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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Kids Are Alright, Part V

Adults could learn a lesson or two from these supportive teens.

Good for them, and good for Ahmed Mohamed.

Kids Fight Back Against Racist School and Police By Bringing Clocks To School

We're proud of you, America.

And for all you haters who slander and demonize all Muslims...


Les Carpenter said...

<WOW! Sometimes innocence pays big dividends.

The Lone Ranger said...

"In Texas you can open carry your 'glock', but you better not open carry your 'clock'. They ain't standin' for THAT nonsense. No sir."

Anonymous said...

"Nature teaches us that if you want to be soft on the inside, you must be hard on the outside."

Right. That's why some of the most successful adaptive creatures in Nature, homo sapiens, are hard on the inside (bones) and soft (skin, muscle, tissue) on the outside. Those creatures that are hard on the outside and soft on the inside? Lobsters, crabs, armadillos, snails, etc., while able to exist and thrive in their limited environment, do not populate and thrive in varied environments on the planet as do the soft on the outside, hard on the inside human beings have.