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Wednesday, October 19, 2016



Bluebull said...

I am really starting to enjoy watching this disgusting old waste of flesh implode. He and the really sick perverted deplorable morons backing him are the very worst of America and the sooner they get shut down and shut down hard, the better. And yet, still, we have 3 weeks of shoes dropping about this most vile orange dumpster fire. Hang on, kids. It's gonna be a bumpy landing, I suspect.... :)

Dave Miller said...

Not sure if you've all noticed, but some of our "friend's" sites are rather quiet right now.

It seems the all in supporters for Trump have just quit commenting at some while reality starts to sink in. And at one other notorious site, even the sock puppets have decided to cut back or just return to their drawers all together.

Meanwhile, on others, the "dead enders", to quote our former Sec Def, all that is left are feeble attacks on HRC and Bill.

Quoting a soon to be former presidential candidate... SAD

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bluebull, after the election, what happens to the 40% of the American electorate? They'll still be out there, even if Trump will recede into his gilded Trump Tower. What happens to those people who have no problem with a sexual predator, liar, and all around creep? What I fear is that there'll always be a demagogue to rile them up again with threats and hatred. They fell for it with Trump, and they'll fall for it again.

Dave, I know. They're blaming everyone and everything but the miserable person they put their faith in. Trump proved over and over again that he knows nothing about our Constitution, nothing about governing, nothing about domestic or foreign issues.

I never thought I'd hear a candidate for the American presidency promise his mobs that he'd lock up his opponent as soon as he was elected. Donald Trump is a blight on America and every ideal she stands for. And I'm sorry to say so are his supporters. I've lost what little respect I had for them. I always believed their patriotism and religious faith were sincere, but now I know better after watching them abandon any values they held, all for Trump and watching them justify it by claiming Hillary Clinton is a demon. Those folks have gone entirely insane.

Rational Nation USA said...

A VERY fitting end for the self perceived Master of Winning it will be!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous who posted a comment @10:43. You have my email. Send what you wrote about to me.


E. Rosewater said...

but what are all the lunatic trumpsters going to do after the election?

it could get scary if those fools take their guns to the polling stations.