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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Trump's Concentration Camp Systems. Ocasio-Cortez is Correct.

I've read and heard the criticism against A. Ocasio-Cortez for referring the the camps at the southern border for children as "concentration camps." I've also read Andrea Pitzer, an expert who's written about concentration camps, and she asserts, from her research and studies of such mass incarcerations, that what is going on at the border is, indeed, a concentration camp system.

The Holocaust was an extreme concentration camp system, and what is going on at our southern border, while not as extreme or as deadly, is, by Ms. Pitzer's informed research, a SYSTEM of concentration camps.

To deny or say otherwise is to turn a blind eye to the abuse and even in some cases torture and death of babies and children -- living, breathing babies and children -- at these camps.

A blistering shame on America and the Trump administration.

"On Monday, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referred to US border detention facilities as “concentration camps,” spurring a backlash in which critics accused her of demeaning the memory of those who died in the Holocaust. Debates raged over a label for what is happening along the southern border and grew louder as the week rolled on. But even this back-and-forth over naming the camps has been a recurrent feature in the mass detention of civilians ever since its inception, a history that long predates the Holocaust.

 At the heart of such policy is a question: What does a country owe desperate people whom it does not consider to be its citizens? The twentieth century posed this question to the world just as the shadow of global conflict threatened for the second time in less than three decades. The dominant response was silence, and the doctrine of absolute national sovereignty meant that what a state did to people under its control, within its borders, was nobody else’s business. After the harrowing toll of the Holocaust with the murder of millions, the world revisited its answer, deciding that perhaps something was owed to those in mortal danger.

From the Fourth Geneva Convention protecting civilians in 1949 to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, the international community established humanitarian obligations toward the most vulnerable that apply, at least in theory, to all nations."


"So far, American citizens have gotten only glimpses of the conditions in the border camps that have been opened in their name. In the month of May, Customs and Border Protection reported a total of 132,887 migrants who were apprehended or turned themselves in between ports of entry along the southwest border, an increase of 34 percent from April alone. Upon apprehension, these migrants are temporarily detained by Border Patrol, and once their claims are processed, they are either released or handed over to ICE for longer-term detention. Yet Border Patrol itself is currently holding about 15,000 people, nearly four times what government officials consider to be this enforcement arm’s detention capacity. 

 On June 12, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that Fort Sill, an Army post that hosted a World War II internment camp for detainees of Japanese descent, will now be repurposed to detain migrant children. In total, HHS reports that it is currently holding some 12,000 minors. Current law limits detention of minors to twenty days, though Senator Lindsey Graham has proposed expanding the court-ordered limit to 100 days. Since the post is on federal land, it will be exempt from state child welfare inspections."


Until we , I really don't care about , do u?

7 year olds, caked w/snot and tears, care for infants they’ve just met. Toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. Teen mothers' clothes are stained with breast milk. 

Start here👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

And for those who agonize over the aborting of a zygote, which has no developed heart or brain, here is a living, breathing 2 year old who died in Trump's concentration camp system. What are you going to do about it?

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Michael K. said...

You monsters, including the president and vice president, have been explaining to me that the horrific conditions in the migrant concentration camps are the fault of congressional Democrats for not providing sufficient funding, so let’s get this precisely straight.

Congress has legislatively capped the number of migrants ICE can legally hold and they have funded the department accordingly. They’ve done this purposefully, as per their constitutionally defined powers.

Trump is under no legal requirement to detain the people he’s imprisoned under those conditions. In fact, Congress has directed exactly the opposite. He could, and should, be scheduling a court date and releasing them into the community to be with their friends and families, monitoring as required. As Congress has mandated.

But he’s not releasing them, he’s keeping them, in unsafe, sometimes deadly conditions, in order to pressure Congress.

When you Trump people endorse the present regime of migrant detention, you are baldly, openly, proclaiming your endorsement for literally abusing and torturing children in order to pressure congress into enacting your policy goals.

That is what you’re doing. That is a simple, straightforward, transparent, account of what the president is doing and what you are supporting. There is no other way to describe what’s happening. It’s not confusing or complex, you are nakedly doing just this. You know it’s happening, you want it to happen.

You are explicitly willing to abuse, torture, and kill children in service to your politics.

You are monsters now.

Opinionated and Right said...

Shaw, for you to write the CRAP that you did above, you should be BANISHED from these blogs, and in fact you should be sent to small island somewhere in Africa at least a few hundred miles offshore to ive out the remainder of your miserable days. With the only contract from other humans being Packages of Dog food dropped in by Helicopters once a month. And that’s all.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To OaR,

FYI. I prefer IAMs to Alpo.

Anonymous said...

In Trump's America, $750 dollars a day is spent on each and every child stolen from their parents all in the name of border security. Putting children in cages, no showers, no grooming. Every adult that puts up with this should be stripped naked and whipped with hickory stick. Consenting republicans have gone mad...

Anonymous said...

To Opinionated and Right:
I'll put it like this:
Would you want your children, son, daughter, wife or other
loved one detained in a place as has been described above?

Would you?
Your answer is either yes, or no.

If no, it describes your compassion.

If yes, then you would have aided the Nazis,
had you been in that situation, and even now
as Your Dear Leader entices...
your closely held hate leads you astray.
You follow, blindly...willingly..
to that Dark Place.
..rey chouchant...

Anonymous said...

One more thing:
Under Bush, the US engaged in waterboarding and torture.

Under Trump, the US engaged in concentration camps for Children.
6 children have died while in ICE custody during Trump regime,
versus none during the prior administration.

After a period of time, a pattern begins to emerge...

Ray Cranston said...

There's a deafening silence on the rightwing bloggers. None of the usual rabies blogs are saying a word about the kids in Trump camps at the southern boarder. Not one. They just recycle old Obama complaints or trash Hillary or post blast rightwing emails thaat have no links or backups. Just jive talk about what they hate.

Those people on those blogs are the first to blab about how important Jesus is in their lives and how holy they are.

Can you imagine Jesus approving of children being torn from their parents and kept in camps with no soap, no toothpaste, and sleeping on a concrete floor?

The Trumpers will pay for this at the next election.

Rational Nation USA said...

So much for the right turds vaunted right to free speech eh OaR?

What a flaming hypocrite you are.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN "Opinionated and Right" is an escapee from the WYD asylum of weirdos and dead-enders. Also note that his/her identity is hidden, like most of the weirdos and dead-enders who post there.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, Don't look to those rightwing blogs for moral courage. They have none.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Anonymous" @3:30 and 3:38 PM

Opinionated and Right hs been marinated in hate and disinformation. Anything it says has to be understood by knowing O.a.R. is a Trumper, therefore, truth is alien to it.

Ducky's here said...

$750 a day per detainee. Bet the figure is higher.

When Wayfair employees question being part of that profiteering they are immediately ridiculed by the right for not wanting to facilitate the family separation policy or profit from it.
The policy is okay with the right as long as the concentration camps have a veneer of civility.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky "The policy is okay with the right as long as the concentration camps have a veneer of civility."

I read that, too. The Mother Ship has no clue as to why decent Americans want no part of putting babies and children in camps after having been ripped away from their parents. Those folks are blinded by allegiance to a very sick and indecent president. They either refuse or cannot see the evil in what he's done.

That so many Americans are like those folks shakes me to the very core of my being.

So Sad said...

During the first ten minutes of the Dem Debate last night, I heard Beto O’Rourke answer a question in Spanish, lengthily, then quickly ‘translate’ into English, I knew I couldn’t watch anymore. What I felt like doing was running back to the America I know and love.Then I remembered it wasn’t there anymore. This is what people do today.

The America I remember doesn't include Latinos and Latinas who live and work here and who have always been a part of the US even before the western expansion and the states that became part of America.

I miss those days when we white people believed we were the only people who mattered, and I'm so depressed to see the inclusion of those Spanish speaking Americans in our debates.

I miss White America and America only for whites speaking English!

Shaw Kenawe said...

So Sad, I'm sorry to hear you were so disturbed by the Democratic candidates being inclusive and reaching out to our Latina and Latino Americans whose family members may not speak fluent English.

My family are Italian immigrants, and both grandmothers who lived here for 50+ years never really spoke English well. Perhaps that was because they were so busy raising their huge families and working. Plus, there were no English classes available to them. They learned their little English through the children they were raising in America.

I'm sorry your world is so narrow and fearful that you believe it is a threat to you and your culture to hear people speaking a foreign language.

Many of us do not share your fears and anxiety. We welcome the inclusion of our Spanish speaking fellow Americans and believe that this is what America always was" A welcoming, inclusive country, not afraid of foreign languages.

skudrunner said...

It is not humane to keep people who enter the country illegally in unfit detention centers. Why is it that Big Nancy will not bring funding to a vote to supply better conditions for those detained. The democrats will not give Trump a victory no mater what.

All I heard on the debates was how poor conditions were but no solutions. They all want to raise taxes and increase give-a-ways. There were no answers to the problems and zero ideas about how to make America great for Everyone. They have taken a page from the Obama playbook, special interest politics.

Anonymous said...

@ Mista Anoymounse:
This is about the documented conditions that immigrating children seeking asylum are suffering in.
You're talking about Dan Washburn.

Deflect Much?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, you were obviously not watching the Democratic debate because everyone who did see it heard many proposals and solutions to many of our problems we suffer from under the Trump administration. You just decided to come here and pretend nothing was put forward by any Democrate which, like what the head of the Republican Party says on a daily basis, is a LIE.

Anonymous said...

Robert Francis O’Rouke (aka in politics only as “Beto”) is a fraud in the pockets of ActBlue (75% of his funding in the run against Ted Cruz) whose entire political career has been based upon his attempts to pass himself off as Hispanic. He has an arrest record including burglary and DWI

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, We differ in our belief on solving problems. You seem to believe raising taxes and throwing money at a problem is a solution.
Since congress is great at spending taxpayers money why does Big Nancy not put border funding to a vote? That would help the people entering illegally which is something the democrats want to do.