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Friday, November 9, 2018

The GOP's Clueless Preznit

 Rick Scott Accuses Democrats of Trying to Thwart G.O.P.’s Successful Voter Suppression


"Because of her extensive and successful leadership and administrative skills, Dr. Brenda Snipes was asked by REPUBLICAN Governor JEB BUSH to serve out the term of Supervisor of Elections in Broward County. She began this appointment on November 20, 2003. She was re-elected for a four-term in November 2004, 2008, 2012, and again in 2016. Not a Liberal and appointed by a Republican." --Lee Arnold


YAHOO NEWS:  "TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Republican Gov. Rick Scott has alleged — without citing evidence — that elections officials in South Florida are trying to "steal" the election for Democrats as razor-thin margins raise the specter of recounts and court battles in the state's races for Senate and governor. 

 In the governor's race, Democrat Andrew Gillum's campaign said Thursday it's readying for a possible recount. The race has tightened since he conceded to Republican Ron DeSantis on Tuesday night. As of Thursday afternoon, DeSantis led Gillum by 0.47 percentage point. 

 Meanwhile, Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson has begun preparing for a potential recount in a race still too close to call against Scott, who is leaving the governor's seat because of term limits. Nelson's lawyer called that race a "jump ball." Scott's campaign urged Nelson to concede. Scott held a 0.21 percentage lead over Nelson on Thursday afternoon. 

 Florida's is a perennial swing state, and many of its elections have been decided by the thinnest of margins since 2000, when Florida decided the presidency by 537 votes in a contest that took more than five weeks to sort out. Still, the state has never seen so many dead heats in one year. And like 2000, the counting process is becoming contentious."


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