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Monday, October 3, 2016


Kevin Robbins said...

In 1995, the S and P 500 rose 32%. If Trump had just put the money he lost into an index fund he would have made over $300 million. Yeah, he's a genius. Right Rudy?

Ducky's here said...

If you want a detailed discussion of Mr. Orange's tax returns, Democracy Now! has them featured today and it's quite revealing.
He's sometimes just this side of legal and probably crosses the line.
Unfortunately the whole story isn't going to reported in depth.

The big push on the right is to have the Times sued for violating The Orange Man's right to privacy.
These bobos have evidently not heard of the Pentagon papers and the myriad of rulings preventing restraint of the press.

The question the country has to ask itself is how a sleaze like Mr. Orange could still be contending.

Dave Miller said...

What can someone say about Donald Trump, except, absent a strong denial, every supporter agrees with him and his message. And that includes Majority Leader McConnell, Speaker Ryan and almost every sitting GOP Governor, Senator and House Member.

They, the entire lot, using a standard set forth by themselves and President Bush during his admin, have for years argued that when it comes to terrorism, you are either for us, or against us. Failure, many have said, to openly condemn terrorism by some Muslims, is tantamount to acceptance.

Well by that standard, a standard they set, they are in total agreement with the racist & misogynist views of Trump as well as his mocking of soldiers, ala the Khan family and Senator McCain and disabled people.

Today, finally, after years of virtual silence and trying to find common ground, President Obama opened up and spoke truth.

Thanks Obama for stating the facts.

"Republican leaders in Congress have proven they won’t work with my Administration, but along the way, they’ve lost sight of their basic mission. They can’t even meet their own goals. Republicans say they care about good paying jobs, but they’re ignoring one of the best ways to create them by refusing to make long overdue investments rebuilding our roads, bridges, ports and airports. A major infrastructure push would put Americans back to work and make our businesses more competitive – but Congress can’t get it done. They can’t move the ball forward on tax reform, one of the GOP’s biggest priorities, and they continue to delay serious funding to combat an opioid epidemic that has devastated the lives of many of their constituents. They talk a great deal about poverty, but refuse to address it in a meaningful way.

On countless priorities – issues that matter to people across the country, regardless of their politics – Republicans in Washington have traded progress for partisanship."

Sorry about the length...