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The U.S. was just downgraded from a “Full” to “Flawed Democracy.”

You can thank President Porn-Star Shagger, the one who praised a murderous North Korean dictator and insulted our closest ally, Canada.


Friday, October 21, 2016

"This hideous little man..."

From the brilliant PM Carpenter on Donald Trump's disastrous appearance at the Al Smith dinner on Thursday evening:

Thus did Donald J. Trump vulgarize the one, theretofore-unmolested institution of American politics — the congenial Al Smith Dinner, a "presidential campaign ritual." (The one truly humorous moment of the evening came when Hillary ridiculed Rudy Giuliani for having called The Donald a "genius." I have never seen such a scowling, stone-set face in reaction. But what did I expect? Members of brownshirted gangs aren't known for their sense of humor.) 

 So, to repeat, no Trumpian vulgarization has been left undone. And the words of President Obama are worth repeating as well: Trump "is not a joking matter." Obama was speaking specifically yesterday about the charlatan's vulgar "suggestion" of a rigged election "without a shred of evidence" — "the first major party nominee in American history" to do so — and yet that is but one example among many of the transcendent harm this hideous little man is doing to the traditional political system I, you, Obama, and every sane American loves. 

 It is to be hoped the harm is as temporary as it is prodigious. Indeed I, for one, am confident of that. My confidence, however, doesn't write coming history. Trump has vulgarized, disgraced and debauched the finest political system ever known to humanity. This hideous little man is just that, and what I trust is Trump's inevitable and dispositive end, 18 days from now, cannot come soon enough. With every passing day, he vulgarizes American politics a bit more — and though he is doomed, with the smallest of successes, the lowest of bars have a way of lingering.

Fox News Poll Shows That White Men Support Hillary Clinton – If They’re Educated 

 The latest Fox News poll shows that education may actually be playing a bigger role in this election than gender.


Infidel753 said...

Fox News Poll Shows That White Men Support Hillary Clinton – If They’re Educated

Well, that explains me, I guess. I've been getting a bit spooked by all these polls saying older white guys are the one demographic that supports Trump. Don't want to be judged guilty by association.

Rational Nation USA said...

tRump's pending failure does not necessarily mean the end of his supporters jack booted march towards ultimately aacheiving tRump's desired goals. A fascistic America. Beware the possible loss of our civil libertie.


Dave Miller said...

I can understand a political decision not to favor, or support Hillary Clinton.

However, I cannot understand a decision to support and vote for Trump. He has called Mexicans rapists, mocked disabled people, dismissed the sacrifices of John Mc Cain and other vets, called for a religious test for an entire group of people and called into question the patriotism of the Khan family. He has bragged about groping women, cheated on his wife, talked about dating much younger women and having sex with his daughter. He has dissed workers, gamed the system to avoid paying taxes, led repeatedly to the American people, and used the system to avoid paying legally incurred debts, workers and hundreds, if not thousands of other vendors their due, all the while talking up his business acumen.

He has even called former Sec State Rice a bitch. And all of that was before he said if he wins, he will respect the results of the elections. But if he loses, he will keep us in suspense.

And still, the professional GOP stands by him, the party that makes a point of saying "if you do not denounce, and support terrorists, you agree with them."

By their logic of "if you ain't with us, you're agin' us" [expressed many times since 9/11] they support Trump. They endorse him. They want him to win. They own him and his disgusting views. Because those views, warts and all, must be theirs, or we would hear otherwise.


Kevin Robbins said...

Nice posting by Carpenter:

"As boos rained down, Trump interrupted the routine: 'That’s OK, Hillary, I don’t know who they’re angry at: you or I.' 'You,' several members of the audience shouted back."

Not a lot of self-awareness.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, I think anyone who is educated is put off by Trump. However, there are those who have graduated from higher educational institutions who are supporting Trump, that doesn't necessarily mean they're educated. They seem to be self-delusional or so marinated in Hillary hate that they don't see Trump for the greasy little rodent that he is.

RN You were among the first libertarian/classical liberals who saw through Trump from the beginning of his absurd candidacy. You value principles over ideologies. You've earned a lot of credibility that those Conservatives, who continue to support this "horrid little man," will never get back. Who in their right mind could ever trust their judgement ever again?

Palin and Trump: The far right's two nonpolishable turds that they continue to wear in their ideological crowns.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To be fair, Trump never stated he wanted to have sex with his daughter, only that if she weren't his daughter, he'd date her. But he did let Howard Stern call his then 20 something daughter, Ivanka, "a piece of ass," which is an astonishingly lurid thing Trump could allow another man to say about his daughter. But because we understand Donald's narcissism, we understand why he let that repulsive, filthy statement about his daughter stand. Stern's "piece of ass" comment, which every man knows means "she's f-able," meant to the sick mind of Trump a compliment to himself, since he was partly responsible for her creation. So it reflected, in his mind, on his ability to produce "a piece of ass" another man would lust after. And yet the Evangelicals for Trump have no problem with that; in fact, they don't even mention this horrid part of who Trump is.

They continue to call Hillary the most vile names, yet she's the one who kept her marriage vows "for better or for worse," and gets no admiration for that. I guess those Trump Evangelicals think she should have divorced Bill instead of being a forgiving wife and keeping her marriage vows.

Trump is a walking moral disaster who continues to earn the support of people who would have run away from Barack Obama had he appeared on the Democratic convention stage 8 years ago with five children from three wives or had HE said he likes to grab women, against their will, by their genitals -- because he's a STAR! But that just goes to show the world that those Trump Evangelical supporters aren't devoted to their supposed moral, godly family values; their allegiance is to a political party and ideology. Didn't Pence say he was a Christian FIRST, then an American? He'll be forever tainted by his willing association with Trump.

What is left of the GOP owns this "hideous little man."

Shaw Kenawe said...

The above comment was meant to answer Dave Miller's post.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin, Trump has no self-awareness, or much of anything else normal people have in a normal personality. He's a freak of nature.

Call me Sarah said...

I hope all this garbage and lies about Hillary will result in Republicans losing 30 seats in the House.and Senate I hope Liz Warren stays in the Congress where we need her vote. And now Hillary can choose the new Supreme Justice.we need to keep all our elected Democratic representatives in office.
I'm having fun watching all this. I suppose because I don't believe Trump has a chance in hell of winning. But, as Bill Maher would say, never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. If Trump actually wins, I won't be laughing anymore. But there's no chance of that.

Rational Nation USA said...

Really? We need congressional and senatorial term limits. We need to hold ALL elected officials accountable to the people who pay their salaries and make their perks possible.

Something neither party has shown any interest in whatsoever.

E. Rosewater said...

No doubt that Trump is a lunatic but it could be a lot worse. What if Ted Cruz was the nominee and actually got elected?

Rational Nation USA said...

OT... FreeThinke is having an obvious meltdown over at WYD and on other sites. Poor fella is beside himself with anger and hatred of everyone who doesn't think like him. Comical really, and, as such a funny way to start ones day while they drink their steaming hot coffee.

The yuuuge and bigly meltdown on Nov. 8th will no doubt be HILARIOUS!