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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Random Act of Culture

Opera Company of Philadelphia performs a flash random act of culture:

Check out the "Teaching Artists" of Opera Philadelphia. Scroll down to read about my nephew, Max Vasapoli.


Rational Nation USA said...

Cool. Can't say I like opera but I appreciate talent in any form.

Your nephew taught ballroom dance as well?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes. A job he took while paying off college tuition.

Rational Nation USA said...

Cool. Me and the better half took dance lessons at FA before moving on to American Academy of Ball Room Dance. I once had the priveledge of having coaching sessions with Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatton (sp ?).

Anonymous said...

Bravo Max!

FreeThinke said...

Great! These "flash mob" events featuring classical music and opera are lots of fun, and make a very healthy outreach into "The Public Square."

I've never seen one -- and by now there have been many -- where the suddenly-captured audience behaved rudely. People who may never have a note of anything but Rotten Rock and RapCrap all their lives ALWAYS seem to get turned on by these happenings, which by now have erupted all over the civilized world.

I loved the good will and apparently genuine camaraderie among the three baritones who shared the role of Escamillo. That moment when two of them high-fived each other at a strategic cadence is priceless.

Your talented, accomplished nephew is very nice-looking, Miss Shaw. I can see after reading a bit about him why you are very proud of him. I would be too, if he were my relative.

So good to see something POSITIVE and cheerful for a change. Thanks!

okjimm said...

ha! I experienced a 'random' act of was, it was butter milk!!!! took me three beers to get the taste out of my mouth. that stuff is only good for pancakes, iffen you ask me.