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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The GOP's Payaso

I don't normallywatch the cable morning shows; but because I had to be out early this AM and was waiting for my ride, I switched on the teevee to see what the talk was on The Maniac's speech last night (I didn't waste my time watching it).  I heard Joe Scarborough speaking with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce leader, Javier Palomarez:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: What did the chamber -- what's the chamber position? Have you all figured out -- and I'm being dead serious here -- what exactly he said yesterday. The totality of yesterday. I'm not even trying to be funny. What is his position? 

 MIKA BRZEZINSKI : There is no position. 

 SCARBOROUGH: Because he seems to be trying to have it all. Throws the red meat out while he suggests that perhaps he's not going to deport families that have been here for ten years. What did you all take out of yesterday's events? And what exactly is Donald Trump's position because The [New York] Times and other publications can't quite figure it out? 

JAVIER PALOMAREZ: Well, therein lies the quandary that he has painted himself into this box. He's damned if he does, he's damned if he doesn't. He had to come back out and really kind of fire up his base. But the reality of it is, he hasn't done anything to help himself in terms of growing the number. And so I think he's done for with the Hispanic community. He's never going to see the White House if he doesn't get a significant portion of the Hispanic vote. I don't know if you guys speak Spanish but I want you to remember this one word, payaso. 

SCARBOROUGH: I was just saying that literally a second a go. 


PALOMAREZ: It means clown. You know, this guy is a complete clown. I'm really sad for the American people and for the Republican party. They had an opportunity to put John Kasich, you know, front and center. Instead, they ended up with this payaso. And it's a complete waste of time, it is a complete waste of time. We need to get on with it already. The nation has got other things to worry about. Immigration reform is a monster that he created so he could slay it at the end of the day. It's not going to change things for this nation as we move forward here. We've got to deal with a broken immigration system, obviously. But it's got to be done in a strategic fashion that makes sense on a going forward basis to fire up people and get this kind of hate filled, you know, this movement of hatred. It doesn't solve anything.

El Payaso Trump


Jerry Critter said...

A hate filled clown! Unfortunately, he is not funny.

Ducky's here said...

So how does this work:

1. Go to Mexico and have a sit down with a head of state in order to prove he can be "presidential".

2. Return and immediately act like an ass to prove to his base that he's still got it.

I really don't see anything at all surprising.
Is there enough hate and fear in America to elect this guy?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Found this on fb by a blogging friend, Capt. Fogg:

"The president of the united states cannot build walls, unless we're talking Lego here. Day one, says trump. Even if he could get congress to appropriate at least 2 billion dollars on day one, most of those 2000 miles are private property and as the wall can't physically be built right on a riverbank, 2000 miles of ranches and homesteads and even towns and cities would have to be condemned, environmental studies would have to be done and unless the Fascist Dictator Trump somehow earns a 3rd and 4th term he doesn't have the time. It's questionable as to whether a 20 foot gapless structure could be built at all and whether it could really deter anyone from crossing without stationing soldiers every 20 yards 24 hours a day. I'm getting tired of news nitwits ignoring this point. and tired of Americans who couldn't pass a citizenship or constitution test and ought to know this stuff.

Now as to rounding up ten or twelve million people on "day one" the physical means do not exist. Would we need 50 or 100 thousand new government employees and the most massive government agency in history?

It's one thing to dismiss the Liar Trump as an unscrupulous creator of myth, it's another to try to excuse all those supporters who can't do arithmetic and are clueless as to the separation of powers that defines this great country."

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is a con artist. He doesn't have the brains to make America great again.

Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps what Trump's supporters really want is a dictator except that they are too stupid to realize it. That is the only way he can accomplish what he says he will do. Even as dictator, it would take years, not months as he said, to complete his 10 step program.

Interesting aside, Trump has develop d a 10 step program?!? Based on personal experience, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Then you admit America is NO longer Great!

Conspiracy Theories Aren't Facts said...


Scripted Donald Trump Acts Like a ‘Normal’ Presidential Candidate

Trump will speak to a black audience in Detroit and do an interview with a black pastor -- all completely scripted because when he isn't completely scripted he becomes himself: a ranting lying embarrassment for America -- but not for his clueless supporters, they love him.

Kevin Robbins said...

And President Nieto told him he can hold his tiny hands on his culo waiting for the money to pay for that wall.