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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Night Follies


A certain blog that promotes pornography, racism, and antisemitism also features an extraordinary number of shape-shifters.  One of them, known as "Sleezy Green" pretends to be a liberal commenter and is accused of cutting and pasting from another blog.  

Click on "Sleezy Green" and see who it really is.  

  • Sleezy GreenFebruary 12, 2015 at 11:36 AMWhy deal with facts when you can roll along with ignorance and myths? Imagine if Democratic politicians had to tell their voters that gravity is only a theory the "jury's still out on it." Who would respect them?
    1. Why is it different for the GOP? Why does the GOP pretend the evolution deniers and skeptics are even sane? Why does the GOP tolerate that level of ignorance?
    2. ....another cut and paste from Boston Piggy's......stupid people....
    3. Replies

      1. That poor creature is in desperate need of a VENOMA.

        I recommend a concentrated extraction from a King Cobra or a Coral snake.

        Picture that for a moment, and then laugh your head off. ;-)

      1. The Cult of Haters completely and utterly missed President Obama's point: all religions at some point use their scriptures and holy books to commit genocide or other atrocities. That was his point. Not what the melonheads say. They just don't have the intellect to sort it out.


        1. We weren't looking for a "point" and then he tells people to get off their high horses . What the hell was that?
          Now his supporters once again are going around thinking they have to interpret what he said
        2. And the once asshole prancing around this dirtball with absolutely zero call to tell anyone to get off a high horse.

          Galling in 1,000 different directions.


        1. These folks can't stand to see the president succeed because it makes them look like the gullible chumps that they truly are!
        2. And all you care about is how he appears,wrong or right
  • “These crackers, they’re getting pretty racist these days and that’s a problem for us since they've got something now they haven't had in years, the political pull to make it okay to be a big ol' honkin racist. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. I’ll have those crackers voting Republican for the next 200 years."
    - Ronald Reagan

  • Click on "My Rusty Old Caddy" and see who the shape-shifter is.
  • Yes Sleezy, I gree with you.
    I guess that I'm guilty of doing that myself, but I do it because they do it. Also it's fun to insult those Cockroachs.
  • There are dozens and dozens more of these shape-shifters who populate the blog where Tyrone Slothrop pretended to be a liberal and where the chumps answered Tyrone.  Wait 'til you see who a certain Lassie really is.  You thought Cait Jenner was an amazing transformation? He's got nothing on this little Lassie:
      1. Well, I guess that everyone can't be the intellect and moron that you are.

    1. By the way, as anyone seen the pictures of that Pervert Joe Biden putting his hands all ove the wife of Obama's newest stooge

    2. Let's hope that Boston gets another 5-10 feet of snow. It might clean up the stench .

  • Here's someone on that blog telling the hostess to delete "Dave Muller" because he's from someone else's blog (when in fact "Dave Muller" is part of the Smut Hut's gang of ID stealers and sock puppets.):
  • Dave Muller July 26, 2015 at 7:16 AM

    Lisa, I know you don't like to scrub, but once again Chaw is copy/pasting her entire miserable blog and polluting yours. She doesn't let you, or any of us, post anything counter to her demented anti-white and anti-success shit. Yet in her insane entitlement, she believes you must host her venal garbage.
  • And who is the character below named "Difusing[sic] the Liberal Lies?" Click on the name to find out (hint, it's another sock puppet who now goes by the name "DAVE MULLER" and pretends to be a liberal commenter:
  • The "DAVE MULLER" faker has hidden his blogger profile so that it can't be connected to "DIFUSING[sic] THE LIBERAL LIES.  But there's one thing DAVE MULLER cannot change and that's the blogger profile ID number:
  • Which if you click on "Difusing the Liberal Lies" is the same number.
  • Now what kind of Scummy Liars would do such a thing?

  • Romney beats Hillary in all the polls, besides, I don't think the country can survive another lying democrat, socialist half-witted bird brain. .

  • Click on the commenter names to see who it is
  • I was there before the USA became a Socialist State.

    1. Hummmm, we are Tawdry Ciwards!
      Who knew!
    2. Obammy's kind of governing is just what the Progressives love
      A gutless, cowardly leader.

    1. Lisa, don't be intimidated by that band of Douchebags on the Left.


      1. Exactly , they know how to fish it out, but can't take it.
        Especially that Mexican Obsma apologist .
        David El Millet.
      2. Here's another commenter from that blog pretending to be a liberal.  Click on Decrepit Blowhard's name to see its conservative blog:
        1. President Obama: ‘I am a Christian By Choice…The Precepts of Jesus Spoke to Me’

          Mr. Obama has made it abundantly clear that he is a Christian--more than once.

          The whackos--wherever they are on the political spectrum--need to STFU on this subject, because the more they harangue on it, the more they are seen to be lunatics.


    Rational Nation USA said...

    Anonymity is the big draw of the internet. There are by far more who go by aliases than their actual identities. Some simply have multiple aliases making their "play" more fun for their deranged little minds. These folks are a real piece of work.

    Good job blog sleuthing BTW.

    Shaw Kenawe said...

    We know people on the internet go by aliases. And we know people set up more than one blog name. But the evidence here shows how the commenters on this blog pretend to be liberals and then get the chumps to react to their "liberal" comments. The blog in question is a swamp of commenters who have multiple names and identities and who change them the way people change their underwear.

    Robert D. said...

    Shaw, thanks for exposing what many, many people already knew. Can't wait to see who the other people are. As I told you in an email, we knew that "Dave Muller" character was a fake liberal, and now you've proved it. Do those people on that blog realize they've been talking to themselves? That's sort of a mental weirdness in itself. LOL!

    It's not surprising people like that support Donald Trump.

    Free Twinkies said...

    The interesting thing about exposing them is that not one of them refutes what you've posted, the fact that they take on several fake "liberal" IDs then post at that blog where the blog owner and her fanboys talk back to the fake liberal. No one has challenged that because you've backed it up with evidence. All they can do is name-call and fart out their incoherent anger. Good job.

    Kevin Robbins said...

    I used to use the noms du internet, but have gone back to the one on my birth certificate (not the Kenyan one). I know who Tyrone Slothrop is, but I didn't realize he looked like the Dude. The guy may have seen "The Big Lebowski," but I doubt he's read "Gravity's Rainbow."

    Anonymous said...

    "...fart out their incoherent anger..."

    Are we talking about Donald Trump supporters agains?!

    Shaw Kenawe said...

    Robert D, thank YOU! for your input.

    Free Twinkies,

    Really? That's not one bit surprising.

    Kevin, Tyrone read "Gravity's Rainbow?" Maybe the title? and the ISBN number.

    Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

    That Tyrone Slopup has been awfully silent today. LOL!

    Ducky's here said...

    There is one blogger who consistently gins up "conversations" with fake liberal posters mainly to remind them that they don't meet his standards in various criteria.
    How much of this emanates from him, well, I have my suspicions.

    But in the good news dept. the Boston Olympics is kaput.
    Kudos to Marty Walsh for standing firm.

    Shaw Kenawe said...

    Yes, Ducky, kudos to Marty Walsh. I'm glad some other city will have to go into debt for the 2024 Olympics, and it won't be Boston.

    Re: shape-shifter commenters: That one particular blog has dozens and dozens of multiple commenter IDs (and I'll post them). I have evidence that shows that blog hosts fakers more than any other of the right wing blogs. And that blog talks to their own fakers because they don't have the brains to figure out they're being had. What more can one say: Donald Trump supporters.