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Tuesday, July 27, 2021




 ‘You will die on your knees’: D.C. officer recalls being pinned. 

Capitol Police officer castigates Trump for saying his supporters were ‘a loving crowd’

Here's that s.o.b. Trump's "loving crowd."

This testimony is why Trump and his cultists didn't want an investigation into that shameful day when Trump's armed thugs tried to overturn democracy!


Trump is not happy': 

CNN reporter says watching Capitol cops trash former president was 'devastating' for him the former president must have been particularly angry that he didn't even have longtime ally Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to make a scene while defending him. 

 "Donald Trump is not happy," she said. "What happened today is what he didn't want to happen. He did not want any committee, and to your point, he didn't have Jim Jordan or any other allies there fighting back or pushing back." 

 She also said it must have stung for Trump watching uniformed Capitol police officers trash him and his political movement."


Ray said...

TRUMPER: "WOW, this hearing is pulling out ALL the stops..

One cop just asked for a moment of silence before he begins…to remember the cop who died.
Have they decided how he died? There was question about that."

Pay attention to what these traitors are saying about the testimonies!

Ray Cranston said...

TRUMPER making fun of what the Capitol police went through:

"Oh MY! One ‘terrorist’ was ‘foaming at the mouth” according to a cop who was being attacked.

One cop suggests he was afraid of being lynched….wowza!"

PS. Who the hell says "wowza?" My great-grandmother used it once.

Ray Cranston said...

Yep. They're now without ANY EVIDENCE questioning the testimonies of the Capitol policemen!

TRUMPER: "THOSE COPS TESTIFYING are not reading their own words. One man, a Sgt Gonell, had a very thick accent and stumbled over his ‘testimony’ ….he clearly had not written it. It sounded like Pelosi had. All the police testifying were clearly scared witless……..quoting the crowd’s awful taunts and threats….”you will die on your knees!” .”we were called storm troopers” “traitors” It was quite scary for these guys.. Some of the people attacking were pretty awful.

It’s all made to make ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS FEEL AWFUL…..and they’re doing a good job."

This Trumper writes this trash because SHE and her fellow traitors cannot handle the truth, so they make out the truth tellers to be liars!

Ray said...

TRUMPER: "I PROMISE YOU FOLKS HERE TODAY: THE COPS READING THEIR TESTIMONIES DID NOT WRITE THESE…you can hear it in the language, in the structure of the text….this is Harvard/Yale stuff….I’m not saying these guys are dumb, NO WAY, but no way did they write these."

Very "Soviet Era" of this person to question the truth of these brave men's testimonies. She can't believe any of it because she's a Fox News watcher and has been lied to for decades!

She and her followers are the reason we're in such deep sh*t!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray Thanks for giving us a look into how the Trumpers are reacting to these testimonies.

Those folks wouldn't know the truth if it sat on their faces. They've protected themselves from reality for so long, they don't recognize it when it hits them right between their eyes.

Their only way to understand any of these disturbing testimonies is to mock the men who give it and say, WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE PRODUCED, that these men did not write their own experiences themselves.

This is EXACTLY how people act when truth and reality bangs up against their lies.

I don't envy them one bit for their willful ignorance.

Bluebullamerica said...

The testimony is riveting. I wish every American would watch it, but sadly, the terrorist GQP won't. I guess if I were part of a terrorist organization, I wouldn't want to hear about it or see it, either.

Paula said...


So the Trumpers are calling the Capitol Police liars? SMH! Look what theyve become to defend that p.o.s. Trump!

Never, never thought I'd see such a thing in America!

skudrunner said...

Other than pinning everything bad on trump, which he does deserve, what is the purpose of these "investigations". They know who did it and are prosecuting the guilty. This is the height of political grandstanding.

Counting the millions spent on high slapping.

Leo T. Lyon said...

What that Trumper is mad about is that the armed rioters on Jan. 6 and now these testimony makes Trump look bad.

They don't care about the police who were injured, only how bad it make Trump their hero look.

That is true cultists!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Other than pinning everything bad on trump, which he does deserve, what is the purpose of these "investigations". They know who did it and are prosecuting the guilty. This is the height of political grandstanding."

Skud, you know g-d well that had this happened under a Dem president who lost an election and his or her armed thugs attacked the US Capitol -- a first since 1812, that you and your fellow Republicans would be SCREAMING for an investigation on who incited it and who was behind this unprecedented attack on our American democracy.

Your comment shows your irresponsible reaction to a very serious event in American history. And we understand how shameful it makes people who support Trump and Trumpism feel. But the fact is that the GQP held 11 hearings on BENGHAZI!, which, by the GOP's own chairman found Hillary innocent. But those same people think an investigation on an attack on our American democracy should just be swept under the rug?


A majority of Americans do not agree with you. We want to know who were the masterminds behind this attack on our American democracy.

Ray Cranston said...

Trumper: Just one thing: THIS IS ALL ABOUT TRUMP…..nothing else."

Heh! Just like the malignant marcissist they worshiop they believe everything is always about Trump. What garbage! These policemen feared for their fking lives! And that comment shows deep disrespect for the police they pretend to support. They support Trump. Period. No one and nothing else. As Shaw says so many times They re a cult. And a shitty one at that!

Shaw Kenawe said...

LeoTLyon, Paula, Bluebullamerica, Ray

"This is all about Trump." Well, at least she told the truth there. We all understand that it WAS Trump who incited the armed attack on the U.S. Capitol.

I've heard of meetings beforehand that might have been where the planning began. That's not been verified, but we'll see if the committee uncovers anything about that rumor.

These testimonies are raw and difficult to listen to, and yet those folks on THAT blog never heard the truth of what happened that day, and that's why she can't believe that what these Capitol policemen testified to can possibly be true, or their own words. She believes they're LYING!


Never, never, never believe any of them when they pretend to SUPPORT THE POLICE.

They don't support anything but Trump and his traitorous power grab to stay in the presidency.

I've tried to understand them and their grievances that underpin their loyalty to Trump, but after Jan. 6, and what I saw with my own eyes, I don't even feel we live in the same country.

This is tragic.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I ask you again what is the purpose of these hearings other than to pin blame on the republicans and trump, something that has already been established. EVERYONE knows what happened and that trump did nothing so what do they intend to find and what do they intend to do about it. Are they going to hang everyone associated with the riot, are they going to throw everyone in jail who participated. Nothing is going to be done because of these "hearings". It is political grandstanding at its best.

Are they going to have hearings on the massive murders in cities where hundreds have been killed, of course not. Are they going to have hearings on the takeover of our borders and the deaths associated with this event, of course not. Again, political grandstanding at its best.

Shaw Kenawe said...

What skud doesn't get and what most of the Trumpers don't understand is the difference between rioting because of injustices and rioting because mobs want to overthrow the United States government. The 2020 elections were NOT stolen. Trump was trying to illegally install himself for another term.

The BLM riots were about extra-judicial killings of black skinned Americans.

Rioting is not the way to solve this and it is wrong. But allowing years and years and years of police killings is what triggered this.

Trump's armed mobs wanted to overturn a legal election and interrupt a Constitutional process. Those thugs yelled HANG PENCE and wanted to get to Nancy Pelosi, 2nd in line to the presidency and KILL her.

You think we should just move on as though Jan. 6 was nothing? This was an unprecedented attack on the government of the United States by DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. And you want to just move on as though it was just a blip in the continuum?


I want to know who organized and encouraged this. Whoever did it was a traitor to this country!

As one Capitol policeman said today, hit men get their orders from the Big Boss or Bosses. Who were they??? Who encouraged them, what was the plan???

You don't care, but you'd be screaming for heads to roll if a Democratic president had encouraged this.

skudrunner said...

So again, what is the purpose of the hearings. All of what you say appears to be true and the outcome will result in no action. It is political grandstanding.

Anonymous said...

Subpoena Donald Trump and Benghazi his ass for 11 hours.

Bluebullamerica said...

Just a word of advice for poor ole Skidmark. It's rainy season, so I'd avoid the heavy sands, the clay and most of the loamy soils. Probably best to look for something with a higher rock content for burying your head. Oh and, by the way, really advise against pointing your backside towards the county prison. We tend to get a lot of escapes and I wouldn't think any of the guys would be that desperate, but still best not tempt fate. Other wise, enjoy your attempts to bury your head in the ground. It'll be hard for your usual 'oh look a kitten!' routine, but it's nice to see you shaking it up a little.

Anonymous said...

In ny copmpletely SANE society Donald J. Trump would be arrested, charged with and tried for sedition and insurrection, and a sane jury would find him quilty as hell and hang the f'ing slime. But republicans have proveen themselves to be ANYTHING but sane.

Anonymous said...

And skidmark continues to strut his trumpyness.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Bourgeois Elitist) said...

What is wrong with "political grandstanding"?* It gets people's attention. This needs to be brought to people's attention. Hopefully there will be action. If the only action is to get people out to vote against the seditious party. I assume further security changes will be put in place as well. Sounds to me like Skud wants Jan 6 ignored because he realizes exposing what happened and who was involved will be bad for republicans.

*If the truth is on the granstander's side. With Benghazi the goal was primarily to smear Democrats and specifically Hillary Clinton with lies. republicans (re Jan 6) are afraid of being "smeared" with the truth.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... the purpose of the hearings is to learn what happened that day, what events led to the happenings of that day, what actions, if any, the White House and various law enforcement agencies took to mitigate, inflame, cause or stop a violent invasion that caused loss of life into our capitol building.

I also think one goal of this commission, like the many Benghazi Commissions, is to provide suggestions and potential solutions/recommendations so we can avoid a repeat of the January 6 Insurrection.

Did you hold the same "it won't change anything" attitude regarding Congressional investigations into the 9/11 attacks, Watergate, Pearl Harbor and Benghazi?

If not, could you explain why not?

I'd be interested in knowing why, as opposed to those investigations, you believe Congress should not investigate this time around.

skudrunner said...

Rev, How did all those bengazi hearings go. Again political grandstanding. It was a forgone conclusion that -H- would not be guilty of anything so it was just cannon fodder.

Republicans that still support trump are already smeared and only the vocal idiots still support him, granted they are loud. Reasonable republicans are moving on and us independent conservatives are sick of both parties.

Why don't we have hearings on gang violence, violent shooting in major cities, covid spread at the borders. These are things that will make a difference in peoples lives, Jan 6 hearings will make none but it is good theater for democrats.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To answer skudrunner:

"The media coverage of the GOP’s ongoing attempt to undermine democracy has too often devolved into false “balance” and an inaccurate portrayal of a movement that now accepts violence and disdains elections. Journalists would do well to watch the full hearing and emulate the clear language offered by committee members and the witnesses. They must do better if they are to keep Americans informed about the ongoing threat to democracy. The days of putting Jan. 6 apologists and deniers on mainstream news programming must end. The media must stop acting as a conduit for Republican disinformation.

Finally, if the Justice Department harbored any doubt that it should investigate whether there was any involvement in the attack by lawmakers or whether the former president’s incitement of the mob rose to the level of criminality, that vanished on Tuesday. The officers pleaded with the committee to find anyone who “collaborated” or spurred the attack. They are not willing to let bygones be bygones. None of us should. The Justice Department should follow the facts and indict anyone found to be criminally liable for the violent insurrection."
Jennifer Rubin, Conservative

My exact feelings.

Shaw Kenawe said...

More of what the gobshites are saying. This time, about yesterday's hearing on Jan. 6.

(These people think they're American patriots. Yeah. Really. They do.)

"Well . . . at this point, my thoughts trend toward how the son of a sitting FauxPotUS can use and deal coke with impunity and democrat-run cities were destroyed in the name of blackification for over a year with multiple deaths and billions in property damage and countless destroyed lives while the damages resulting from the “insurrection” on 6 Jan amounted to a broken window, a scuffed-up door, and a number of galled intergluteal creases on snowflakes.

One person died in the incident, a Trump supporter shot by a Congress Cop who will very likely be nominated for the Medal of Honor for his daring action in saving members of Congress such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was in another unrelated building during the disturbance, which DJT NEVER encouraged.

We’re far too early in the process for anyone to make conclusions, but this clip purty much sums up how I’ll be viewing it all:

I can, however, confidently assure y’all that anyone even hanging around in the vicinity of the “riot” will be punished FAR more severely for wearing a red hat than Biden’s kid will be for drug abuse, influence peddling, art bunko, and child abandonment."

What the hell is "blackification?"

Shaw Kenawe said...

As for the above. They're trying to equate an attack on the U.S. Capitol -- a crime against the U.S. -- with what Hunter Biden did?


They are that dumb.

Anonymous said...

Rubin is a sincere and true conservative. One with actual conservative democratic values and principals. Unlike skidmark et all.

skudrunner said...

No shaw it is just that a lot of people want justice for all. What about the people killed in the riots in several cities. What about the people killed in Chicago just walking down the street. I guess they don't deserve justice nor do the people affected by the BBC and the spread of covid at the border. Have no worry, they are being transported throughout the country so even the Colonies are not spared.

Jerry said...

The point is to have an official federal record of what happened by those who were there and clarify those who were responsible. Not that most Americans care.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: What about the people killed in the riots in several cities. What about the people killed in Chicago just walking down the street.

The police investigate and arrest those folks. Do you have information to the contrary?

Anyway, what you keep failing to understand is that those incidents were not in any way a threat to our democracy. Ever! What happened on Jan. 6 was an attempt to overthrow the United States Government. Whatever happened in the cities and in Chicago, those people were not seditionists trying to disrupt the certification of electoral college votes so that trump could illegally retain power.

The fact that you keep bringing up other crimes that have nothing to do with what happened on Jan. 6 indicates to me that you think a mob of armed thugs attacking the U.S. Capitol is the same as ordinary crimes that beset every big city on the planet, including here in the U.S.

You keep posting "whataboutism" instead of admitting that what happened on Jan. 6 was a crime against your and my country and you should be outraged that Trump and his thugs were behind this outrage.

PS: “We have not, to date, seen any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribing to antifa in connection with the 6th.”— Christopher Wray, F.B.I. director, March 2, 2021

BUT! We have hours of video that shows Trump thugs attacking the U.S. Capitol!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Rick Wilson

“Back the blue” is horseshit for the GOP.
Quote Tweet
Bill Pascrell, Jr.

Just now 205-of-206 House republicans (99.5%) voted against funding the Capitol Police.

Anonymous said...

A simple google search will show the many arrests for the summer riots. Inner City crime is handled by those cities’ judicial systems. The “BBC”? LOL, seriously, I have a sister living in Arizona and friends in Texas and I asked them if they had ever heard of the term “BBC” regarding the border and they all were like “is the BBC filming something on the border?” You know what they all have in common? Nothing. Can you guess what the insurrectionists, deaths and injuries on Jan 6 all have in common—trump.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Nothing is permenant. Everything is impermanent and will, in a matter of time, pass and fall away.

The more we struggle to change things the more they remain the same. Humans are after all creatures of habit.

Truth is the strangest thing. Even when it is standing right in front of us we often fail to see it.

To err is human. To forgive divine. Humans ought to place more emphasis on forgiveness and less on pride of authorship.

Perhaps one day the human race will
reach its true potential and understand its true purpose.

Anyone holding their breaths? I'm sure not.

skudrunner said...

PL, You will never hear anything derogatory about biden on cnn, msdnc, and the three networks so I am not surprised by the answers you received. If you live in a border state, border with Mexico not Canada, you are aware of the border crisis created by the current administration. I didn't mean it to be an indictment on joey but on his handlers because he is to busy driving his 18 wheeler. Harris has done such and outstanding job at the border representing biden that the crisis is almost over.

Anonymous said...

And that is patentky false. Like so much of thd garbage being pushed by America's cons.

Dave Miller said...

Skud… I think this post was not about Pres Biden, but about the sworn testimony of DC Police officers, some of whom were nearly beaten to death by law abiding GOP supporting tourists on a Jan 6 visit to the US Capitol.

Do you want to know why that happened? How it could be prevented in the future? Whether any sitting members of Congress took part in encouraging it? What the admin did to try to end the siege?

Because from your remarks and comments, the answer seems to be a clear no.

Bluebullamerica said...

After reading SKidmark's total nonsense, it's clear that the moniker "the stupid party" is very well earned and 100% apt. We've had a 'border crisis' for as long as I can remember, at least 60 years. It's amazing how, if you listen to the nattering numb-nuts on the radical right, that the issue isn't important when there's a Republiclown in office but then, magically, rears it's ugly hear to be the worst problem we've ever faced. Give it up, GQP stooges, nobody listens to you morons, anymore.

possumlady said...

My comment was so nice, I posted it twice!!

Bluebullamerica said...

Dear Possumlady, your posts are always worthy of a second. Thirds even. :)

possumlady said...

Awww, thanks Bluebull! You're making me blush....