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Friday, November 9, 2018

I Love This...

GOP Rep. Karen Handel concedes to Democratic challenger Lucy McBath in the tight Georgia 6th District special election.

It adds another seat takeover for Democrats as they try to pad their projected House majority.

After her teenage son was killed in what has been called a racially motivated attack, mom Lucy McBath felt inspired to make a difference in her community. Now she’ll have an excellent opportunity to do so after being elected to the House of Representatives on Tuesday. 

 On Nov. 23, 2012, McBath’s 17-year-old son, Jordan Davis, was fatally shot while listening to music in an SUV with his friends in Jacksonville, Florida. The shooter, Michael Dunn, claimed he felt threatened when the group refused to turn down their car radio. Dunn, who is now serving a life sentence, was white. Jordan, along with his three unarmed friends, was black.

But I HATE that:

President Unindicted Co-conspirator is responsible for this:

An Arkansas man has been arrested and charged with 18 different counts of making threats aimed at CNN’s Don Lemon, Rep. Maxine Waters, Planned Parenthood, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Michael Avenatti and more. The Baxter County Sheriff’s office picked up 39-year-old Benjamin Craig Matthews of Mountain Home, Arkansas. His charges include five counts of “felony terroristic threats.” 

 More from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette: In one call, according to the affidavit, Matthews asked the CNN switchboard operator, "Could I be directed to DL's dead body hanging from a tree?" 

Another time, Matthews asked if his call could be directed to "pipe bombs for DL." 

 In another call, Matthews spoke of "bloody pictures of DL cut up in small pieces, like the movie Saw," according to the affidavit from Sgt. Brad Hurst with the Baxter County sheriff's office. 

Matthews is facing a slew of charges. Matthews has been charged with five counts of felony terroristic threatening, four counts of misdemeanor terroristic threatening and nine counts of harassing communications, which is a misdemeanor.

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Jerry Critter said...

The Dems continue to pick up House seats. Pre-election prediction had a Huge Blue Wave of 40 house seats. While the Dems will not reach 40, they will get close, which makes it a pretty big blue wave particularly when you take into account all the down state gains that the Dems also picked up!