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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day


JOE NOCERA, The New York Times

I wonder, in fact, whether even now Trump is a serious candidate, or whether this is all a giant publicity ploy. Once a real developer, Trump is largely a licenser today; the more famous he becomes, the more he can charge to slap his name on buildings or perfume or men’s suits.
I’m not alone in wondering this, of course. Several Republican consultants I spoke to openly questioned whether Trump is in it for the long haul. “You would see him spending a lot more money if he were putting together a true national infrastructure,” said Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist.
There’s one other thing. All his life, Trump has had a deep need to be perceived as a “winner.” He always has to be perceived coming out on top. That’s why, ultimately, I don’t think he’ll ever put himself at the mercy of actual voters in a primary. To do so is to risk losing. And everyone will know it.
He’ll be out before Iowa. You read it here first.


Dave Miller said...

Interesting thought... Maybe he is just hoping for a coronation...

skudrunner said...

He has supported the Clinton's in the past and still does. Can you imagine the amount of press he draws for the H debacle, AKA server.

We Want Joe!!!!

Rational Nation USA said...

I posisted the same when he first announced. No one took me seriouly. Guess it's all about name recognition. Trump knows that. He exploits it well.

Radical Pig's Liver said...

That noise you're hearing? It's the Tea Party cheering for Putin the Communist!

They'd like to give Putie a hummer if they could for all their admiration for a communist thug. Can anyone think of anything more crazy than a bunch of America-hating Ameriacans cheering for a Russian KGB Commie over the President of the United States?

Holy There's A Red Under My Bed Shyte! All these years they've accused liberals and Obama of being a Communist and here they are sucking up to the biggiest commie on the planet.

Kevin Robbins said...

Trump is acting like enough of a jackass now. I can't help but wonder what he's going to be like when the inevitable (I hope) decline comes.

The Benghazi item is very good. I'm old enough to remember Ron Reagan unwisely putting Marines in harm's way in Beirut and 241 of them being killed. At the time, this was considered a tragedy, and it may be my faulty memory, but not as a political opportunity.

Saw this item in the news, Shaw. A beautiful manse and very nice that they have become debt-free. I'm assuming that's somewhat in your neighborhood.

Ronnie's Ray Gun said...

On the "untrustable" TGOP in your banner:

Simon Rosenberg...referring to the fact that Speaker of the House-in-waiting Kevin McCarthy went on Sean Hannity’s show last night and openly admitted that a primary motivation for creating the congressional Benghazi! committee was to damage Hillary Clinton’s reputation for trustworthiness.

The GOP's own BENGHAZI! investigative committee found no wrong doing, but that doesn't stop the knuckle-draggers from continuing to believe there's a there there. The nitwits keep bringing the subject up because they're as gullible and dumb as the TGOPers think they are, and they swallow any piece of crap their leadership feeds them.

Ducky's here said...

About the graphic, Shaw. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi is so last season.
Anyway, it's just McCarthy trying to sound sane since Teabag "enfant terrible" Trey Gowdy is making noise about challenging.

Now it's all about Planned Parenthood and denying women in poor and rural areas decent preventative, pediatric and obstetric care.

There are some pretty good analyses of La Trump's tax proposal floating around.
It's all pure Saint Ronnie Raygun. Increased deficits with the benefits going to the top.
L'il Jeb's is even worse.
Watch for Cruz moving up on the rail. That field is terrifying.

skudrunner said...

The GOP accusing H of a cover up in Bengazi, Reid saying Romney doesn't pay taxes, Bill saying I never had sexual relations with that women. At this point what difference does it make.

Trump will be around as long as it serves his needs, publicity. Then he will withdraw because his empire needs his full attention.

Shaw Kenawe said...

No one's surprised to read your "both-siderist" post. Whenever a TGOP is caught being a derp, the first response is YOU DID IT TOO! NAH, NAH, NAH!

BTW, Romney never refuted what REid alleged. And what, pray tell, has Clinton's private sexual life got to do with the political crap about Hillary being spread by the TGOP?

Nice try, but skud, your tactics are classic troll behavior.

Louis O'Newman said...

That the Tea party – now the neo-Fascist Party in the United States – would allow Donald Trump to be their front runner without a closer look says something about the party itself and their inability to protect America and ALL Americans from our enemies, both foreign and domestic.