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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson: Government subsidies for me = GOOD, for thee = BAD.

Dr. Ben Carson, a talented pediatric surgeon, is the right's newest BFF because he had the courage to tell people they should feel ashamed to take government handouts and live the life of a stinky moocher, which is about the worst thing a poor person can be.  His claim is that taking government welfare makes people lazy and encourages them to hang in a hammock instead of going out and finding jobs. 

Here's what he had to say about those mooching moochers who get help from the government:

When you rob someone of their incentive to go out there and improve themselves, you are not doing them any favors. When you take somebody and pat them on the head and say, ‘There, there, you poor little thing. … Let me give you housing subsidies, let me give you free health care because you can’t do that.’ What would be much more empowering is to use our intellect and our resources to give those people a way up and out.”

(That last part is nonsensical, since the government does exactly what would be "much more empowering.")  The assistance the government gives to people who are in dire circumstances and need help comes from "our resources" and gives "those people a way up and out."   That's what the SNAP program does. 

Free health care?  How would a single mother, for example, who's working two low-paying part-time jobs that offer no health coverage, provide health insurance for her children?  Worse, if she were to fall ill or have an accident, how would she pay for medical help?  Is he really that callous that he thinks people like that hypothetical single mother do not deserve help from a government of a country where people love to brag about how great it is?  How is a country great that allows poor and desperate people to fend for themselves when there is no way to fend?

So what's Dr. Carson's problem?

Why would he claim that helping people who are desperate is a bad thing for the government to do?

Crooks and Liars reports:

See here's the thing, though. It turns out that for some strange reason, the evil welfare system didn't seem to destroy the incentive for his own mother to go out and make things better for her and her family:

No doubt, Mother Carson deserves tremendous credit, but – in the words of a political sound bite from the last presidential election – she didn’t do it alone. Carson, in his book, tells how his grades improved tremendously when a government program provided him with free eyeglasses because he could barely see. Not only that, in “Gifted Hands” we read this nugget: “By the time I reached ninth grade, mother had made such strides that she received nothing but food stamps. She couldn’t have provided for us and kept up the house without that subsidy.”

Without that stinky moocher-inducing "handout" from the federal government, Ben Carson himself would probably have not succeeded as he has.  The question is why does he now condemn helping others who were as unfortunate as he and his family were?  Why does he think that government subsidies for the poor disincentivizes them, when he is living proof that is not the case.

Is he that blinded by rightwing ideology that he can't see his hypocrisy in claiming government subsidies for the poor and desperate is a bad idea for others, but it wasn't a bad idea for him?

He either has a very selective memory or he's dishonest by pandering to a group of people whose favorite pastime is to demonize poor people and call them moochers and takers.

Why Ben Carson’s Mom Wasn’t a Lazy Moocher, But Everyone Else on Welfare Is



Dave Miller said...

This undoubtedly falls into the "truly needy" group. Or, if the GOP leaning partisans like the person who's family received aid, it was because they were truly needy.

If they do not like their politics, they were people mooching off the system.

I can only hope Dr. Carson decides to run for president. He'll be better then the bunch we had last time.

Annie Of Watertown said...

Carson believes in double standards. Government subsidies for oil companies, farmers, and conservative poor people is sacred. Help for poor libtards? Not so much. It's all red meat for self-righteous conservatives.

Rational Nation USA said...

Too much progressive orientation is as bad as too much conservative orientation. Both tend to create blinders at some point.

Dave may very well be right, he likely would be better than the last crew.

boomer bob said...

What always fascinates me is how these right-wing hypocrites speak out of both sides of their heads without even realizing it - spewing such absurdities as; “When you rob someone of their incentive to go out there and improve themselves, you are not doing them any favors.” Yet, when the government offers the racially disadvantaged incentives via programs such as Affirmative Action, they squeal like pigs about reverse discrimination.

Carson is just one of those asses who has his piece of pie and now wants to keep the rest of the world from obtaining theirs.

Anonymous said...

Agree that anyone is a better choice than last time.

Annie, why should people work when not working pays better. Welfare is a broken system that keeps people in their place, be holding to the government for their existence and destroys achievement and self esteem.

Duckys here said...

Looks like he's going for a presidential campaign.

It might turn out to be a repeat of the last.
A clown car full of Carsons everyone further right. Jeb Bush for instance doesn't dare bring up serious immigration reform because it will freak out the Teabags.

There won't be a reasonable exchange of ideas but rather a cackling of crazies with lots of Benghazi.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, just watch the baggers fall over themselves explaining why Carson would be such a fab president even though he has zero experience in any area of presidential expertise. Remember how they wailed over Obama having no "experience?" Carson has zero political experience or foreign policy experience, but he's one of them so that doesn't matter the way it mattered to them when Obama was elected.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, Shaw, hunker down for lots of Benghazi. The inexperienced prez is at fault.

Sees to me he's been successful in Ukraine and that situation may avoid a nasty civil war. Seems he got the coalition together to reason with Putin. Fox Snooze is avoiding the story.

There has been a rapprochement with Iran that has the Teabags all upset because we didn't fire a few hot ones.

If there is any progress toward curbing Boko Harum you've pretty much reduced Ben to mumbling Benghazi 24/7. That might play with the Teabags but centrist voters are going to see that his foreign policy has been reasonably successful.

With the ACA shaping up as probably a net positive I think Benghazi won't be enough. Faux can dial up the IRS scandal.
Republicans have to face it. They created it. Now they're stuck with it.

Anonymous said...

At least Carson has held a job, unless you consider a surgeon comparable to a block party organizer.

I doubt he will be a candidate but his time will come.

Duck, are you against him because he is black, racist. That was a joke but fitting.
When you say immigration reform, what is you idea. Let the illegals have citizenship and make other immigrants go through the system, hire a lawyer, have a job and wait seven years.

The scandal administration is in a run and hide mode, going to Afghanistan, drawing a line in the sand, firing underlings who are retiring and now let's play golf.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon, you're a silly troll. Pretending that President Obama didn't work Is the the right's way of sticking their collective heads up their arses. Only blindly partisan hacks repeat the lie that Mr. Obama didn't hold a job. The rest of your trollish pap is laughable.

Ben CArson should stick to separating conjoined twins, that's what he's good at.. He's a terrible politician who continues to embarrass himself when he wanders into areas that have nothing to do with medicine.

He'll never be president. He's put his foot in his politically naive mouth too often. The naggers love him the way the loved Palin.

Shaw Kenawe said...

That should read "baggers," not naggers, although the anonymous troll certainly sounds like a shrewish nag.

Lisa said...

Maybe the country is tired of politicians.Since when is being a "good politician" a prerequisite to be president?
Ben Carson is refreshing to many people not the way the left frames him as Someone The Baggers can attach themselves to. You would say that no matter who runs on the Republican ticket. Not really a fair or accurate statement.
But being you bring up his lack of political shrewdness,here is a little bit on that

Dave Miller said...

Of course RN I was speaking of the comedic potential of a Carson run...

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

But, but, but ... Benghazi has that unmistakable "Banzai" ring to it. Recall the Kamikaze war chant before the pilot drops into a suicidal nosedive: "Long live the Emperor."

Benghazi! Banzai! Rat-a-tat-tat!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, you don't need to get your feathers ruffled when someone criticizes Carson's political naïveté. A person who has presidential ambitions, like Carson does, should know that it's not a good idea to compare gay Americans to beastiality, which is what he did, then had to walk back that bit of stupidity and apologize.

As for your claim that my statements about Carson are not fair or accurate, that's cute. Do you ever examine what you write about President Obama? And people who support him?

I'll remind you. You claim that anyone who supports Pres. Obama "worships" him, and that we see him as our prophet.

So, you might want to be careful about accusing people of not being fair or accurate. Shoe on the other foot and all that.

Rational Nation USA said...

I find Carson quite refreshing as well Lisa. Until he says stupid things. Then I think to myself if he were to become president (he won't) would we get refreshing or stupid. Reminds me a bit of Palin at times.

Carson is an accomplished man of medical science and decent person. However in the political arena from which leaders are chosen he is a novice., and a poor one at that.

Many of his public statements actually send up red flags for a large segment of the electorate, myself included.

Carson's intelligence and skill in his specialty is unquestionable. However the skills needed in addition to intelligence to be president are quite different. Carson has a very long way to go in acquiring the skills necessary to be a national leader on the world stage. Conservatives and libertarians who are honest with themselves know this.

Lisa said...

Shaw there is a difference between supporting someone and supporting them unconditionally.
The difference is you have 95% of a mainstream media doing that for Obama before,during and after the election.
So yes his retractors may sound a little "loud"at times. But it is neccessary to be heard above all the rest of the noise.

Lisa said...

Oh and speaking of accurate. Obama surrendered hi aw license for lyibg on his application when asked if he ever went by another name and he must have forgotten Barry Soetoro

okjimm said...

PErhaps it is time for a new tag for folks like Carson....Regressive. If you can not see that the road goes forward, you regress backward...commiting to repeat mistakes made.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, you could be right in that we do not necessarily need a good politician to be our president. the right type of business, or even military leader, like Ike, could certainly do the job.

As for the GOP ticket, you could be correct because since the ticket is decided in a primary battle in which only the most extreme voices can be heard.

You can be sure that if the GOP nominates someone like Huntsman, Jeb or even Christie, they would get plenty of Democratic votes.

Here's part of the deal with the extremists in your party.

In 2008 when Obama ran after only two years in the Senate, you all said that was a travesty, that he had no executive experience.

Now, experience does not seem to be an issue for the people that want Ben Carson. We must ask, were you wrong then, or are people that support him lying now when they say experience isn't all that important?

That's the thing with the current far right voices in the GOP and Conservativelandia. You stand and express one voice until the Dems agree with you, and then you bolt. Think climate change, carbon offsets and the ACA, all GOP ideas that the Dems ran with and you've since denied.

Since you are here, let me ask you a question I've yet to get answered by any conservative...

We all know what the left considers extreme on our side. Many of the people that, for instance said GW Bush got up everyday happy to send soldiers to their deaths. That was just repulsive and wrong.

Can you give us some examples of behaviors, or statements by people on the right that conservatives would consider extreme from their side?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, I wish you'd take the time to do research instead of passing on disinformation about the Obamas and their law licenses. You repeated this lie on your blog. When I refuted it with evidence, your charming friend, Radical Redneck, you know, the person who sends photos of women's genitalia and other pornography to bloggers whom he disagrees with, that blogging pal of yours. He and your other friends called me names and insulted me.

I backed my comment up with evidence from James Grogan, deputy administrator and chief counsel for the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois, who affirmed that the Obamas were "never the subject of any public disciplinary proceedings," and the Illinois State Bar Association continues to list Barack and Michelle Obama as Honorary Members of that organization.

Google the Illinois State Bar Association and find out for yourself. I've already left links to this information at your blog.

Can you tell the people here why I should believe you and your partisan friends on this matter and not the Illinois State Bar Association? Do you have some secret information about the ISBA that the rest of the country does not have?

If so, please share your facts with us here.

Unless you do that and if you keep pushing this contemptible lie about the Obamas it is proof to me that your agenda is simply to defame and smear the president and first lady.

I did not defame Dr. Carson, I set out the facts: That he believes giving help to families who are desperate disincentivizes them to achieve. Yet he is living proof that is not true, since he has achieved much in the field of medicine.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, plus what RN stated.

okjimm said...

When the truth gets in the way of a lie....print the lie.

Anonymous said...

Companies like WalMart pay poverty wages (and other companies who think it's fine to pay poverty wages) and we end up paying poverty benefits to their workers. Why do we subsidize these companies making 100's of billions in profit? Most cities give tax breaks just to have them locate in their city, then they bring nothing but poverty wage jobs and increase government spending, while they laugh all the way to the bank. They have suckered us knowing raising wages would only take about 1.5% of their 100's of billions of profit, but help stop our trillion dollar debts. They are obviously anti-American entities.

Shaw Kenawe said...

okjimm, Lisa isn't the only one who insists on spreading this lie. A lot of people who share her ideology believe it is true,as well.

I asked Lisa if she has information that refutes what the Illinois State Bar Association has stated.

So far, nothing.

And that says volumes. Unless she comes back here with verifiable proof of her accusation, then we have to believe that what she's posted on her blog and here is a damnable lie.


Yes. I can't count how many times I've read comments from conservatives saying Mr. Obama was THE MOST inexperienced politician to come to the presidency. And now here they are, telling us that Dr. Carson would be a GREAT, REFRESHING president because he has NO EXPERIENCE!

It's really difficult to keep up with their inconsistencies.

RN, no one here is insulting Dr. Carson. He's put his foot in his mouth too many times for people to ignore it.

Boomer, Dr. Carson is living proof that the government serve a positive role in people's lives, if done efficiently and with compassion. Have people forgotten GWB's "compassionate conservatism?"

Apparently Dr. Carson has.

Annie of Watertown, it is puzzling why conservative politicians don't think government subsidies make corporations lazy.

(O)CT(O)PUS, the Gee-Oh-Pee's motto: When In Doubt, Yell BENGHAZI!!!!

Ducky: "They created it. Now they're stuck with it."

And they're regretting it.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Just because Carson was raised on welfare and is now an accomplished sturgeon doesn't mean he's qualified. Anyone who separates conjoined twins for a living is likely to be highly divisive.

skudrunner said...

The attack from the left on Carson, a non-candidate by the way, is in full court press. Never let a good man get a start because you may have to play catch up. The left can't go after Carson because of his race and can't say he has no accomplishments. The left has a prophet who made countless blunders that just went away, like all 56 states, mispronouncing Corps and many others.

If you recall he never said welfare should be eliminated, just fixed.

Jus Askin said...

I'm here at Shaw's blog to tell you guys that I copy whatever she or any other of her commenters writes and then paste it on Geeez's or AOW's blog because I'm a simple-minded person who has no imagination, but lots of anxiety and funny voices in my head.

My therapist tells me to pay no attention to those voices, but I know who they are and where they live!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, old buddy, for a man who loves to come here and insult President Obama and anything liberal, you're awfully touchy about what people say regarding Doc Carson.

IIRC, one of your favorite insults is to talk about how inexperienced Mr. Obama was, and therefore a disaster of a president.

Tell us about Doc Carson's foreign policy experience or any political experience for that matter. What's that you say, he's REFRESHING? And has no experience in slimey Washington DC?

Let me tell you a little secret, there is no such person as a "refreshing" politician. Doc Carson has an ego--a big one. He has to have one to even THINK of running for president. Every politician does. Don't kid yourself.

You and Lisa and lots of other conservatives are trotting him out as the person who would be America's first REAL African-American president, because President Obama is half white. I've actually read that on conservative blogs!

Nooooooo! It's not about his race at all. But he's your very own Negro candidate who PROVES you love African-Americans, as long as they're the right kind.

Let me remind you that Mr. Obama and his wife are as good and decent people as Dr. Carson and his wife are, but for some reason Obummer and Moochelle (as you people love to refer to them and insult them) are fair game for your smears and lies (their law licenses, for example, were taken away from them? Where's the proof?). And when conservative politicians get their words examined for a possible future run at the presidency, you say NO FAIR!

Here's an example of Dr. Carson's silliness:

He said “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. And it is … in a way, it is slavery.”

That's just plain stupid.

Worse than the Civil War? Worse than the Civil Rights struggle? September 11?

How is requiring people to get insurance slavery? Does the ACA break up families and sell their children? Does it put men and women to the lash? Does it condone rape?

His intemperate remarks may send a thrill down conservatives' legs, but it won't get him votes for the rest of the country.

He should stick with healing sick and hurt children. Something he really does well.

Shaw Kenawe said...

JA, ???

Anonymous said...

"Dr Carson's Mom worked her butt off, both in and out of the house, to make sure that he was educated properly. She was involved in his life, in his education, in his future. And because of that, he grew up with values and morals; he worked hard and became and world renowned neurosurgeon. Hard work, values, morals...the left hates that."

This can be said of Obama too. The only difference is that Obama became President of the USA, and that the right hates that.

skudrunner said...

Of all the things you pick it is foreign policy. I guess you were equating Carson lack of experience to Obama's disastrous foreign policy, Syria, Egypt, Gitmo, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Libya, Israel.

It wasn't a conservative who lambasted Obama's lack of experience. It was Biden, the presidency is not for on the job training and Hillary, who will answer the phone at 3am. It is too bad both those statements came to be true

Obamacare being the worse thing to happen to this country. It's a beautiful thing, as botox nancy says. It is so beautiful they change it every week and they have to convince people to sign up by subsidizing their rates.

Any reason why the 13% who had no insurance haven't signed up if it is so great.

Dave Miller said...

Skud, are you as chagrined about the way people on the right are already going after Hillary Clinton, another as yet, non candidate?

Consistency man...

Lisa, your views on Pres. Obama's law licenses are about as factual as the charges that more people voted in some Ohio districts than there are voters.

They sound good, but when faced with actual proof refuting those statements, most conservatives choose one of two paths...

1. They disappear or

2. Respond with some type of remark that those sites are all essentially in the tank for Libs, progressives and Obama.

Which will you choose here? Will you respond with a link to a credible source proving your allegation?

Or are these more of your "false facts" that you said a while back on your site that you use from time to time?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Of all the things you pick it is foreign policy. I guess you were equating Carson lack of experience to Obama's disastrous foreign policy, Syria, Egypt, Gitmo, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Libya, Israel."

You, in your partisan view, see it as a disaster. Others do not. You don't like Obama, so it's not surprising that you'd be negative on everything to do with him. Boring.

skud: "Obamacare being the worse thing to happen to this country."

An amazingly stupid thing for anyone, let alone a brilliant surgeon, to say.

Duckys here said...

Skud, you forgot Iran which has been a solid success.

Dervish Sanders said...

RN: the political arena from which leaders are chosen he is a novice, and a poor one at that.

Better to be a poor novice than an excellent one. Also, I guess RN changed his mind on Carson? Regarding Carson, previously RN said...

"Dr. Benjamin Carson is awesome. Educated, accomplished pediatric neurosurgeon that upstaged the president.

Making a lot of political sense as well. Anyone thinking a draft Carson movement 2016 presidential election?

That was in response to a commentary on another blog where the proprietor said he predicted that an "ignorant leftist" was going to call Carson an "Uncle Tom".

I don't know if any "ignorant leftist" has referred to Carson as an "Uncle Tom". I did a Google search and found an article titled Dr. Ben Carson fights back against Uncle Tom attack... but when you read the article you find that the MSNBC host they're accusing never actually used those words.

Article from the Conservative Washington Times so no surprise they'd lie about valid observations regarding the Right and Carson.

The Right on Carson... "Look, we've got one! We've got a Black guy!" But the racists wouldn't vote for him for president and the GOP NEEDS the racist vote. Also, Black people wouldn't vote for him just because he's Black - the accusation the Right levies against Obama. An accusation made by the resident Skudrunner, if I remember correctly.

The Absolute Harpist said...

you're never going to get Lisa or Skud to see Carson for what he is: an egotistical opportunist who believes in his own grandeur.

Rational Nation USA said...

That was then, this is now. Having viewed and listened to Carson since my views
have changed.

Now, FO ds.

okjimm said...

'my views
have changed.'
RN... nothing wrong with that.

I change my views, too....everytime I turn around the view looks different. That's also why I look both ways twice before crossing a busy street. I am damn near blind and if something is going to hit me, I want to hear it first.

Carson lost all credibility with me when he talked about gun control..."“But more importantly, it’s there because if we ever have a rogue government that wants to dominate the people, the people will have the ability to defend themselves,” he insisted. “We must always protect that right.” that is some dumb shit talking, no matter what his degree or expertise.

It is a good thing to change views and look both ways...but always make sure you look forward.

Like Satchel Paige said, "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you."

Lisa said...

Too bad the media only asked candidate Obama softball questions. Many of his interviewers practically answered questions for him when they realized he had no idea what he was talking about

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Lisa said...
Oh and speaking of accurate. Obama surrendered hi aw license for lyibg on his application when asked if he ever went by another name and he must have forgotten Barry Soetoro"

It's been over 24 hours since Lisa came here and posted that comment.

I challenged her to back it up with evidence from a reliable source, not Breitbart or World Net Daily.

I quoted James Grogan, deputy administrator and chief counsel for the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois, as my reliable source who emphatically said no such disciplinary action was initiated by the Illinois State Bar Association. IOW, what she wrote, unless and until she proves otherwise, is slander.

Why did she and why do her fellow conservatives serve up this sort of calumny about the president?

She could engage in a debate on his policies, but she never does that. She and her conservative friends spread rumors and lies, or complain that President Obama has supporters because in their narrow world no one should support or admire this president, or his wife.

And speaking of his wife, Mrs. Obama has done nothing unusual in her role as FLOTUS, but the people who hang out at "Who's Your Daddy" engage in calling her the most despicable names and find sport in talking about her physical appearance.

And that's all they have. There's never a discussion that rises above juvenilia.

So, here's the deal: I challenged Lisa on her claim quoted above. When called on to prove it, she disappeared.

She posted a lie.

End of story.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... exactly. Just like the voter fraud issue.

Many conservatives want to solve a non existent problem and when asked to provide proof, we hear of districts across Florida and Ohio.

Except when presented with the official numbers from GOP Sec's of State, like Lisa on this issue, they turn tail and are quiet.

Facts are indeed stubborn things...

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw, you ask why? You know why. BECAUSE THEY CAN.

They don't check the facts, and they figure the majority of people won't check as well.

There are many things one can take issue with in regards to Obama's policies without resorting to BS.

okjimm said...

The extreme, and I do mean extreme, like, Dude, the extreme right wing...hates to have any mention of Nazi propaganda flung at them...but they studiously emulate Joseph Goebbels and the big Lie...

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”....Goebbels

No one practices this as astutely as Karl Rove, the Prince of Unprincipled Puhditry,

...and this has filtered down to the blogosphere. It only matters that a lie is told, never that it is refuted. And, if refuted, tell it again.

I think I need a beer.

skudrunner said...


Conservatives do it for the same reason liberals do. How many times did the left say Romney didn't pay taxes or he was going to push granny off a cliff. Even slimy reid got into the act, surprising he would stoop so low (just kidding that's how he got the nickname slimy). Talking points are easy to cut and paste and both sides do it.

The obamas did inactivate their licenses so they didn't have to take CE and pay fees.

Duck is correct I did forget Iran but to name all of obamas foopah's would use up to many electrons.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Another reason Dr. Carson should never be president.

He believes God talks to him and tells him what to do:

"Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson on Thursday explained that he had been following God’s instructions when he shocked many people by calling for a flat tax at a non-partisan prayer breakfast with President Barack Obama last year.

“I realized that God probably had something special he wanted me to say,” Carson explained. “But I didn’t know what it was until the morning of the prayer breakfast.”

“After a while of wrestling with it, I just said, I’m leaving it alone, the Lord will tell me what to say,”

So let me get this straight: This talented surgeon believes God talks to him and tells him what to do?

This is amazing.

The conservatives scream the loudest that Mr. Obama believes he's a "Messiah." As far as I can determine, Mr. Obama has never told the American people that "God talks to him and tells him what to do.

So God talks to Dr. Carson? And advises him?

I'd be very, very wary of a guy who publicly announces stuff like that.

Dave Miller said...

Skud, the only problem with you bringing up the Reid quote is that it could be true. Or not.

All Romney has to do to refute it is produce his income tax forms...

Maybe what Reid was talking about was taxes against earned income, as opposed to carried and capital gains income.

Either way, regarding Lisa and her charge about the Obama's law licenses, we have clear objective truth, which you acknowledged. Regarding Romney, he could end this speculation today by releasing his returns.

Until then, there is no concrete proof. There is a difference.

Spam Hunting said...

I wonder when the conservatives like Lisa will question how Carson got his education (hint: Affirmative Action?) the way they threw that allegation at the Obamas. So we're to believe them when they accuse the Obamas as getting where they are because of Affirmative Action, but Dr. Carson got to where he is on his own merits?

How does that work?

A. Reader said...

Conservative blogger Lisa posted a statement about the Obamas and their law challenged her to back that statement up with posted evidence to show Lisa was engaging in a rotten lie...Lisa never addressed what she did or admitted what she posted was a lie...I was taught as a young man never believe someone who lies to you...therefore why should we believe Lisa on anything she writes about...Obamas? Once a liar always a liar...what a disgrace...

Howard Brazee said...

It's inefficient to give a thousand handouts to the needy, when it's so much easier to give them to the wealthy.

Dervish Sanders said...

Re God telling Carson to advocate or a Flat Tax... God must be a Republican. Also, regarding the RW belief that people (or "patriots") with civilian armaments could take on the military... insane. This guy sounds like a total nutter. Good at his actual job, apparently, but otherwise completely crazy.

skudrunner said...

It is disgusting for Carson to actually believe in something and especially God. Much better to believe in nothing so you will fall for anything or vote for anybody. Look how well that is turning out.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, you've left a trolly-strawman comment.

No one here thinks Carson is "disgusting" for believing in God.

Dr. Carson goes around telling people God talks to him?

skud: "Much better to believe in nothing so you will fall for anything or vote for anybody. Look how well that is turning out."

Actually, you've got that horribly wrong.

It is people who firmly believed in the Abrahamic God of three religions who flew planes into buildings.

Remember how that turned out?