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Friday, September 23, 2016

And Finally from Republican Michael Steel: More on Donald Trump's Racism

Republican Speaker of the House and former RNC Chair have acknowledge that Donald Trump is a racist. Period.

And as Charles Blow said in one of his interviews, if you support a bigot, then you support bigotry.  That's my opinion as well. You can't separate the racism promoted for years and years over President Obama's birth certificate from who Donald Trump is. In fact, there are Goopers out there who still believe President Obama is not a citizen, thanks to the bigot, Donald J. Trump.

The people who support him support a racist. Period.

Former RNC Chair: Trump's Birtherism is 'Bullshit Racism'

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele said Trump's focus on "nonsensical" issues like birtherism was "nothing more than bullshit racism — excuse my French." Appearing on David Axelrod's podcast "The Axe Files," Steele, whose reign as RNC chair was marred by lackluster fundraising and his own foibles, didn't hold back when it came to Trump and race.

 "You cannot say to me that given the 400 plus years of this country, that at the very moment the country decides to elect the first Black man president of the United States, you going to ask for his papers? Seriously? Seriously?" said Steele. "I can go all day long about what's wrong with Syria and economic policy and foreign policy with this administration. But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and say 'You need to show me your papers first.' That's not how this works."


"Ronald Reagan, if he were a candidate running for any office today, would not win a Republican primary," Steele told Axelrod. "Because the things that he would espouse, the policies, the values, the principles that he would lay out there, would be rejected," Steele said, alleging that Reagan's comparatively moderate position on taxes and immigration would now be rejected by hard-line Republican conservatives.


Joan Says It Right said...

Breaking, And I Love it...ALBANY — Republican Donald Trump holds a 43-39 percent lead on Long Island over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for president, according to a Newsday/News 12/Siena College survey of Nassau and Suffolk voters.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joan or Anita or whoever you pretend to be. I feel so sorry for you. Really. You poor, poor thing:

Hillary Clinton's lead in New York State is massive.

I don't mean to be mean, Joan, but you are what the GOP has said they should stop being.

Anonymous said...

"Joan" is Stupid. Just say the truth, Shaw. Don't be afraid. That poll on Long Island? What did "Joan" think that meant? Here's a hint. NOTHING. A region of New York state is for Trump? Yeah. Big effing deal.

Ducky's here said...

Last week's Siena poll had Clinton up by 21 points.

Back to the Smut Hut with you, Joan.

The Surfer Dude said...

Hi "Joan"

Eat this:

In a head-to-head matchup, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll released Friday morning.
When third party candidates are added to the question, Clinton leads Trump by six points, 45-39, among likely voters, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at 10 points and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at four points.

Flying Junior said...

I still like Michael Steele. Did anyone else see the RNC website when Michael was the chief? It had little pictures and bios of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and some of the truly stellar founding republicans of the nineteenth century. Granted, he had to go pretty far back in time to present a favorable picture of his party, but it was a nice start.

It was that damn John Böhner that showed him the door. Nowadays, the republicans are so whack, we just about look back fondly at guys like Böhner. At least he was friends with the president.

Shaw Kenawe said...


"It was supposed to be her "47 percent" moment.

When Hillary Clinton said that half of Donald Trump's supporters belonged in a "basket of deplorables," Republicans thought they just might have found her campaign-crushing-blunder.

The gaffe, they hoped, was a way to cement an image as an out-of-touch snob, just as Democrats did four years ago to Mitt Romney after he said "47 percent" of voters backed President Barack Obama because they were "dependent on government."

But a new Associated Press-GfK poll finds that Clinton's stumble didn't have quite the impact that Trump and his supporters wanted. Instead, it's Trump who's viewed as most disconnected and disrespectful.

Sixty percent of registered voters say he does not respect "ordinary Americans," according to the poll. That's far more than the 48 percent who say the same about Clinton.

The reason for that is that it's obvious to anyone that Trump is an odious pig and that many of his supporters cheer on his odiousness. There's no better example than the GOP partisans at the RNC shouting "lock her up!" in unison over and over again. Millions saw it. It's obvious. And they're proud of it.

His supporters call it being non-PC. The rest of the sane world calls it being a disgusting pig.

But you can't change a person who's fallen in love with an odious pig.

Rational Nation USA said...

Hannity is hosting a diversity hour with Drumpf, replete with prominent black personalities.


Trump may have short fingers but he has long arms. Handy for patting himself on his back.

Carson and King are making Trump out to be quite the exceptional person.

Can hardly wait for the debates

Free Doughnuts said...

I agree. Although it's a bad sign.

Free Doughnuts said...

I Never thought I'd see the day where people base their views on a tiny part of a state like Long Island!

Dave Miller said...

RN... Hannity is hosting a diversity tour? Hahahahaha...

Shaw... I love Michael Steele... reasonable, rational, smart and yes, partisan, but a good guy. I catch him on Sirius radio when I'm traveling.

Rational Nation USA said...

Actually Dave it was only an hour. It seemed much longer. :(

However it did support Trump's alternative anti reality universe.

Howard Brazee said...

However, the Democratic party has filled the void when the Republicans moved to the right of Reagan.