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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Honoring Muslims and Ramadam -- a Tradition Started by a Conservative, Born-Again Christian President

Written by a TeaBagger about Muslims and Islam:

"SORRY! Doesn't BEGIN to go far enough. We MUST outlaw ISLAM in ALL its forms, an[sic] DEPORT all Muslims, and those who SPPORT[sic] and DEFEND them. PERIOD!"

Thanks to a commenter here at P.E., I thought it would be instructive for people to watch this video:

The rabid Tea Party folks, like the one quoted above in bold, went berserk when President Obama recently wished Muslims well after Ramadam. They apparently are ignorant of the fact that one of their own, Conservate/Republican President George W. Bush, started the tradition of wishing Muslims "a blessed Ramadam" during his administration. 

In the video, President Bush praises and honors Islam, calling it "a noble faith." But the TPers' limited knowledge allows them to ridicule only President Obama when the fact is a leader of the GOP and a Born-Again Christian supported and honored Muslims during the end of Ramadam. 

I wonder where the rabid Republican who wrote the bolded rant thinks George W. Bush should live when he's deported?


Les Carpenter said...

In Saudi Arabia perhaps?

The folks you are talking about simply ignore inconvenient facts. When confronted with them they more often than not go into attack the messenger mode or employ diversionary rhetoric. They are an unmitigated embarrassment to the conservative (classical liberal) movement.

It is what it is.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Also, RN, the people who go on the attack refuse to acknowledge that one of their own, a conservative, born-again Christian is the one who initiated celebrating Islam and acknowledging their holy days. They don't understand that a majority of Muslims are law-abiding citizens and not terrorists. Just as more enlightened people who use their brains, and not their spleens to think, know that not all young white males are mass shooters.

Extremists never look at facts.

Fact: George W. Bush is the reason presidents will now acknowledge Muslims and their holidays.