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Monday, May 10, 2021

So the Anti-Democratic GQP are set to get rid of Rep. Liz Cheney?

Rep. Liz Cheney voted with Trump over 92.9% of the time he was in office.

Rep. Elise Stefanik  voted 77.7% with Trump

Let's look at Cheney vs. Stefanik on their voting records:

"She [Stefanik] voted against Trump’s singular legislative achievement — his 2017 tax reform bill — and against making his tax cuts permanent. She voted to block Trump from withdrawing from the Paris climate accords. She voted to condemn Trump for calling on the courts to invalidate the Affordable Care Act. She voted to overturn Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border so he could fund the border wall, and then voted to override Trump’s veto of a bill that reversed his emergency declaration. Trump calls Cheney a “warmongering fool” who wants to “fight ridiculous, endless wars,” but Stefanik voted with Cheney to oppose Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria." 


"Stefanik voted to certify the election results in Arizona (though not Pennsylvania)." --Marc Thiessen

Is Stefanik more conservative than Cheney? 

No, Cheney has an 80 percent lifetime rating with Heritage Action for America compared with a 48 percent rating for Stefanik.

So what's going on? We can see that Cheney is more conservative than Stefanik. What's the difference here?

Trump values loyalty to himself rather than to conservative ideals, and Stefanik has shown herself to be be less of a supporter of Trump's policies, but a supporter of TRUMP HIMSELF, which to him is far more important.

It is what a cult of personality leader wants and demands from his followers. It's about him:  Trump the malignant narcissist:

"This is not about ideology or public policy. It’s not even loyalty to Trumpism. It’s about loyalty to Trump. And even though Cheney supported Trump’s agenda in Congress, she must be purged because she supported impeachment and the certification of the election — and refuses to apologize for it." --Marc Thiessen


"One anonymous GOP House member told the Hill, “This isn’t about Liz Cheney wanting to impeach Donald Trump; this isn’t about Donald Trump at all. It’s about Liz Cheney being completely out of synch with the majority of our conference.” But it is Stefanik who is out of sync with the majority of the Republican conference on the issues. Cheney is being ousted by her Republican colleagues, and replaced by someone who opposed much of Trump’s agenda, for one reason and one reason only: because she is not sufficiently obeisant to the former president."--Marc Thiessen


Trump  cared no more about the pandemic nor national security than he did about tax reform or environmental regulation. 

Trump who puts loyalty to himself over the good of the Republican Party is the same Trump who put Putin's flattery over the good of the country. 

Trump who called up Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to demand that he "find" 11,780 votes is the same Trump who called Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to coerce him into smearing political rival Joe Biden. 

The Big Lie that the election was stolen from him is just one more falsehood on top of the 30,000 false and misleading statements he has made since his administration began. 

The "leadership" he is showing now from Mar-a-Lago is the "leadership" he showed his entire term. Trump didn't become the mendacious narcissist he is when he lost the election. 

The Trump who demands loyalty to himself over loyalty to our Constitution and rule of law has been in front of our eyes for the past four years.


Rational Nation USA said...

Hypocrisy and lack of consistenc now defines the current GOP (GQP). They now, as a party, have absolutely zero core values that rise above greed and dishonesty.

Ray said...

I have been trying to figure out if the nation today is more like America 1860 or Germany in the early 1930s. It's neither, it's like Germany 1923. Stupid January 2021 Insurrection is the Beer Hall putsch. The madness, suspension of belief in reality, the vileness of both events are metastasizing.

It did not end when Biden was sworn to office, merely paused. The profusion of trump banners today in rural areas is solid testimony that these people reject constitutional democracy and want a dictator, with elections just for window dressing. This is no time to let our guard down, think it's over, that the nation is returning to normal.

Now is the time to pony up donations to candidates who will stop the trump sociopaths still in offic, to protect and file lawsuits over anti voting laws, and to keep denouncing the Big Lie.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, Ray

Lindsey Graham said something to the effect: Republicans win because we have policies; Democrats win because they cheat."

“Either we win or it’s fraud,” is the slow poison that will lay our democracy low, and it’s the central thesis of the MAGAcult. It has become a supposition of the GOP mainstream, and that is horrifying.

Lauren said...

A veterans’ motorcycle rally will not take place at the Pentagon on May 30, 2021, because the Pentagon denied a parking permit request from organizers of the Rolling to Remember rally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staging the rally there has been part of a 32-year tradition.

Jerry said...

The Republican party has become what Republican party voters and Republican party leaders have made it. NO, it's not what we might remember the Republican party was 50 years ago, but then the Democratic party is not the same party it was 50 years ago. It's sad to realize that my fellow Americans want an anti-democratic party and its anti-American values, but that's our reality. Even worse, Republicans have been winning elections and majorities with their garbage for decades.
I don't care what happens to Liz Chemey. I always disliked her politics and I hated her father. If Republicans want to eat their own young, go ahead. Hopefully that kind of behavior will quicken the end of the Republican party.

Rational Nation USA said...

It is idiots like those destroying the republicn party in the name of authoritarianism, fealty to a fascist demagogue (trump), and conspiracies that only a deluded fool would believe that will lay America low.

It is also a reasons good decent true Americans will go to the black market to purchase firearms to defend themselves against the assholes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lauren, we're still dealing with a pandemic. Whomever made that call made it for good reasons. The "Rolling to Remember" can be held next year. Many traditional sports, observances, and other gatherings had the same fate because of the COVID. We need to be adults and understand why some of us have to make a small sacrifice for the good of many.

It's not the end of the world.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry and RN,

The ADGQP is increasingly becoming an authoritarian mob. Fealty to an anti-democracy tyrant and not to America is what the former Republican Party is about. Anyone who does not adhere to Trump's BIG LIE is kicked to the curb.

The Anti-Democracy Grand Qanon Party is now ONLY about worshipping a malignant narcissist so that his base will continue to support the cowards who refuse to break loose from his hold on them. Despicable cowards.

Jerry said...

I fear what the people will vote for and put in office.
I don't connect why law abiding citizens would buy guns on the black market when they can legally buy guns anywhere.

Paula said...

Republicans are in love with a guy who lost the popular vote twice by a cumulative 10 million votes, lost his re-election, lost both houses of Congress, told 30,000 lies while in office, allowed a half million Americans die from Covid-19, and managed to get impeached twice in one term.

Bluebullamerica said...

The GOPQ just continues on it's relentless path to obscurity. Long may it continue...

Dave Miller said...

Today and tomorrow will be interesting for the GOP.

Look, as libs, progressives, Dems or whatever, let's not get all googly eyed over Liz Cheney. She's like Mike Pence... a Trump believer without the baggage. There really is no difference policy wise between Cheney, Pence and Trump except for delivery.

All of them support the limiting of voting rights across the US, the revel in owning the libs, don't believe in equal treatment for gay people, didn't support Biden's Covid relief bill, don't support improvements in infrastructure or any limited gun control.

The left errs in the defense of Cheney. Just because she can't stand Trump does not mean her policies will be any different.

It's the entire party that must be defeated at this point.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I absolutely know who Liz Cheney is and what she stands for.

I wanted to document how the Trumpers CANCEL anyone who doesn't repeat Trump's BIG LIE.

I don't admire Cheney's politics at all, but I am astounded at how the Trumpublicans are fine with ousting a rock-solid conservative who refuses to lie about the 2020 election.

Stefanik is far, far more liberal and anti-Trump -- or was--- than Cheney, but for some reason she recognized that jumping on the Trump LIE wagon would put her in good favor with him and his cultists.

And so here we see that being loyal to Conservative ideals gains a conservative nothing unless he/she is willing to kiss Trump's butt!

Rational Nation USA said...

When a party has no core values, embraces hypocrisy and lies, and shrugs its shoulders at their president's sedition and insurrection you know that not only the party but America and her democratic principles are at grave risk. That is what the Trumpublican Party has brought to America. Fascism on our very shores.

Ray Cranston said...

Liz Cheney has all of a sudden found God and truth with the attempted electoral coup on Jan. 6. Well that is really great. But are we supposed to forget her coal shoveling for the trump train’s boiler over the last 4+ years leading up to this point? I find it difficult, if not impossible to forgive her empowerment, even as she desperately tries to save a Party that has repeatedly made it crystal clear they are unworthy of saving.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy punishes Cheney for speaking truth to power but gives free reign to Greene and Gaetz. Did Kevin have his moral compass surgically removed? Oh, wait, he's a Trumpublican. They have no morals. They've been supporting a guy who tried to get his vp killed!

Dave Miller said...

Oh Shaw...

We can spend all day talking about the double speak hypocritical stances of not just the GOP politicians, but the chattering blog classes as well. Their sweeping inability to see themselves and maybe offer up a little self examination is beyond reason.

Even as poll after poll shows approval for Biden above 55%, they're still convinced the majority of Americans are with the Insurrection Party, Lying, No Party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, the current ADGQP does have values. Those values consist of fealty to a liar, cheat, and fraud. It's difficult to believe.

Paula, Yes. The current Trumpublican party is in love with a LOSER!

Bluebullamerica I agree. I remember a quote by Democratic operative, James Carville: "When your political opponent is drowning in a pool, throw him an effing anvil!" Let the Trumpublicans drown in Trumpism.

RayWe haven't forgotten who Liz Cheney is and what she stands for. But we also need to acknowledge her efforts to keep the current GQP focused on reality. It's a noble but losing cause.

Anonymous, The ADGQP lost its moral authority on ANYTHING once it decided that Donald Trump was a great representative for their Republican moral values.

Dave, Unfortunately, the Trumpublicans on the Mother Ship and elsewhere have no understanding of their double standards. As I've said here before if it wasn't for their double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Liz Cheney has reached that point in her life where everywhere she turns is a place she doesn’t want to be. She isn’t up against the Big Lie of Donald Trump. She’s up against the Big Lie of her own party. When it comes to politics, she has become stateless.

Standing up to Donald Trump doesn’t make her “one of us,” of course. She opposed gay rights and marriage equality right down the line, even though her own sister is a lesbian. She’s got a zero percent rating from Planned Parenthood. She pretty much voted for the whole Trump agenda (if there could be said to be such a thing) right up until he attempted to overturn the election and make himself President for Life."
--Lucian Truscott, Substack

skudrunner said...

But Ms Shaw, I thought if you had a your shots you could gather outside and if inside you still needed to wear a mask, at least that was the rule this morning but I am sure it changed because flip flop fauci. Joey almost lost it the other day because he couldn't find his mask prior to leaving the podium alone. Good thing he found it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud This post is not about mask-wearing.

Dr. Fauci is a well-respected infectious disease scientist. If you understand anything about science, you would know that as new information is discovered, protocols to prevent diseases change to accommodate what that information tells the researchers and scientists.

I accept what Dr. Fauci tells us about this pandemic rather than what Trump told us: Injecting disinfectant would get rid of it; that it would be gone by last Easter of 2020; that it is a "Democrat" hoax.

So you come here and trash a man who's spent his life in learning about infectious disease; who is respected by people who understand how science works; and who doesn't call learning new information "flip-flopping."

My late husband was a graduate in physics from MIT. He would have no patience with people who know so little about how science works, but who eagerly embrace hocus-pocus ideas out of ignorance of science.

President Biden didn't "almost lose" anything. I suggest people who call a knowledgeable, experienced and respected infectious disease expert a "jerk," as your pals at the Mother Ship do, those are the ones who may be suffering from some deterioration of their mental processes.

All states that overwhelmingly went for Trump in 2020 rank at the BOTTOM of vaccine injections -- Massachusetts ranks second in getting people vaccined.

How the hell do those folks in those states think polio, measels, small pox, etc. were eradicated? Through injecting bleach?

As for the Trumpers' moronic anti-masks crusade, because FREEDUMB! goes, I'd ask if any of them ever had to have surgery, and if they did, why do they suppose that EVERYONE in the OR had their face covered with a mask?

Do the anti-maskers EVER use logic for anything, ever????

R.D. said...

The "mainstream" Republican Party, which had a chance to extricate itself from Trump's black hole of failure post-election, has firmly and definitively thrown itself over the event horizon. The "mainstream" Republican Party has chosen to become the party of lawlessness and anti-democracy; the party that believes no election they lose can possibly be legitimate. They are the party of un-American values, and have firmly positioned themselves alongside the likes of dictators like Putin, Erdogan, and Xi.

Shaw Kenawe said...


This is a perfect description of where the ADGQP (Anti-Democratic Grand Qanon Party) is today:

"the 'you lost, get over it' crowd from 2016 has pouted like babies, refused to vote to certify, tried to throw a coup, lied about voter fraud, trampled voting rights, filed bogus lawsuits, held sham audits and purged party leadership, because they lost and they can't get over it." --J.T.

Anonymous said...

Small minded Trumpers still talking about Joe wearing/not wearing mask? It's evidence that they're pissed about how well Joe is doing!

Bluebullamerica said...

Poor poor Skidmark, reduced to talking about President Biden and a facemask. He's no longer even worthy of scorn and derision, just abject pity.