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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I Support Colin Kaepernick and Nike

Just Do It!

All great causes start out unpopular with the masses.  Our independence from England was not wildly popular with the farmers and other Colonial folks of New England. The Civil Rights Movement was not popular with a majority of Americans when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus.

I predict that support for Colin Kaepernick's protest for equality and against brutality by overzealous law enforcement will continue to grow. It already has since Kapernick's frist "take a knee" protest.

More and more Americans believe in his cause. It is righteous.

Just Do It!

Well, they are Trumpista Cultists, afterall. That explains it.

"Colin Kaepernick, the former N.F.L. quarterback who inspired a player protest movement but who has been out of a job for more than a year, has signed a new, multiyear deal with Nike that makes him a face of the 30th anniversary of the sports apparel company’s “Just Do It” campaign, Nike confirmed on Monday. 

 The first advertisement from Nike, one of the league’s top partners, debuted Monday afternoon, when Kaepernick tweeted it, assuring that his activism and the protest movement against racism and social injustice he started would continue to loom over one of the country’s most powerful sports leagues. Nike will produce new Kaepernick apparel, including a shoe and a T-shirt, and if the merchandise sells well, the value of the deal will rival those of other top N.F.L. players, according to people close to the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because Nike had not formally announced it. 

Nike will also donate money to Kaepernick’s “Know Your Rights” campaign. The N.F.L. did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The ad and the campaign, coming a few days before the start of the N.F.L. season on Thursday, is likely to annoy the league’s top executives and its owners. 

On Thursday, Kaepernick won a victory in his grievance against the league when an arbitrator let his case, in which he accuses the league of conspiring to keep him off the field because of his activism, advance."

"The arc of the moral universe is long, 
but it bends toward justice"

--Martin Luther King, Jr.


Kevin Robbins said...

Woodward's book is going to be more fun than Rick Wilson's.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin, that's the subject of tomorrow's post.

Dave Miller said...

As I listen to the accounts of Woodward’s book, I’m guessing tomorrow we’re gonna see some musical interludes and other fun engaging posts from the right... anything to distract from the political reality Trump is facing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, they are champions of ignoring reality.

Can you, or any of us who remember reading their scathing remarks about President Obama, imagine one one hundreth of what Trump's done having been done by Obama? It is remarkable how they've given Trump so many passes on all of his outrageous, unAmerican, and corrupt actions since he's been president.

I'm guessing most of their non-reaction is attributable to their overwhelming embarrassment for supporting this wreckage, as well as their inability to face up to the fact that they have such poor judgeent in a person's character. Their supposed "faith" failed them, and it's evident they cannot face that horrible reality.

kid knee stones said...

I gotta tell ya. DJ Trump at 72 shoots 72 on a championship course. No doubt from the mens tees (opposed to the pro tees) and of course easier pin placements, but back when I was a bona-fide Stud playing once a week at least, my best score was 82. This guy is in shape and in focus.
Then up early every day, hosting all sorts of Christian, or Conservative, or you name it groups in the White House, flying off to the other side of the world on occasion, late to bed, battling the left right and the middle, and I thought I could be a good president. I couldn't even come close to DJT.
The guy is a power plant. At 72. Let's give some credit.

Maybe Melania could turn me up a notch, but not that many notches.

I don't know we've ever had this kind of power in the White House. We need it right now. I'm very thankful we have it. Seriously, Thank God for DJ Trump. I'm looking forward to the next 6.5 years and I can't even imagine a time in the past when I would have said such a thing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The above comment was in my Comment Moderation file. I can't determine if it's a satire or if it's real. Let's hope it's satire, because if it's a real complimentary comment on Trump, then we need to send the poor bastard some more meds. He or she is obviously as sick as the guy he or she wrote about.

I'm guessing it's satire, though. No one's that cuckoo-cuckoo.


Rational Nation USA said...

The Or has it.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... its a copy and paste from one of the cruisers on the HMS Mothership...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave and RN,, Thanks for the tip. I've had dozens of trolls come to P.E. Comment Moderation these last few weeks, especially one who calls itself "Rightwing Frank." I figured it was a satire or something from RF. As satire, it IS rather good because it captures the insanity of the T.C.s.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Doctors Remind Trump Supporters To Take Nikes Off Before Burning Them

Anonymous said...

Shaw: I can appreciate that Kaepernick has something to say. The subject of racial injustice is still something that America is dealing with...As for me, I am exhausted from everything in our country being politicized. We can't even watch a game on Sunday without it turning into sideshow. Trump no doubt bears a good measure of responsibility in that regard. My point is the NFL is a large platform...large enough that Colin could have easily done good works in tandem with the NFL to attempt to change our social trajectory. He sacrificed his career and it did not have go down that way. As far as these folks burning their shoes...well...that accomplishes zero. I still proudly wear my Nikes on the golf course. Thanks for listening

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @8:00 AM, Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

"My point is the NFL is a large platform...large enough that Colin could have easily done good works in tandem with the NFL to attempt to change our social trajectory."

I understand that statement and, in a perfect world not plagued with racism, that would make perfect sense. But I've lived long enough to know that in calling attention to injustices and wrongs, politesse doesn't work. Even trying to work with those in power or with greater influence rarely works. Ghandi understood this; Martin Luther King understood this; and all those who work to effect change understand this. That's why Kaepernick's respectful protest is so powerful. The NFL is a huge platform on which to call attention to unarmed African-Americans' being killed in police stops.

As for everything being politicized, I'm afraid this is the way it is in America at this time.

Kevin Robbins said...

They say there's always a Trump tweet to haunt him. There might also be a Trump book for every occasion. Here's one for your new troll.

“He cheats like hell,” Pettersen said, “so I don’t quite know how he is in business. They say that if you cheat at golf, you cheat at business.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin,The troll called "kid knee stones" wouldn't care if Trump cheated at golf. People like that are not concerned with the deceit, lying, and immoral piggetry he revels in. Hell, people like kid knee stones would probably love the fact that he cheats at golf. They admire that in Trump, prolly because they are cheats themselves.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Trump Tweets Nike Getting ‘Killed,’ But So Far Stock Is Up Today

skudrunner said...

Colin had to do something to show he was relevant. He was a one season wonder who was takes to third string and was not going to be resigned. He is so good that he can't get signed by anyone. If he kneels for the National Anthem that is his right but when he wore pig socks to show his distaste for police he showed his true class.
Why don't all of these millionaire athletes go to a neighborhood in South Chicago and protest black on black murder. Easier to sit down than stand up. He was raised by rich white parents and signed a 17 million dollar contract. He has no idea what struggle is.

Rational Nation USA said...

Once again skudrunner I think you missed the point. This nation has a long way to go rid itself of racism. Although I will acknowledge that just maybe that dream may be more attainable than the desired reality of the dream.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "Why don't all of these millionaire athletes go to a neighborhood in South Chicago and protest black on black murder. Easier to sit down than stand up. He was raised by rich white parents and signed a 17 million dollar contract. He has no idea what struggle is."

Typical troll-like behavior, skud. Change the focus of the post. Your comment is irrelevant to the purpose of what Kaepernick's taking a kneww is about. It's curious that you've never used Donald Trump's billionaire status to denigrate anything he proposes to do for the working class, do you.

BTW, how did you like the GOP president calling Alabamian Jeff Sessions a "dumb southerner?"

What would you have done, what would you have said had President Obama said that about a southerner?

skudrunner said...

I have no respect for Trump and hope he resigns soon. He is totally off the rails. His latest bragging that he is the best president ever is going to far. If he would taper that to the best president since Regan I could agree. You measure leadership as being well liked. most business people measure it by results.

As to Kapernick, he was a one season wonder and decided to cash in on something since his playing days were over. He chose to kneel during the anthem and now he is a hero. What has he done for the oppressed minorities in this country.

Les, we will never get rid of racism because it is to convenient to blame actions on racism instead of personal responsibility. Our mixed race president did more to set race relations back 40 years than anyone in modern history.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Our mixed race president did more to set race relations back 40 years than anyone in modern history."

YOU and every Gooper who claims that (especially the WYD and Mother Ship crowd) never back that up with any evidence.

HOWEVER, we have mountains of racial denigration by the current POTUS. For just one example, the time Trump claimed he could not get a fair judgement on a law suit against him because the judge was Mexican. The judge was actually American of Mexican heritage, but AMERICAN. Even the spineless Paul Ryan stated that was a clear example of racism. How about when it is on record that Trump and his father were sued and LOST for discriminating against African-Americans in their apartment building? There's two.

Give me a solid example, not just your words, of how President Obama set back race relations 40 years.

And forget about the Cambridge police incident. The Cambridge police WERE ABOSULTELY STUPID for arresting a man in his own home. A smart policeman would have handled it differently.

Rational Nation USA said...

Bada Bing, Bad a Boom!!

I anxiously await your rebuttal skudrunner. Hopefully with an example. Just one would be fine. Two, even better.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN skudrunner is silent whenever we ask him to back up his smears against President Obama. So we have to understand his smears are his opinions, not facts, and, IMHO, they are racially based smears. Why do I say that? Because we have solid evidence that Donald Trump is racist and has divided this country, yet skudrunner and his confreres ignore that and continue to accuse President Obama of setting back race relations.

There feelings (and that's what those are -- just feeling) may come froml the fact that a bi-racial man was elected TWICE by popular and electoral votes (the largest popular margin since Eisenhower) and there are more than a few people out there that still cannot accept it. SAD!

Shaw Kenawe said...

THEIR feelings, not there.

skudrunner said...

No I am not silent but I do have a job to attend to.
How many times did then president Obama hold a press conference wen a black thug got killed, the answer many. Was Jarrett and Holder the best qualified or was it because they were black. How about lynch. He was a racist and it served him well. He got the black voter turnout and he won the election because of it.
BTW he was a total ass about Cambridge because he condemned the cop before he knew what happened. If the cop did not question the professor and he was breaking in the cop didn't do his job, when he did question him the cop didn't do his job. Cops and teachers can not do anything right.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "How many times did then president Obama hold a press conference wen a black thug got killed, the answer many."

Dear Gawd! skud! At least you're not shy about showing us your true feelings about black people, are you. Thugs? Every African-American that was shot in the back and killed by law enforcement was a thug? Trevon Martin? What proof do you have that he was a thug? Martin was unarmed, walking to his father's home from a local store when a an armed, self-appointed neighbor watch stranger, George Zimmerman, confronted him, and ignoring police who told him to leave, killed the teenager. Which of those two descriptions would fit the word "thug?"

It was a sensational story and one of many examples of unarmed young black men, minding their business and doing no harm, getting killed by a white racist. That you cannot get over the fact that our first bi-racial president said something about this tragedy, and that you refer to young black African-Americans who are attacked and killed as "thugs," places you in a distinct group of Americans. I don't have to tell anyone what that group is.

skudrunner: "Was Jarrett and Holder the best qualified or was it because they were black."

My goodness, aren't we interested in cabinet members' qualifications! Funny. I don't recall your concern about Betsy De Vos' qualifications for Education Secretary (HINT: She had none.) Do you suppose she got named because she was a billionaire and white? Rick Perry, a joke, who couldn't remember that he wanted to get rid of the Dept. of Energy now heads it. What are his qualifications, other than being a goofball laughing stock? Callista Gingrich, Ambassador to the Vatican? Her qualifications? Her adultery with married lover, Newt Gingrich for 6 years! At least her behavior is in keeping with the pig who sits in the Oval Office, maybe that's why she got the job? Remember Mike Flynn, the guy who's pled guilty to a felony? That guy. He accepted a job as NSA while HE WAS AN AGENT FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY!

Funny how you've not written a word about any of these cabinet orotwher important government posts Trumpfilled. Did he choose these people because they were white? That seemsto be thei ONLY qualification in Trump's white supremacist administration.

I have thought better of yuou. The garbage you're writing is racist. Period. Just stop!

Disgusted said...

Hey Shaw,tell your racist troll this is why Colin Kapernick kneels.

Maybe he'll call Botham Shem Jean a thug?

skudrunner said...

And that is the reason race will remain in the forefront. Anytime someone says anything about a person of color they are always called a racist. In some instances it is true but more times than not they are stating something about the person rather than the color.

What I stated is Kapernick was a one season wonder who was not going to play or be signed. His only hope to remain relevant was to take a knee and gain headlines.

You know I was not calling every black person a thug and your calling me a racist is beyond belief.