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Monday, October 10, 2016

Ryan Dumps Trump

Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, today told his fellow Republicans who are running for re-election to do what they have to do to distance themselves from Trump-- IOW, save your own hides and forget the embarrassment we, the GOP, endorsed for POTUS.

So what Trump has left is his rabid base who, just today at a Trump rally, were screaming at the top of their bloody throats, "LOCK HER UP!" -- a follow-up to Trump's insane promise at last night's debate to put Hillary in jail.

Trump has lost the support of dozens of Republicans from his own party, and now Speaker Ryan is all but letting him twist in the wind.

Not one major newspaper has endorsed Trump, and many newspapers that have never endorsed a Democrat have endorsed Hillary.

From Talking Points Memo:

It Begins: Trump Takes Swipe At Ryan After He Essentially Concedes To Clinton 

It was clear. Trump's campaign was on its own as congressional Republicans just tried to stem the bleeding.

 Ryan explicitly said during a call with members Monday that he was not unendorsing Trump; however, he also said he was not going to be campaigning with the nominee. Instead, he was going to invest his resources in ensuring the Republicans kept control of the House of Representatives.

Ryan spoke on the call with members after a tape from 2005 surfaced Friday recording Trump talking about grabbing women's genitals. Ryan subsequently uninvited Trump to appear with him at a rally Saturday in Wisconsin, but Ryan said little about the tape aside from admonishing Trump for it. 

Monday was the first time Ryan spoke about the state of his endorsement. While Ryan has said that he isn't taking his endorsement away at the moment, the Republican conference is divided over how Ryan has handled Trump's tape. During the call Monday morning, one Republican congressman who spoke to TPM on background said that some members were criticizing Ryan openly for not standing by Trump.

 One member, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) blasted Ryan for essentially ceding the election to Hillary Clinton.


Rational Nation USA said...

It is well that Ryan will not defend or campaign with tRump. Advising GOP down ticket candidates to do what they need to to win (essentially suggesting they distance themselves from hmm) is wise as well.

Withdrawing his endorsement would take extraordinary courage and sterling character. Traits Ryan apparently does not have in sufficient quantity.

tRump and the GOP are reeling; for certain tRump is on the ropes and come November 8th will go down in defeat.

On another front we see more Americans prefer democrats take congress than republicans maintaining control. tRump likely has damaged the GOP and conservatism for years.

Rational Nation USA said...

Interesting, Gingrich and Schmuckabee (two among many) are are hanging tough with tRump.

A once great party is steadily working to deconstruct itself. Lincoln, TR, Coolidge, and Reagan would surely be spinning in their graves were that possible.

Unknown said...

Donald Trump says he will make the next 30 days of Hillary Clinton's life hell. And I can't wait

Bluebull said...

The GOP is DOA and it was a suicide. Hopefully these folks will figure out that they've gotten very bad at this whole voting thing and should just stop already.....

Shaw Kenawe said...

A quick look around the alternate universe of the Trump base shows that they either have no clue about what was revealed in that notorious tape with Trump and Billy Bush or that they are willfully mislabeling the contents, hoping people will not understand what a licentious louse Trump is. Right now the koo-koo banana base is claiming everyone is horrified just because Trump used the word "pussy?" Another clueless apologist is saying because women have read "50 Shades of Gray" they should not be upset with what Trump said, and still another squirrel brain claims that people who participate in or watch gay parades showing off nekkid butts shouldn't be shocked at what Trump said and did.

A few points on the above: 1) Trump didn't "just say pussy," he bragged about "GRABBING a woman's pussy, forcing himself on women against their will, and trying to "f**k" a married woman who spurned his advances. That's sexual assault. And so I can understand why the person who claimed "he only said "pussy" would ignore the criminal behavior behind what Trump bragged about. That's dishonest in the extreme.

2) Comparing women who freely choose to read a book no more shocking than "Lady Chatterly's Lover" or "The Tropic of Capricon" to women who are the victims of Trump's unwanted sexual predations is just plain stupid, and that the people who use that comparison to dismiss Trump's sexual assaults as harmless are, in a word, dumb as dirt.

A gay parade with naked butts vs. a man who sexually assaults women are not the same things. Not even close. But the "morans" who use the parade analogy to compare them and dismiss Trump's behavior prove to anyone who reads that nonsense that they have absolutely no reasoning skills and definitely belong in what Bobby Jindal called the present GOP: The Stupid Party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bluebull: "The GOP is DOA and it was a suicide. Hopefully these folks will figure out that they've gotten very bad at this whole voting thing and should just stop already..."

I don't think "these folks" will figure out anything. They seem not to be capable of it. That they have not abandoned the repulsive Trump by now with all that we know about him -- especially the fact that he is unfit to be POTUS by any sane person's measure, shows me, at least, that Hillary was correct when she said his base is irredeemable. If this past week didn't repulse them, nothing will. And that says everything about them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Unknown said...

Donald Trump says he will make the next 30 days of Hillary Clinton's life hell. And I can't wait"

That's nice dear.

Rational Nation USA said...

You unknown, and the many like you, are rapidly destroying all that was once good in conservatism. We know your pimple brain and even weaker morals do not allow you to grasp this reality. Which is of course is why HRC is going th annihilate tRump and the dems stand a slightly better than even chance of regaining the house.

Please carry on and advise other pimple brains to march with you.

Dave Miller said...

Almost all that is left is the reason Trump lost this election.

The extremists and malcontents in the GOP have for years pined for a nominee like Trump. We've heard how they've lost elections because of RINO's and closet lefties like Romney, McCain and Dole. We've listened as they've said if they only had a strong candidate who would "take it to the Dems" they would win in a landslide, because America was with them.

Well this year they got that candidate in Donald Trump.

And if the polls are to be believed, in less than a month, they will learn that they have lost with their dream candidate. In a sense, the primarily older, white, undereducated voters who now control the GOP will learn that America has fallen out of love with racial insensitivity, name calling, misogyny and obstructionism.

I wonder what they will do after they get done calling the election a fraud, claiming millions of dead people voted, and that HRC cheated to win.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "Well this year they got that candidate in Donald Trump."

Yes they did. And then some.

Would you have ever dreamed that the family values right would defend a louche like Trump? I wouldn't have. And yet they are willing to lie down with a misogynistic swine like Trump, and they don't care about the fleas they attract to themselves in doing so. It is astounding how they've twisted themselves into a mobius pretzel to excuse Trump's disgusting behaviors -- behaviors that they vilified in Bill Clinton a generation ago. Their acceptance of the same behavior in Trump shows me that they have no core moral or religious values, since because Trump promised them an "R" in the White House, they were willing to overlook the basest of the base in him in order to gain political power.

We know not all conservatives were willing to disgrace themselves like that, but I'm shocked by those who dismiss Trump who allowed a shock jock radio host to call his young daughter "a piece of ass," and then tell that pig, yes it was okay.

In any other time, before this country went mad, the family values voters would have run away from Trump like he was a Typhoid Mary. Yet that and his predatory sexual behavior and words seem to bother them not at all -- not the way it did when Bill Clinton behaved just as stupidly and embarrassed himself and the country.

Again, it's a perfect example of how certain groups of people put political power above everything: Their "supposed" moral convictions and their love of America.

It is shocking.

Rational Nation USA said...

tRump is so bad that even wingnut Glen Beck is considering voting for HRC. Can queen wingnut Palin be far behind?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... check it out... they call Bill Clinton the spawn of evil for what he did in the White House... and I agree it was terrible. In any other job, a boss doing that with a low level employee would have been a fireable offense and seen as harassment. Remember, an employee can't consent. She, or he, is responding to the power dynamics of the moment, according to many on the left.

So here they are, mad at Clinton for what he did, and their solution? Put a guy who is even worse in office.

How does one get there.

I know, I know, it's all "locker room" talk... except that athlete's across the country are saying it's not.

I would say they know more than Trump on this, but in his eyes, they are probably just as dumb as his generals.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"So here they are, mad at Clinton for what he did, and their solution? Put a guy who is even worse in office."

Clinton was a idiot for what he did. I was furious with him at the time and wanted nothing to do with him or his presidency.

Trump makes Clinton look like a choir boy.

A father who could pimp out his daughter to a disgusting shock jock like Howard Stern is magnitudes worse. Worse. How can anyone give Trump a pass on that? Even George Will talked about it in a recent column.

Trump talked about his young daughter's breasts with Stern and then when Stern asked if he could say Ivanka was "a piece of ass," Trump said "Yeah." OMG!

What kind of a father does that??

I guess I'm fortunate that I live in a universe where no man, no father I know would EVER, EVER do something as depraved as that.

Trump, being the ultimate narcissist that he is, bathed in the warm glow of Stern's appreciation of Ivanka's beautiful breasts and "f**kability" because Trump had a hand (or something) in creating this sexual object.

More than a few people are repulsed by this, but not as many as should be. This to me is unforgivable. I feel so sorry for his daughters.