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Monday, October 17, 2022


BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell just said Trump gave her a "big boost" after she was arrested when he said he wished her well. 

 Why does Trump wish pedophiles well? 

Well of course he would. Who else but Donald J. Trump would give encouragement to a woman who was the lover of a disgusting criminal pedophile who procured and joined with Epstein in his sexual exploitation and abuse of minors?

Donald Trump has shockingly horrible taste in people he "boosts."  But his "Christian Nationalist" fans will never, ever stop supporting the ex-president and phenomenal dirt bag.


Les Carpenter said...

A dirt bag can be phenomenal?

I guess you refer to the phenomenal size of the dirty fat dirt bag.

skudrunner said...

I saw an interview with OTG and even he said the next election is not about trump and the liberals are making it about nothing but him. He is a guy that knows and now wants to share his wisdom. The problem is even his most ardent supporters are ignoring his advise.

I won't vote for an ardent trump supporter because they are afraid to face reality. There are a lot of obsessive liberals who believe what the current ruler says instead of believing facts. The economy is great, The border is secure, inflation is temporary, pouring massive amounts of money into the economy does not affect inflation, republicans are evil, a fist bump is as good as an agreement. Guess there is disillusion on both sides.

Les Carpenter said...

skud, it is true everything changes and nothing is permanent. Problem is cons attempt to reify all they believe forever. As though all they believe is fixed. It isn't. Doesn't work that way.

Better timers may b coming. Once the cons get it.

Les Carpenter said...

The economy is a dynamic force. Ever changing and adjusting. We simply tend to overreact to changing conditions when we don't like them. Those who do not recognize the ever changing circumstances of reality will never be happy or content.

Howard Brazee said...

People on the Right keep saying that people on the left or center are selfish cheaters and pedophiles.

Because, of course, isn't everybody?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Howard B.

Certain people on the Right continue to ignore the fact that Donald Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell, a pedophile, well, and she recently said that "boosted" her spirits when she was in prison awaiting trial.

Notice how no one on the Right mentions that.