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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Holy Quran Experiment

Comments?  Thoughts?

h/t Patheos


Les Carpenter said...

Religion, regardless of which is all about control. Forced conformity through the use of guilt and fear. No use for it I broke the chains of religion long ago.

With respect to Islam and Christianity; Christianity is ahead in the religious evolutionary curve. Reason will always take a backseat to blind faith however.

Ahab said...

:: snickers ::

I applaud these tricksters for pointing out people's religious illiteracy. While the Quran does have abhorrent passages, people forget that the Bible has vile passages too. Oddly enough, many people fear Muslims more than they do fundamentalist Christians, even though both groups embrace ugly ideas.

Ray Cranston said...

Shaw, @your banner on Paul Ryan. Here's our Republican Congress at work this week:

The voted to destroy Obamacare AGAIN. What is this? The gazillionth time?

The voted to defund Planned Parenthood which delivers health care (not just abortions) to poor women and underserved rural areas.

They defeated a vote making it illegal to sell guns to people on the terrorist watch list, felons, and mentally ill people.

And the people on the right wing blogs and news sites say radical Islam is the greatest threat to this country?

Les Carpenter said...

Radicalized Islam, essentially a fascist religion, is a threat to ALL of the civilized world.

Dave Miller said...

Les... I would say this... religion cannot control. People, or adherents, can of course exert control in the name of a religion.

That's what we see in the more fundamental expressions of most religions, be they Christian, Islam, Nazism or even Atheism. Once we begin to see a need for everyone else to follow "our" brand of beliefs, and start forcing it upon others, we see the extremes.

Shaw... Specifically regarding the video, it was a great exercise... but, most, if not all of the verses those guys used were taken as "one offs" and totally out of context. Just as many Christians do with the sacred texts of Islam.

You cannot jump in at chapter 6, skip to a page in chapter 12, and then read part of chapter 26 and expect to understand the full book. Whether it is the bible, the quran, of even a James Patterson novel.

But... I will use the video... it makes some good points... thanks for posting it!

Kevin Robbins said...

One problem is people taking it all literally, the second is that most of them haven't read it to begin with. They might know about the Leviticus piece about men sleeping together. They don't know that anyone who's ever worked on a Sunday is to be stoned to death. There are actually a lot of other things you can be stoned to death for. Dylan had it right. Everybody must get stoned.

Jesus lived. He is worth emulating. The Bible is mostly metaphor, tho.

Les Carpenter said...

Religion is man made. All religion is about the effort to control others to conform to a particular religious ideology. Unetical, immoral, and horrific behavoir has been committed in the name of religion, including atheism.

The desire to influence and control the behavoir of others by extreme religious fundamentalists is evil.