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Friday, September 20, 2019

More Corruption and Gawd Knows What Else Involving Trump and the Ukraine

Trump holding US taxpayers money unless they investigate Biden .... that’s called bribery and extortion!

Will the criminality never end?

Only when this corrupt and anti-Constitutional POTUS is kicked out of office.

Holeee Shiiite!

Trump Pressed Ukraine’s Leader as Giuliani Pushed for Biden Inquiry 

WASHINGTON — President Trump repeatedly pressed the Ukrainian president in a phone call to talk with his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, who had been urging the government in Kiev for months to investigate former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his family, according to people briefed on the call. 

 Mr. Trump’s request for a Ukrainian investigation of Mr. Biden, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, is part of the secret whistle-blower complaint that is said to be about Mr. Trump and at least in part about his dealings with Ukraine, according to two people familiar with the matter. 

 The new revelations add to new scrutiny about Mr. Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainian government. He has made no secret that he wanted Kiev to investigate the Bidens, repeatedly raising it publicly. But questions have emerged about whether Mr. Trump’s push for an inquiry into the Bidens was behind a weekslong White House hold on military aid for Ukraine. The United States suspended the military aid to Ukraine in early July, according to a former American official.


Ray said...

Here's what the Trumpers have to say about Trump's criminality in the Ukraine affaire:

"I am THRILLED to read most of that link because IT IS EXACTLY what I’d thought… A President can DO WHAT HE WANTS in this regard! Nice to read that…thanks!"

The idiot Trumpers see nothing wrong with the POTUS asking a foreign government to interfere in our coming elections and extorting said foreign country to do his bidding. The person who feels fine with this and her cultist friends are idiots who don't understand what the Founding Fathers feared most. It was a criminal like Trump.

Trump shook down a foreign leader for his own personal political gain.

The Trumpers don't see the evil and harm to America in this criminal action.They're in love with Evil.

Rational Nation USA said...

Why is it those GOP politicians who trot out Family Values, god, and country at every opportunity are among the most corrupt?

That's the way it looks to me anyway.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, the "family values" Goopers don't really believe in those values. They only believe in "sticking it to the libtards." They actually have no values.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Bourgeois Elitist) said...

Dotard will go down in the history books as the most corrupt president in US history. This time we ABSOLUTELY HAVE to make an exception to the established rule that ex presidents are not prosecuted for crimes committed in office. That a president is as above the law as Dotard seems to be - that would be a very dangerous precedent. There MUST be serious consequences for Dotard's lawlessness.

R.D. said...

When was the last time a President was the subject of a confidential whistle-blower complaint about disclosing national security issues. Probably never. If this allegation can come this far above the surface of the typical Washington back stabbing norm, there has to be something there! The funny part is, that what ever Trump is accused of doing, we'all know he did it and his base could care less. There are no norms any more.

What a mess, and deservedly so for this abomination of a president.

Clearwater, Florida said...

This is an attempt by Donald Trump to blackmail another country using U.S. aid and to the purpose of furthering the political hopes of one Donald Trump. This also is a willful disregard of the Constitution's first branch of government - Congress - which had approved that aid and its distribution to the Ukraine. This also is a stark coverup by the president and his staff and Cabinet officers.

A president's attempting international blackmail for private gain, subverting the powers of Congress mandated in the Constitution, and covering up a criminal offense are impeachable, in my opinion.

I realize impeachment does not happen tomorrow. Starting now, however, the House needs to run a purposed, forceful, all-out investigation, compiling as many facts and as much testimony as possible. Further attempts by the president at blocking this investigation might be initially successful but are by themselves stark proof of all three charges laid out above.

Should any justice of the Supreme Court attempt to block Congress from carrying out its duty to impeach, said justice needs to be charged with treason by Congress, arrested by Congress and put in jail by Congress until an impeachment trial by Congress can be held for that justice.

Anonymous said...

For all who said "No Collusion," what do you say now that Giuliani admitted to trying to collude with the Ukraine to smear Biden?

Rational Nation USA said...

Well, consider the following as musings of a trumptard con:

It is not collusion. It is the righteous effort to root out the corruption and moral depravity of Vive President Biden and the democratic party. Especially the party under the leadership of that ex "president" from Kenya.

Both Trump and Guiliani were only doing their patriotic duty in the interest of We the People. We should all be grateful and applaud their efforts to root out corruption and and hold criminals accountable.

BS? Absolutely. But given what is out there on right wing and trumper sites it kinda sums up their convoluted mentality.

Anonymous said...

Dervish, you said the same thing about W.