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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The New York Times Editorial Headline: "The Sleaziness of Donald Trump"

"And so we have now heard the Republican nominee for president of the United States bragging about repeated sexual assault. ... 

 The tape was made “many years ago,” Mr. Trump noted in his statement on Friday. It was made in 2005. He was then 59 years old. It would be hard for anyone to argue that the man he was then is not the man he is now. Mr. Trump also noted that Bill Clinton had “said far worse to me on the golf course.” 

Who knows if that is true, and why should anyone care? Mr. Clinton is not running for president, and, at least until now, Republican politicians have not treated his private behavior as the standard by which they should be judged."

To the right wingers who dismiss what Donald Trump said in the open mic as nothing more than "locker room banter" or "braggadocio," you're wrong, and you're moral cowards.

Trump has been insulting every demographic since he started his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and killers, by insulting a POW, by mocking a disabled journalist, by demonizing Muslim Americans, African-Americans, by insulting a Gold Star family, by insulting a female FAUX NOOZ talking head, by insulting and demeaning the Republican candidates he ran against in the primaries -- he's insulted everyone except his base: ageing poorly educated white men, KKKers, and white supremacists.

That's who you now defend as we learn about his utter lack of respect for women -- not just beauty queens and casual acquaintances, but his very own daughter. We have Donald Trump saying on audio tape to Howard Stern that it is okay for Stern to refer to his daughter, Ivanka, as a "piece of ass."

TRUMP: "My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka."
STERN: "By the way, your daughter."
TRUMP: "She's beautiful."
STERN: "Can I say this? A piece of ass."

TRUMP: "Yeah."

What sort of father would allow this sort of talk about his daughter? A narcissistic pig, that's who. Because Ivanka's body and sexiness -- "piece of ass" -- in Trump's twisted, sick mind, reflect on him -- his ability to have produced that nice "piece of ass."  That's the man you moral cowards are still making excuses for and still supporting.

Now let me hear you explain to your mothers, wives, and daughters how Donald Trump, who allowed shock jock, Howard Stern to call his daughter -- in front of him -- "a piece of ass" is fit to be POTUS and represent America to the world.

Go ahead. Tell us.

And I'm not accepting "Bill was worse."

"Mr. Clinton is not running for president, and, at least until now, Republican politicians have not treated his private behavior as the standard by which they should be judged."

Bob Schieffer on Face The Nation today:

"This isn't a 'boys will be boys' issue, it's a 'pigs will be pigs' issue."


Shaw Kenawe said...

Richard Wolffe:

It’s going to get worse for Donald Trump and his Republican party. Much worse.

Normal candidates might have realized they were bumping along the bottom of their election – if not, their life – when video emerged of them bragging, as a newlywed, about forcing themselves on women, genitals and all.

But not the man who promises to make America great again. No, Donald Trump’s so-called apology video was even more incompetent and incoherent than the rest of his campaign to date. And that’s quite an achievement for a man who has attacked a grieving, Gold Star family.


Until now, Trump’s defenders liked to justify his remarks about Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly by saying that the GOP nominee was just an entertainer. That’s not possible any more. Trump’s disgusting comments were made in private, not as a public performance. And that’s precisely why they are indelible.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight

"Let’s not naively insist on taking a wait-and-see approach regarding the events of the past 24 hours. The revelation of a tape from 2005 in which Donald Trump was caught making a number of lewd comments about women, and seemed to condone unwanted sexual contact toward women, is bad news for Trump. (#Analysis.) It’s not going to help Trump to become president in a country in which 53 percent of voters are women.

The story has broken through the news cycle in a big way. Since Friday afternoon, Google searches for Trump are somewhere around four times as high as their already-insanely-high levels — in line with the sort of spike that usually occurs around a debate.

But if we knew on Friday night that this would be a big story, it’s become an even bigger story throughout the day today (Saturday) as dozens of GOP elected officials have either repudiated Trump, or unendorsed him, or called for him to resign his position at the top of the ticket. Trump had unusually low levels of support from these “party elites” to begin with, but we’d usually seen only a few prominent Republicans repudiate him at a time after past controversies."

Anonymous said...

For a group of people who always say "character counts" its funny to see them support a candidate who has no character and who pimped out his own daughter so that he could reflect in the sleazy "compliment" Stern gave him about a nice "piece of ass." I'm a father of 3 daughters and I would have punched the f**ker in the face if he said that about any of my girls.

Trump is a pig.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @ 11:34,

That's a normal reaction any father would have, but Trump isn't normal. And neither are the people who still support him.

Flying Junior said...

I quit listening to Stern's radio show a good sixteen years ago. Fercrissake! The guy was talking about his own masturbating on a syndicated show!

Don't want.

J.B.M. said...

what's even more disgusting is to read how the Trumpanzee are pimping themselves out for Trump by pretending his behavior is nothing more than manly man behavior, because everyone knows that it's just manly man stuff to brag to your friends that you tried to "f**k" a married woman while your new wife is home pregnant aor how manly manly is it to tell a man that its oky to say your young daughter is a nice looking piece of ass. Every father's dream right?never thought i'd live long enough to watch the conservatives who believed Clinton's disgusting behavior is just manly man stuff because that's what theyre saying. Trump just has an active libido and alpha males get to behave like pigs because we expect them too.
The conservative still sucking up to Trump are pigs themselves for not seeing him for what he is and for making excuses for him.

Shaw Kenawe said...

F.J. and J.B.M., o

Here's the latest insane equivalency garbage being strewn around the far right news sites and blogs: Women read "Fifty Shades of Gray," so why should they be offended by what Trump said 11 years ago!

One would have to dig through a mountain of Stupid the size of Everest to find something as incomprehensibly irrational as that for a comparison. The poorly educated believe that since women read racy novels, they shouldn't be surprised when Trump brags about sexual assaulting women, or brags about screwing another man's wife, or allowing another man to call his young daughter a nice piece of ass?

Man, I know there aren't a lot of geniuses in that party, but I didn't know that it also includes so many with the IQ of a box of salt.

I give up. You can't get through to people like that. People who are willfully stupid and refuse to see what's in front of their noses.

When Trump is trounced next month and Hillary is POTUS, they'll blame it on women reading bad novels.

skudrunner said...

The DNC decided in 2008 that -H- was the nominee in 2016. The RNC played right into their hands by having 100 people in a debate and the winner is the one who got 30% of the vote .

-H- will be the next president hands down but some of us still have standards and neither of the tow party candidates are acceptable to hold the office.

There is only one choice for the country and for those who oppose letting sleazy donnie or -H- who admitted lying to the American people.

Rational Nation USA said...

OT - Trump earned some credit for an improved debate performance following open moments. He didn't self destruct. Something that many thought, indeed hoped he would.

Bluebull said...

Very well stated, Shaw!!!

Rational Nation USA said...


Jerry Critter said...

skud - ""

So, you are now a progressive?!?

Dervish Sanders said...

Jerry: So, you [Skud] are now a progressive?!?

Yeah, I thought he was a Republican. Maybe he hopes he can convince people here to vote for Jill Stein so Trump wins?

Bluebull said...

Jerry: So, you [Skud] are now a progressive?!?

Yeah, I thought he was a Republican. Maybe he hopes he can convince people here to vote for Jill Stein so Trump wins?

One of the oldest tricks in the book. Ugh.