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Monday, September 24, 2018


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Yale Law School students fill a hallway sitting in silent protest over allegations that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted at least 2 women.

Just in case this wasn't clear the first time: When Republicans learned of Deborah Ramirez's allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, they tried to speed up the process of confirming him. The GOP is a sexual predator protection racket.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't we hear about Dr. Ford months ago when Sen. Feinstein got her letter?
Why didn't we hear about Rameiz a long time ago when her accusations were know to the Democratic Senators?
Now I hear there might be a third accusation (accuser) against Kavanaugh.
These accusers seem to be popping out of the woodwork.
There is good reason to question the honesty of these accusers.
Has there never been a woman who falsely accused a man of unwanted sexual advances?
The Republicans have a point about how this is all snowballing just days before they were going to have a vote.
The timing of these allegations is questionable.
The Democrats are just as guilty as Republicans when it comes to playing dirty politics.
Yet, you want to paint all Republicans as sinners and all Democrats as saints.
Logic should tell you it's somewhere in between.

Rational Nation USA said...

Agenda is ALL that is important (tax cuts for the wealthy, Christian theocracy, white supremacy etc.) for the trumper GOP. Truth, morality, ethics, and doing what is right is a DISTANT second.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous: "Why didn't we hear about Dr. Ford months ago when Sen. Feinstein got her letter?"

Because the victim asked her not to up until recently, and then Ford gave consent to Feinstein, that's why.

The accusers are not "popping out of the woodwork," they've found the courage to come forward and ask to be heard before the Goopers give Kavanaugh a lifetime appointment.

Why do people like you believe Kavanaugh and not the victims? Why do people like you doubt women when they say they've been sexually assaulted? Why do you continue to support a president who's been accused by 19+ women of sexual assault and harassment? Why?

Has there been a case where a wealthy prep school kid has gotten away with sexual assault? Google Brock Turner and look at what happened intially in that rape case.

Aren't you curious about who paid off Kavanaugh's gambling debts? Who paid for his extravagant life style?

Nowhere do I paint all Republicans as sinners; only the ones who try to get away with sexual assault -- like your president, who is a moral pig.

Denny Hoffman said...

The Democratic Party Senators on the Judiciary Committee and ALL Democratic Politicians ought to be ashamed of their behavior regarding the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh and the treatment he and his family have been forced to endure

jono said...

Much like the Catholic Church.