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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump Shows Us His Presidential Temperament (In All Its Ugliness)


Ducky's here said...

Well at least he wouldn't be handling delicate negotiations.

He'd appoint John Bolton for that function.
Although I believe the Stink Rink leans toward Allen West.

I can't believe they don't understand how dangerous this man would be.

Dave Miller said...

And yet, Trump is still in the race and HRC is still struggling.

Maybe, just maybe voters like me will be the key. We're not big fans of HRC, but we'll never vote for Trump.

It used to be there could be honor in voting for the other party. Dukakis would not have killed us internationally. Kerry would have been fine. Even McCain or Romney would not have damaged us as I believe Trump will.

But the election is still in the balance.

I saw an article over the weekend that wondered if the Obama Admin just over estimated the love America has for his policies, even as they like him.

What if America is more like the vision Trump projects? What if at our core, a majority of people do feel as he does and then vote like that?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "What if America is more like the vision Trump projects? What if at our core, a majority of people do feel as he does and then vote like that?"

I just can't believe Americans would support, for the most important job in the world, a man with no understanding of how government works or what is in our Constitution. A man who has been involved in thousands of law suits, a man who proclaimed how smart he is because he doesn't pay income taxes (which then, in turn, has the rest of us having to make up for the shortfall his nonpayment -- his and others-- causes. A man with no control over his emotions and who has no respect for the truth. Dear gawd!

The most stunning revelation of this election cycle is, as you and I have repeated many times, that the people who went after Mr. Obama for his "thin" resume are now willing to vote for a guy who thinks he can run this country like you run a casino or a gold-plated hotel. I'll be he doesn't even know what the three branches of government are and what their duties are under the Constitution. He NEVER talks about American history, great Americans, our laws, nothing like that, which would give us some insight into what sort of knowledge he has on governing.

Instead he goes on and on about a beauty pageant contestant being fat? He gives excuses for calling Rosie O'Donnell names? And he's giving himself credit for not bringing up Bill Clinton's infidelities as a cudgel to hit Hillary with? I can't even believe I'm typing all of this.

Trump has cheapened our national discourse, has dragged our national intellect down to a 4th grade level, and is shaming us on the international stage. But the people who hate government and our country have decided that it will be fun to see a political armageddon just for spite. Because they don't like how President Obama governed for the past 8 years.

They're as immature and vindictive as their idiot hero Trump is.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "I can't believe they don't understand how dangerous this man would be."

The people of the Stink Rink would support a bowl of lentils if they thought it would keep the Democrats out of power. And a bowl of lentils, lMO, would do better than Trump at any debate, so perhaps they should consider substituting one for Trump in the next debate.


Shaw, don't forget that Trump's potential FIRST "LADY" has her bare ass and tits all over the internet, even a nice soft porn photo of her and another naked women in bed in a hot lesbian photo shoot. Another reason we Americans can be proud of Don the Con. He'll give us our first centerfold naked FLOTUS!

Shaw Kenawe said...


When Trump said that not paying taxes ‘makes me smart,’ undecided voters in N.C. gasped

That comment caused a gasp in the hotel conference room where Townley and five other undecided voters in this ­battleground state were watching the debate.

“That’s offensive. I pay taxes,” said Townley, 52, a program ­director for a local council of governments.

“Another person would be in jail for that,” said Jamilla Hawkins, 33, who was sitting beside him in the Crescent conference room at the Embassy Suites in this city of 150,000 near Raleigh.

Hawkins’s mother had chided her to get off the fence and support Clinton, but the 33-year-old felt no connection to the Democratic nominee. “I just wasn’t sold on her. A lot of my friends were on the Bernie Sanders train,” she said.

But Hawkins said the debate made her appreciate Clinton more. She said she now leans toward voting for her — a feeling shared by most of the undecided voters gathered here for an informal focus group.

When billionaires don't pay taxes, the rest of us have to make up the shortfall. Trump bragged he was "smart" not to pay taxes. The rest of America would call that mooching off of the rest of us who do.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Trump's wife shouldn't be a factor in this. However.

Had Michelle Obama posed in magazines showing off her booty and tatas and in a lesbian photo shoot, the religious right would have choked on their tongues as they lashed her in no uncertain terms for being a "slut." They would then have been apoplectic about someone like that in "The People's House!" Never would they let this go. Never. But because Melania is Trump's third wife, IOKIYAR. They are mute on this whole subject. They are also monumental hypocrites who have ceded any of their authority on anything to do with "morality" and the presidency.

Shaw Kenawe said...

NBC News: Poll: Majority of Voters Say Clinton Won First Presidential Debate

Jerry Critter said...

His angry white guy supporters sound just like him. Birds of a feather...