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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Neo-Fascist Trump...

appeals to the very worst in human nature, and the Muslim neurologist appeals to the very best in us all.

Dr. Faisal Qazi is the embodiment of everything good America stands for.

Donald Trump?  Not so much. Actually, not much at all. 

And yet his supporters stay with this neo-fascist and his hateful ideas.

Bravo! Dr. Faisal Qazi.  

Meanwhile, neo-fascist Trump is piling up more heads of state telling him "Thanks but no thanks, we can do without your sort of hateful rhetoric. Save it for your own kind -- your supporters."

Trump isn't going to Israel, he's postponing his trip until he becomes the POTUS.  Yeah. Right, Donald. We get it:

Trump Cancels Netanyahu Meeting After Israeli PM Denounces Muslim Ban

English Petition to Ban Trump Now Stands at 370,000 and Counting

Another country telling Trump how they feel about his rot:

Trump stripped of his role as a Scottish business ambassador by Nicola Sturgeon after she says 'obnoxious and offensive' presidential candidate is 'no longer fit' for the post .


Les Carpenter said...

It is clear there are many like the good doctor and many like the neo-fascist wind bag Trump.

Trump supporters will continue their admiration of the base, narcissistic, bloviàting blowhard neo-fascist right up to the end. Why? Because he represents them, and reinforces for them who and what they really are.

I wonder when we will see goosesteppers on the streets of America.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN: "I wonder when we will see goosesteppers on the streets of America."

I'm pretty sure we won't. I'm betting on the better angels of my fellow Americans to reject Trump and all he stands for. When we see him at his rallies, we're seeing a very small percentage of the American people.

Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Another member of The Stupid Party:

"I never thought I’d live to see Americans wishing death on their fellow Americans, over a disagreement in political policy. . What's happening to our country? Looks like it's rotting from the inside. Disagreeing with a person's political beliefs is one thing, but wishing death on them for it, is truly another thing. Democrats really do need to calm down and rethink their violent rhetoric."

Obviously, that person doesn't read right wing blogs. Here's another wingnut hoping to be able to kill the POTUS:

Mal says:
November 19, 2015 at 10:32 am
Every time O opens his mouth, he makes himself less and less believable. He is the laughing stock
of the world…………and so are we for having elected him! For the free world to have any chance of survival, we need to get rid of him NOW, and being as we “can’t” impeach him, then a hit man, whatever… life in exchange for the rest of the world would be a bargain. I know what that sounds like and can hardly believe I’m saying it, but given the thousands who have been killed and millions who have been displaced, his death would be nothing. Also, the stronger ISIS gets, the more nuts will join around the world because it encourages them.

You have to believe this has been considered in some circles in D.C., perhaps even the CIA or our military? But if it did happen,

dunkinville said...

Who's the genius who wrote this: "He is the laughing stock
of the world…………"

It's Trump and his followers (like the derp who wrote that) who are the laughing stock of the world. The wingnuts live in a bubble where they all believe the utter nonsense they spread around to each other. I can just imagine them nodding their heads in agreement: Obama's the laughing stock of the world? OMG! Have they seen what the world thinks of the man they're dreaming of for POTUS? On Obama's worst day he's 1,000% better than any of their whacked-out candidates.

Dr. Brain Surgeon said...

Republican front runner Donald Trump - now officially too right-wing for Dick Cheney and Bibi FuckinNetanyahu.

Les Carpenter said...

Cancers often metastasize do they not? Unless surgically removed or destroyed by other means. America is fighting two cancers (1 internal & 1 external/internal) and both have the potential to destroy us if we're not smart in combating both.

I run across a lot of people both young and older that support Trump.