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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trump's Concentration Camps for Children

To all the TrumpCultists who come here every day and read my blog:

This is on you. You support this.

Lawyers who visited a migrant detention center in McAllen, Texas, forced Border Patrol to hospitalize four toddlers who were severely ill and not receiving medical attention, HuffPost reported. All of the children hospitalized were under the age of three and, according to the lawyers, were exhibiting symptoms of fever, cough, vomiting and diarrhea. They all had mothers or guardians who were in their teens. 

One two-year-old was so ill, their eyes had rolled back in their head and they were “completely unresponsive,” Florida attorney Toby Gialluca told HuffPost. Some of the children had been refusing food or drink.

The TrumpCultists don't like to hear this. Too bad. 

They will contnue to hear what Trumpublicans are doing to living, breathing, innocent children.

No soap, no toothpaste, and beds on a cold concrete floor.

The same people who scream about taking a zygote, that has no heart or brain, out of a uterus, ignor living, breathing, suffering children.

4-month old babies are taken away from their mothers.

That's what Trump has done to America.

Under Trump, America is NOT an exceptional country. Exceptional countries don't cage babies and children after taking them away from their parents. 

It's difficult to believe, but TrumpCultists justify this crime against humanity.

Let them live with the consequences of that choice.

‘There Is a Stench’: No Soap and Overcrowding in Detention Centers for Migrant Children

A chaotic scene of sickness and filth is unfolding in an overcrowded border station in Clint, Tex., where hundreds of young people who have recently crossed the border are being held, according to lawyers who visited the facility this week. 

Some of the children have been there for nearly a month. Children as young as 7 and 8, many of them wearing clothes caked with snot and tears, are caring for infants they’ve just met, the lawyers said. Toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. 

Teenage mothers are wearing clothes stained with breast milk. Most of the young detainees have not been able to shower or wash their clothes since they arrived at the facility, those who visited said. 

They have no access to toothbrushes, toothpaste or soap.

I’m a Jewish historian. Yes, we should call border detention centers “concentration camps.”

It isn’t just accurate. It’s necessary.


skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, I do agree that children should get care but your choice of words in incorrect. They are illegal's not migrants.
We should take care of all those who enter the country illegally but we should ignore our veterans who need help and allow our cities to be occupied by street residents and provide them no help. Somehow things to be turned around, We have Veterans Day and LGBT Pride Month. Seems to be a little off.

This One said...

LGBT Pride Month is MORE Important to our country

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner, people who studied the Holocaust and concentration camps agree that what Trump is running are concentration camps for children. See my post above.

"This One" We're supposed to be the greatest country on the planet. I think we can manage to acknowledge LGBT Pride Month AND deal with the crisis at the border at the same time.

Dave Miller said...

Skud, they are not illegal. They are ppl asking for asylum, it's a different class of immigrant.

Why is this so hard for people to understand?