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Friday, July 31, 2015

No Olympics 2024, and Bostonians Celebrate!

I live in one of the most historic parts of the city of Boston and know first-hand how congested and overrun with millions of tourists this small section, The North End, can be during all seasons of the year, yes, even in the winter. That's why my neighbors and I let out a collective sigh of relief when we heard there would be no Boston 2024 Olympics. 

Boston's Mayor Walsh is overwhelmingly supported by the people who would have been affected the most by the influx of millions of visitors to our city for the Olympics and by the taxes that would be levied on us by the inevitable cost overruns. Boston's not the only city to say no to what historically turns out to be financial obligations and logistical nightmares to cities that host these games. Denver, Colorado, Oslo, Norway, and Munich, Germany, to name a few, have, in the recent past, said no -- an intelligent decision to what has become a financial burden to the cities that say yes. 

Since colonial times, Boston has had the reputation of being a city where education is highly valued. This decision reflects the will of a majority of citizens and businesses -- an intelligent decision.

Boston Strong!

From the Boston Globe: 

After months of working as unpaid volunteers, they were celebrating their victory over Boston Olympic bid organizers Boston 2024 with a room full of about 30 colleagues, supporters, and friends. Earlier that day, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and bidding group Boston 2024 made the mutual decision to pull the plug on the city’s bid, following a growing lack of public support and the loss of Mayor Marty Walsh’s full backing. 

The bar event, attended by venture capitalists, state senators, and environmental activists, was as much a celebration as a moment to exhale. “It’s just a big sense of relief,” Michael Femia, who works at Wentworth Institute of Technology and lives in Somerville, said. “We’re here because a lot of people fought really hard. It’s nice that this isn’t going to be hanging over our heads for the next nine years.” Femia echoed the complaints of many Boston-area residents, or at least of those ten people on Twitter who have opposed the city’s bid. 

Many feared the burden Olympic games would place on taxpayers, the MBTA, and the environment. “I was against it from the getgo,” Charles Lax, a venture capitalist of Wellesley said. He came out to celebrate No Boston Olympics’ efforts on Monday night after donating money to the cause, thinking that writing a check now would be proactive, saving him from shelling out extra taxes in the coming years to cover the games’ costs. 

 “David kicked Goliath’s butt to wake up extremely intelligent Boston to the fact that these games are a disaster,” he said.


skudrunner said...

Nice to see a politician to put his ego behind his cities needs. This seldom happens in today's everything about me attitude of our elected elite.

Shaw Kenawe said...

In no one's world would Mayor Walsh ever be considered an "elite." He's very much in the same mold as Boston's late beloved Mayor Tom Menino, the longest serving mayor in Boston's history.

"Walsh remains in an enviable political position. An incumbent Boston mayor has not lost an election in more than six decades. While support for the Olympics faded, Walsh’s approval rating held strong.

According to polls by WBUR, the mayor’s approval rating among Boston voters was 73 percent in July, just a percentage point shy of where it stood in January when the city became the US nominee for the 2024 Games. Over that same period, support for hosting the Olympics dropped from 50 percent to 44 percent."

Jerry Critter said...

I think the Olympics in their current form have outlived their usefulness.

Les Carpenter said...

I disagree Jerry. And Boston would have been a terrible location.

Ducky's here said...

skud, the opposition to this fiasco was pretty intense.

Heard of The Big Dig?
We have some experience with developers and overruns.

In other news, the freaking Casino in Everett hasn't been killed.
Latest pant load is Steve Wynn issuing a report that he has a secret plan to deal with traffic in Sullivan Square. He's going to add shuttles from the Orange line to his casino.

Who's buying this crap?

Infidel753 said...

Congratulations to Boston on dodging a white elephant (more like white brontosaurus, in this case).

Ducky: the freaking Casino in Everett hasn't been killed.

Just be glad it's not a Trump casino. You think that guy plays dirty running for President, it's nothing compared to what he can do when he's defending a business venture.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"'s nothing compared to what he can do when he's defending a business venture."

Here's what he did to Michael Forbes in Scotland.

Playing dirty and lying is Trump's style.

Jerry Critter said...

"Playing dirty and lying is Trump's style. "
The typical politician. He will fit right into Washington.

Les Carpenter said...

Can we assume you mean this as a general comment applying to both parties Jerry?

Jerry Critter said...

Generally speaking, yes, it applies to both parties, although the republicans have made an art form out of it. The democrats are pikers in comparison.

Les Carpenter said...

No argument. My only obsevation is they are sizable pikers. As opposed to sand sharks.