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Thursday, September 26, 2019


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Trump thinks whistleblowers are "spies," and that in the old days, spies were put to death.

IOW, he suggested the whistleblower should be killed by the state.

This is EXACTLY how a dictator behaves.

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Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump was heard to say in a private meeting that whistleblower is a spy and in the old days they knew how to take care of spies.

Trump is suggesting that whistleblowers be killed.

That's the GOP's president, not mine.

Infidel753 said...

"Old days", bah. It's the mentality of the Mafia, in which a person who appropriately and courageously informs the proper authorities of crimes being committed is considered a "snitch" and often murdered.

We have laws specifically to protect whistleblowers. It still took a lot of guts for this guy to come forward, considering the criminality involved included the Godfather himself.

bluzdude said...

Republicans are out there hyping a case about the Bidens where there is zero proof while downplaying their president's treasonous acts, of which there is a load of proof. (Including self-admitted.)

Loads of irony...

Dave Miller said...

I said in 1998 that I thought President Clinton should resign because he sullied the image of the US across the world.

As I look at the Trump Presidency, I see that same thing happening. Our president is not respected around the world, a trait Republicans used to desire in a president. He operates outside the norms of past presidents, and that's okay, to some extant. But this president is far outside those lines, seems to recoil at advice that differs from his deeply held beliefs and rejects counsel.

Any number of people in his admin probably said his call to Ukraine was wrong and would backfire. Certainly his criticism of our strongest allies in the world, the Europeans, was not received favorably by many in the White House and even the feckless GOP lead Senate.

Should President Trump be removed by impeachment?

Much as I would like to lean into a huge yes, the fact remains that absent almost 20 GOP Senators stepping up, it won't happen.

My greatest wish would be for him to hear from members in his own party that the damage he is causing, while not rising to the level of impeachment, is going to hurt America in the eyes of the world for generations. And that hearing that, he would resign. Giving us an end to his most nightmarish policies and maybe, jumpstarting another era of bi-partisanship for the good of the country.

Sadly, I know that won't happen. Trump, like Clinton before him, is a narcissist at a far deeper level that Nixon ever was. As such, he too is unable or unwilling to serve America in resignation like Nixon did.

Anonymous said...

Stop me, Shaw, if you've heard this before:
A separate computer server, with sensitive/SECRET emails on there?
Outside of the regular computer systems officials are supposed to have and use?
and...emails from FOREIGN POWERS on that secret server?

I wait now, and I am listening for the howls of righteous indignation
and moral outrage from Republicans from such a discovery..
After all, if Hillary did it, then it MUST be wrong, correct?

hmm....all I'm hearing is crickets in the distance.....

Off..(or on topic) Massacre Moscow Mitch must be impeached, at the same time
as his master. Why waste time?
As far as judges go, start with Kavanaugh, and work your way downwards
because any judge that would try to explain immigration laws to a
4-5 year old in open court, with no representation, is a judge that does
NOT DESERVE to be on the bench.
Get rid of him, and GET RID of the people that put him there.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh Anonymous, that's a long list and surprisingly not one democrats on it.

Anonymous said...

The Irony is Strong with this one......

Dave Miller said...

The conservatives, especially the rabid blogging class are incredible in their obfuscation.

Now we have transcripts of presidential meetings, which are protected by law and expected to be archived under the Presidential Records Act, that are being housed on a different server than "normal" under Trump Admin guidelines.

One would wonder why, except now we know.

As has already been reported and confirmed, essentially by Israel, one day after Pres Trump fired FBI Director Comey, in his meeting with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov he divulged top secret information that compromised an Israeli spy.

But apparently there's more...

According to a now uncovered transcript of that meeting, the WALO is reporting that "Pres" Trump also told the Russians he was unconcerned about their meddling in our 2016 elections. And that it was okay because we've done in other countries as well.

Again, for the millionth time, let's ask this... if this had been Pres Obama?

And then, let's ask another question... if the statement that is being reported is true, is that enough to remove Trump from office?

Or, let's put it another way... after it was found out that "Pres" Trump asked for foreign help in harming an opponent in a US presidential election, would it be grounds for removing him if he also told Russia he didn't care about their meddling in our elections?

Yeah, I know Shaw, we'll be asking these questions til the cows come home, but you'd think something might trigger these folks. Maybe Trump really could shoot somebody in the middle of Manhattan and no one in his base would care.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The dam is beginning to break. Will the Vichy GOP get on board in support of the rule of law and the US Constitution or will it continue to support the lawless president and his lawless aides?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I occasionally read the far right bloggers to see what Trump's supporters are thinking and saying about the recent events. From what I've read, they will NOT abandon Trump, even though we have proof of his betraying America and his oath of office. They're that far gone.

One argument I've read in several right wing news sites and blogs is that Adam Schiff "lied" during the hearing when he read what trump did. But they deliberately leave out the very cogent FACT that Schiff prefaced his reading by saying "in essence" this is what Trump said.

I think it was unwise of Schiff to do what he did, because it gave the Trumpers something to gnaw on and pretend was illegal. What Schiff did was unwise because it confused less attentive people -- those who did not pay attention to his qualifying statement, "in essence," but not illegal, and it definitely was not a lie. But as you will read on the Trumper blogs and news sites, they don't care. They have never cared about the truth that is in front of their noses.

As you and I have said again and again, if Obama did one tenth of what Trump has done, the right wing bloggers would be choking on their screams for impeachment.

They continue to put a party above the law and America.

Anonymous said...

Here's a hint to your question....94% of voting republicans fully support Donald Trump....hard to believe,isn't it