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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Irving, Texas, Teen Arrested for Doing Science

By now you've read the depressing story about Ahmed Mohamed:

Northwest Dallas CountyAhmed Mohamed swept up, 'hoax bomb' charges swept away as Irving teen's story floods social media

 All one has to do to understand the over-reaction to this teenager's self-conducted science project--a homemade digital clock--is read what the far right wingers say daily on their blogs about people like Ahmed and his family. Go read those blogs and you'll find far right TGOPers saying what is quoted below. No, I will not link to any of them. (Please remember that the people who write this also become very pius every Sunday by blogging about a loving, all-accepting Jesus Christ):

"So a mistake was made, ok it's over, do we have to invite the kid to the White House and kiss his ass to apologize ? Or maybe we should hold a Beer or a Coke summit in the Rose Garden! Muslim problems pop up all the time. We can't always be right. 

The president is too obvious where his allegiance lies. TRAITOR to the American People. 

Our congresscritters should have stopped this asshole years ago. Weapons (small arms and manpads) are probably scattered all over the country and they won’t dare inspect a mosque for fear of offending these sand rats. I thought we would have a bad summer but we better be prepared for one helluva winter. If anything happens along the lines of 9/11, I hope that it starts where all these progressives live. Maybe then the elites will realize that they are on the jihadis’ list too."

"Slovakia’s prime minister, Robert Fico, says his country will accept only Christian refugees as it would be “false solidarity” to force Muslims to settle in a country without a single mosque." It sounds like Slovakia is way ahead of the curve! As for those ports-of-entry into Europe, the only food that should be served is pork: sausages, ham, bacon, pig's feet, etc. Anyone refusing to eat it or getting sick from eating it should be sent back to the Moslem Hell Hole from whence they came!"

"I also posted this on another popular blog site in light of PS tolerance for filthy Moslem vermin and here as a testament to plummeting SAT scores!"

"...yea, a disarmed society requires the vast majority to be willing participants in non-violence. That's not so in Europe anymore with the moslem invasion and economic strife. Honestly folks, with all the vermin you iknow are running around in the USA do you really want to disarm? Wow."

"Conservatives need to stop laying[sic] down. People who are not interested in this lifestyle need to stop laying[sic] down. And here's a tip for any lib progressives. No one has to like you. No one has to like LGBT people. No one has to like or even accept moslem vermin. Got a problem with that?"

"We certainly can't round 'em all up and put em in concentration camps, and even if we could, it would NOT solve the problem. The Nazis tried it with people THEY didn't like, and didn't THAT backfire BIG TIME over the long haul? The very people the Nazis tried to exterminate systematically once freed by the Allies soon recovered, then returned with a vengeance to became more powerful and influential than they ever had been at any time in their prior history."

"I agree about Obummer being Muslim as many intelligent and prominent figures have said (Of course, the intelligence requirement would exclude the Dems.). But the Muslims by sheer multiplication have become the proverbial octopus, encircling the prey..."


I invoke Godwin's law here because the people who write what is quoted above have much in common with the people who slandered the Jews.

Early in his membership in the Nazi Party, Hitler presented the Jews as behind all of Germany's moral and economic problems, as featuring in both Bolshevism and international capitalism. He blamed "money-grubbing Jews" for all of Weimar Germany's economic problems. He also drew upon the antisemitic elements of the stab-in-the-back legend to explain the defeat in World War I and to justify their views as self-defense. In one speech, when Hitler asked who was behind Germany's failed war efforts, the audience erupted with "The Jews."

After the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923, he moderated his tone for the trial, centering his defense on his selfless devotion to the good of the Volk and the need for bold action to save them; though his references to the Jews were not eliminated (speaking, for instance, of "racial tuberculosis" in "German lungs"), they were decreased to win support. Some Nazis feared their movement lost its antisemitic edge, and Hitler privately assured them that he regarded his previous views as mild.

Mein Kampf raged against Jews as a dangerous bacillus.

In 1933, Hitler's speeches spoke of serving Germany and defending it from its foes: hostile countries, Communism, liberals, and culture decay.

Read any of the far right wing blogs and you'll find these exact same themes applied to Liberals/Progressive, the LGBT communities, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims.

Is anyone surprised that Ahmed Mohamed was treated as a terrorist instead of as a young man who aspires to be a scientist?



Doctor Tomato said...

Here's one of the Right's favorite slanderer:

Ann Coulter Goes Off On Debate Rant About The 'F---ing Jews'

Surprised this wasn't on the blog that features that anti-semitic producer of doggerel.

Robert D. said...

President Obama, Hillary, Zuckerberg, and the astrophysicist from MIT all did the right thing for this inventive young man. I applaud them all.

Clearwater, Florida said...

The fright right who call Muslims "vermin" are now suggesting that Ahmed planned this whole thing to provoke an incident. IOW, blame the victim, a 14-year old arrested for doing a science project. In addition to having no brains these people have no hearts,just oceans of hatred for the other.

We support Ahmed and his family who've been in this country for 30 years and are upstanding citizens.Too bad they chose to live in Irving Texas.

Dave Miller said...

ROF... Ann Coulter... Undenounced spokesperson for the conservative movement in America...

But you can bet her tweet will be explained as sarcasm to make a point...

Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Haters gotta hate:

"Ahmed, for whatever reason, is seeking attention. Well, he's got plenty of attention now: poster boy for CAIR, invitation to the White House, INTERNATIONAL news coverage, invitation to visit MIT (for something not particularly inventive), friendship on Facebook with Zuckerman, and on and on."

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Time:

But if there’s a certain familiarity and slacktivist opportunism to the injustice-outrage cycle, there’s something troublingly different about Ahmed’s case. He is exactly—exactly—the kind of kid the country knows it needs: inquisitive, inventive and, most important, innately drawn to the STEM track—science, technology, engineering, and math.

And now he has had the daylights scared out of him because the clever thing he built scared the daylights out of grown-ups who should know better. Ahmed’s engineering teacher, who did know better, was aware of the effect the little invention might have.

“He was like, ‘That’s really nice,’” Ahmed told the Dallas Morning News. “‘I would advise you not to show any other teachers.’”

Americans, for all our technological savvy, have a history of being rattled by science, most memorably on Oct. 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the world’s first satellite. Sputnik was about as big around as a beach ball, circled the Earth every 98 minutes and was equipped with the diabolical power to, well, beep at us as it flew by.

But never mind. It was Russian, it was space-y, and therefore it was spooky. Americans responded by digging fallout shelters in backyards, holding air raid drills in schools and generally freaking out, in the firm belief that death was surely about to rain down on us from space. (Sputnik, for its part, burned up in the atmosphere three months after it was launched, without ever incinerating America.)

Shaw Kenawe said...

Not racist’ school board chair defends Facebook image attacking Jesus-hating Muslims: ‘I merely shared it’

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Shaw, Obama got it right.

Here's an inquisitive, inventive kid who shows initiative but since he's a Muslim he gets cuffed.
And that's what he'll remember from this, not the fact that his clock worked.

The right wing blogs won't talk about how the incident could have been handled better without
humiliating and punishing an innocent kid but they'll next be getting on about Obama's reply.
Obama's a muslim you know.

California Liberal said...

The question posed is: "WHY can't America err on the side of safety anymore? Because of Political Correctness..."

Yes. Political Correctness is rampant because we allow young white males to enter public schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, and churches without searching them for weapons of mass killings. We should suspect EVERY YOUNG WHITE MALE because THEY are dangerous and have been the cause of catastrophic killings of innocent men, women, and children. They probably shouldn't be allowed in any public spaces because:

According to data compiled by Mother Jones magazine, which looked at mass shootings in the United States since 1982, white people -- almost exclusively white men -- committed some 64% of the shootings.

The examples are infamous. Roof and the Charleston church massacre. Lanza and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Holmes and the slaughter inside an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater.

Black people committed close to 16% of the mass shooting Mother Jones looked at, while Asians were responsible for around 9%. People identified as either Latino, Native American and unknown rounded out the study.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yeah, Ducky, the fright wingers are p.o.ed because the president encouraged a curious young man who aspires to be a scientist, I should have written A MUSLIM young man, which with those people is unacceptable. They want to know when will we Americans learn what the fright wingers are trying to tell us: ALL MUSLIMS ARE VERMIN and AMERICAN MUSLIMS DESERVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS and should be kicked out of the country in which they were born. (The Nazis did it to German Jews, so why, they wonder, can't we do the same here?)

That's what people on the far right advocate. It's hard to believe, but these people know nothing about America or being an American, they know only fear mongering. Ultimately, they will choke on their toxic hate. History teaches us this very clearly.

C. Johnson the 3rd said...

How easily the fright wingers take offense at the name "fright wingers," when nothing is said when commenters refer to liberals as "libtards," and Muslims as "vermin?"

Or when they call the president of the United States as a "dirty son of a bitch?" Or a America hater.

Their tender feelings are always injured when they get a taste of the poop they've been flinging at Obama and liberals for the past 6 1/2 years. What ridiculous people they are.

Infidel753 said...

Muslim problems pop up all the time.

It's fairly obvious that what we have here is not a "Muslim problem" but a teabagger/idiot problem. Ahmed Mohamed is clearly the farthest thing from a terrorist, while his detractors you quote reveal themselves as the sort of ignorant, fanatical bigots who would revel in condemning freethinkers and religious minorities in Riyadh or Raqqa.

Time will pass and Ahmed will move out of Texas to attend MIT or some other such institution, and at that moment, the average IQ of Texas will drop by some small but calculable amount.

Anonymous said...

Bull the school did the right thing,and if it was your kids school you should hope they would do the same. That shit looked like a bomb and if turned out to be one,you would be blaming the school for not intercepting. Read up on the kid's father
You lefties are beautiful.

Ducky's here said...

Public sentiment has swung firmly in the youngster's direction.

He received an invitation from NASA and an invitation to tour the MIT and Harvard astrophysics depts.
The Irving Texas police are falling all over themselves to limit their losses.

The right wing blogs are in a distinct minority.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon: "Bull the school did the right thing,and if it was your kids school you should hope they would do the same. That shit looked like a bomb and if turned out to be one,you would be blaming the school for not intercepting. Read up on the kid's father
You lefties are beautiful."

Ahmed Mohamed showed the clock to his engineering teacher, and he saw no bomb but told Ahmed not to show it to any other teacher. That engineering teacher should have warned the young man in stronger language because he probably knew what the reaction would be in others who know nothing about building clocks. You obviously know nothing about electronics yourself either if you think that clock looks like a bomb.

Ahmed's father's background has no bearing on this issue. If a father's background did, then Rudy Giuliani would never have gotten to where he is in American politics. Read up on Giuliani's father's criminal/thug background.

People like you, Anon, are hateful.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753: "It's fairly obvious that what we have here is not a "Muslim problem" but a teabagger/idiot problem."

The hatred quoted in my post shows clearly that the extremists on those blogs calling Americans "vermin," and want all citizenship rights stripped from American citizens.

They need to be reminded that is exactly what the Nazis did to the German Jews.

At the same time the fright wingers call for the death of Americans because of their religious beliefs, they ignore the real threat from the white supremacists and mentally unstable young white men. But because those groups are primarily Christian, they ignore what is in front of their noses.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, "The right wing blogs are in a distinct minority."

And we should be thankful that those particular far right wing blogs stay a minority. They are the same people who call Americans "vermin," and call for Americans to be deported (where do they get deported to?) because of their religion. Think about that.

The same fright wingers who whine about being persecuted because they're Christian are calling Muslims "vermin," and advocate for their deaths -- men, women, and children -- I've actually read that on blogs -- calling for the deaths of American men, women and children because of their religion!!

They are so consumed with fear and hatred they don't see where their rage has taken them --to a dangerously crazy place.

Shaw Kenawe said...

More on the fright wing's hatred of Americans and their religious beliefs. Donald Trump and his supporters lead all the rest in their cowardice, paranoia, and lies:

Dean Obeidallah at The Daily Beast:

Donald Trump gave us a profile in cowardice on Thursday night, remaining silent as one of his supporters served up a big heaping of vile anti-Muslim comments at a packed New Hampshire campaign event.

[...] And now Trump is “palling around” with anti-Muslim bigots. To be honest, I’m surprised that he waited this long to embrace anti-Muslim hate. After all, 66 percent of his supporters think Obama is Muslim. Plus, we Muslims are an easy target, given that we are a small community. Sure, Bobby Jindal said crazy stuff a few months ago about Muslims wanting to impose “no-go zones” where Islamic law rules, but no one cares what a guy trailing the margin of error in polls has to say.

[...] That Trump and others in the GOP are stoking the flames of hate against Muslims is nothing new. What is surprising is Trump’s lack of leadership and courage to counter a bigot who was standing just a few feet away. Is this really the character of the person who will “make America great again”?

Infidel753 said...

They need to be reminded that is exactly what the Nazis did to the German Jews.

I'm not sure some of them wouldn't consider that an endorsement.

Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Shaw, the extremists are blaming the kid who make the clock and they're even suggesting he staged the whole incident.There's no proof of this of course but that doesn't matter to thembecause MUSLIM!Iguess those same people would say a 33year old man from the Middle east who spoke Aramaic staged his own death to get attention too.BTW everythink that's written on your blog gets copied and pasted into right wing blogs with a fake nameand the nuts talk to the fakers.they even use your blog name.

Paula said...

Ann Coulter’s ugly GOP debate rant: “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

Between the GOP who hate Americans who practice their Muslim religion and wish them all dead or deported and now their favorite insulting creep, Ann Coulter, winning Rethuglican hearts and minds with her anti-Jewish tweet, they've got the bigot vote all wrapped up. The GOP is now the GOBP Grand old bigot party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753: "I'm not sure some of them wouldn't consider that an endorsement."

That's exactly correct. A number of those people on those right wing blogs have suggested Americans be kicked out of their country, or worse, wished death on Americans who practice their religion.

These people are Christians who believe THEY are being persecuted!

Shaw Kenawe said...


That's not news. They've been doing that for years. And it's proof that what I write and what my commenters write burns their asses but good. If what I wrote didn't matter, they wouldn't bother to come to my blog, copy it and paste it into their blogs. But they do it all the time, so they do care very much aboot what I say and can't stay away from my blog. Crazy, eh?

Ray Cranston said...

Why do they compare what happened to a white Christian kid who got arrested with what happened to Ahmed Mohamed?

White Christian kids and their famlies are not demonized on far right wing blogs and those bloggers don't call for the death or deportation of those white Christian kids and families, even though some white Christians belong to white supremacist organizations.

I can't count how many times I've read the extremists say that all Muslims must be kicked out of their own country, America. Do they say that about white Christians when on of them commits mass murder? Or when white supremacists do?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Titan, the people who demonize and call for the deaths of American Muslim men, women, and children don't see their colossal hypocrisy in their claim that Christians are being persecuted.

Here's the difference: Those blogs host commenters who call for the deaths of Americans who practice their religion, and those bloggers say nothing about that.They are as cowardly as the jackass, Donald Trump, who said nothing while some crazy guy in New Hampshire said President Obama was not born in America and wanted to kill him. They're crazy drunk on hatred and paranoia and are a blight on our country.

Calling for the deaths and deportation of Americans who practice their faith is about as treasonous as it gets.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Titan: "I can't count how many times I've read the extremists say that all Muslims must be kicked out of their own country, America. Do they say that about white Christians when on of them commits mass murder? Or when white supremacists do?"

Of course not, Titan. The creepy bloggers like Breitbart and others have advocated death to Americans who practice a religion they don't like and slandered an entire group of people. There was another country in Europe in the 1930s that did the same thing. It CAN and IS happening here.

Their protests that all this attention would never be given to a white Christian kid who was arrested for some infraction at school doesn't wash. White Christian people are not calling for the deportation and death of white Christian supremacists as the extreme right wingers do for Americans who practice the Muslim religion. That's a fact they are blind to.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

There's a reason for all this madness. Hollywood doesn't make Frankenstein movies anymore. Which means there are no more bit parts for angry villagers brandishing pitchforks. This explains why we now have the Zombie Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight, a high schooler whose father is a political activist makes a clock that looks like a bomb (Im sure by accident) and brings it to school, only to be questioned is now a rallying cause for the left? There is nothing more important in your lives?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous@12:16 AM, Ahmed's father and his activism has no bearing whatsoever on this issue.

The clock did not look like a bomb.

Ahmed was not just "questioned." He was cuffed and interrogated without benefit of having his parents or lawyer with him, as he had repeatedly requested.

The law is clear: Juveniles in Texas may have a parent, guardian, or attorney present during interrogation. Mohamed was repeatedly denied this request.

"Irving, Texas, police violated Ahmed Mohamed’s civil rights by denying his repeated requests to speak with his parents during his detention for a purported bomb that was in fact a clock.

Texas Family Code is clear this was not supposed to happen.

“A child may not be left unattended in a juvenile processing office and is entitled to be accompanied by the child’s parent, guardian, or other custodian or by the child’s attorney,” Section 52.025 (PDF) states.

Mohamed did not see his parents until he was released from a juvenile detention center, according to police and his family.

Furthermore, a “person taking a child into custody shall promptly give notice of the person’s action and a statement of the reason for taking the child into custody, to the child’s parent, guardian, or custodian.”


Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said he did “not have answers to [that] specific question” when reporters asked him Wednesday why Mohamed was not allowed to speak to his parents.

The executive director of the Texas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said that answer is not good enough."

Shaw Kenawe said...

The above bold and italic text was taken from The Daily Beast.

Anonymous said...

You cannot just brush off the fathers activism and its influence on his son and are you an expert on what bombs look like? You can have your own opinion, not your own facts.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon: "You cannot just brush off the fathers activism and its influence on his son..."

Oh yes I can. Did Rudy Giuliani's criminal father have influence on him? Giuliani's father was a mafiosi thug and spent time in prison. Didn't stop Giuliani from becoming a Republican mayor of New York City, did it? Did the GOPers hold Giuliani's father's criminal activities against him? NO!

Even the Irving Texas police knew the clock wasn't a bomb. The school was not evacuated as it would have been if they thought there was a real bomb threat. Those are facts, not an opinion.

Your comment is invalid.

Shaw Kenawe said...

MIT students showed their support for 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed this week by building a clock of their own.

Ahmed, a ninth-grader in Irving, Texas, rose to fame earlier this week after he was arrested over bringing a clock that teachers mistook for a bomb to class. Ahmed is Muslim, and many think he was racially profiled by teachers. To show him some support, they took to Twitter with the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed.

MIT fellow invites Ahmed, Texas teen arrested over mistaken clock, to his ‘dream school’
On Friday, MIT students put the hashtag beneath a clock they made and hung both over a university building entrance.

More support from people with intelligence instead of knee-jerk hatred toward all Muslims. You on the extreme right lost this attempt to smear and demonize this kid. Give it up. Normal people don't like people whose opinions are based on fear and loathing.

The worst thing that the far right has written about this sorry incident is that this young teen deliberately concocted this for attention to make the Muslim haters look bad. Wrong.The crazies who hate all Muslims are doing a very good job of making themselves look like creepy paranoids.