at President Obama or other Democrats. But now that the ugliness is intramural, Trump has forced party leaders to decry something they have not only tolerated, but encouraged."
--Timothy Egan

Dervish Sanders said...

Thom Hartman's theory is that the Koch brothers put Trump up to running. That, or he's being manipulated by his campaign manager, an individual that previously worked at the Koch "Americans for Prosperity". The conspiracy theory is that Trump is acting as a stalking horse for the man the Kochs want to see installed in the White House, Scott Walker.

View the video here.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dervish, the right wingers are blaming everyone but themselves for the Trump catastrophe. They made their party a big tent for kooks and weirdos, and now that an Uber Crazy is leading the pack, they look elsewhere to blame Trump's popularity with their fringies.

Clearly they don't want to take responsibility for the monster they've created.

Les Carpenter said...

It is obvious dodging responsibility and redirecting attention is a hallmark of politicians, lawmakers, and political parties.

So it is, so it shall continue, and so it always has been.

Robert D. said...

Trump kind of is like Father Coughlin before him - was an adamant FDR and New Deal supporter, and pro-labor and anti-bankers (because he said most of them were Jewish) eventually became an Anti-Semitic supporter of Fascism, and Hitler and Mussolini.(Sorta like that whacked-out guy who used to post here by shouting in caps.)

Trump started off as a wealthy supporter of Democrats, and, in the past decade, has devolved into some boastful angry xenophobic megalomaniacal loon.

Doctor Tomato said...

I am worried for this country, I believe we are at a tipping point, I have been listening to the Republicans and Donald Trump and Ann Coulter in particular and this constant raging against immigrants, disparaging and impugning their character and their heritage. This doesn't feel like America, it feel as if we have journeyed one hundred years back in time, to the days of the KKK, segregation, immigrants go home.

The Republican Party has brought us to disunity, and despair. Just recently Senator Marco Rubio said of Donald Trump and the President, he said we should not elect Donald Trump as we already had one classless person elected to the Presidency, never can I remember a sitting Senator call the President of the United States a classless person, this is all shocking to me.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Well right now, Rusty, Donald Trump is doing a fine job of disrupting the GOP. He went after Scott Walker saying things in Wisconsin are a "disaster." So far, the Big Mouth has bad-mouthed most of the contenders for the presidency in the GOP. Trumpet apparently doesn't believe in Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment, and he's sticking it to Republicans much better than Bernie or Hillary ever could! Go, Donnie, Go!

I hope I don't run out of popcorn.

Shaw Kenawe said...

What is more "classless" than a US Senator name-calling the POTUS? Rubio is looking more and more like a naive little twit.

Bob, Re: Trump: a loon leading the lunatics. It doesn't get any funnier than that.

Les Carpenter said...

Shaw, The Donald is a democrat at heart. Problem is if he gets the GOP nomination he could win.

Oh, wait. A democrat would still be in the White House. Just imagine that!

Americans certainly are gullible.

Shaw Kenawe said...

A top fundraiser for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), Gregory Slayton, called Donald Trump "DumbDumb" in a fundraising email and stands by his comment, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"As you’ve seen Gov Walker is now well ahead of everyone not named DumbDumb (aka Trump) in the national polls," Slayton, a venture capitalist and former consul general to Bermuda, wrote in the email. "He’s also a plain spoken member of the 99% (as opposed to someone pretending to be so)…and that will be a KSF in 2016."

Donald Trump is a champion at getting GooPers to trash each other. In fact, that's the ONLY thing he's been able to offer as a qualification for him to be president. He can stir up divisiveness like no one else. Imagine what he'd do as preznit!