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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Seen at a British newsstand...

I've heard people claim that Trump has no character. I disagree. Trump has the character of a swinish lout, an uncouth, aggressive pig-man. And he proves this observation is accurate every day: 

 Trump ridicules accusers and warns Obama could be targeted by false allegations 

Donald Trump openly mocked his female sex-abuse accusers on Friday, suggesting to an outdoor rally crowd that some of them are unattractive and desperate for sexual partners. And in denying all the allegations as false and ‘made-up,’ he warned that other politicians – including President Barack Obama – could become the victims of false smears.


On Friday he criticized Obama for weighing in on the controversy during campaign stops benefiting Clinton. The same kind of accusers who have targeted him, he said, could just as easily target the president. 

 ‘He’s talking about me like he knows me. I don’t know him. He doesn’t know me,’ Trump said. 

 "I don't know him," said the swinish lout, who spent five years telling the world that President Obama's birth certificate was a fake and that President Obama probably wasn't an American citizen.

Oh happy is the day when this swinish lout goes down in ignominious defeat!

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Jerry Critter said...

The GOP has become to stand for Groper Of P*ssy.