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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Here's Some Reality for Trumpistas

We know the TeaPublicans live in their own reality, but the rest of us live in the real world. 

(The most embarrassing part of the debate and the post-debate was that Donald Trump, who wants to be the leader of the free world, talked about his relationship with a beauty contest winner and her weight gain.)

The TeaPublicans think Don the Con would make a great leader.

Here's a dose of reality for the Trumpistas:

Republicans in Denial That the Debate Exposed Donald Trump As Unfit for Office 

 Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine 

 "If you’re a Republican who has been clinging to the wan hope that Donald Trump might somehow, in his eighth decade on Earth, develop into a plausibly competent president of the United States, the first debate should have been your moment to abandon ship. Trump displayed the factual command of a small child, the emotional stability of a hormonal teen, and the stamina of an old man, staggering and losing the thread as the 90 minutes wore on. Instead, Republicans — without a single exception I have seen — have responded very differently. They have treated their candidate’s glaring unsuitability for high office as, at worst, a handful of discrete errors that in no way reflect on his character, and at best, the dastardly unfairness of the liberal media.


 So Trump, according to the people trying to help him win, is unable to pick good staff, manage his time, follow advice, or even accept the connection between preparing for an event and succeeding at it. Republicans have so internalized Trump’s wild unsuitability for the presidency that they have decided to treat these facts as mere hurdles to overcome on the path to the presidency. But why are they trying to help him win in the first place?" 

Why? Because they want to destroy America by electing an incompetent conman -- a man they would have ripped apart like a cackle of hyenas if Trump had a "D" beside his name instead of an "R." 

Here's another one of Trump's easily refuted stupid lies:

From Digby's blog:  "Intriguingly, Trump also claimed he had a meeting with George W. Bush administration officials to discuss his opposition to the war. “In fact, a delegation” — from the administration, he would later elaborate — “was sent to my office to see me because I was so vocal about it.” 

 I recently reached out to Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, for more details about this meeting. She didn’t provide any, but a high-ranking former Bush White House senior official told me categorically that no such meeting ever happened, and that no one from the administration was deputized to talk to Trump. 

Of course not. Because he wasn't speaking out against the war, number one. And nobody in the White House gave a damn about what he was saying about anything anyway. This man is truly delusional. And that's not just rhetorical hyperbole. He is literally delusional."  (And so are his supporters. -- SK)


For the first time in 126 years, the Arizona Republic endorsed a Democrat: 

Hillary Clinton:


My Thoughts. said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...

To the commenter "My Thoughts,"

Your diatribe was copied and pasted from another's blog. I don't publish spam.

Rational Nation USA said...

Actually Shaw the majority of folks supporting Trump do not want to destroy America. They simply believe our system is broken, that the political establishment (of which HRC is part and parcel of) is responsible, and that Trump represents something other than business as usual.

In short they are... grasping at straws.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Re: Trump and his obsession with the former Miss Universe -- seriously, this melonhead thinks he should be president, and all he's been talking about is a beauty contest winner? What an asshat:

From Digby's blog:

"In the situation Donald Trump is in with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, any media professional or really anyone with a conscience would say this: "We quarreled many years ago. It's in the past. I truly wish her the best." Done and done.

But just an hour ago Trump went on O'Reilly to again trash Machado, now saying that he saved her job, gave her a shot at not being fat and this is the thanks he gets. Yes, he really said that. "You know, they wanted to fire her. The company itself wanted to fire her. I saved her job ... I saved her job because I said that's going to -- I did that with a number of young ladies. The staff itself [wanted to fire her]. Look what happened. Look what I get out of it. I get nothing. A lot of things are coming out about her."

"Why Would You Vote for a Man This Insecure?" asked the headline on a Charlie Pierce post from Tuesday. Trump's campaign tried to change the subject to Clinton's health or to make her husband's sexual history a campaign issue."

Insecure, irrelevant, stupid, vengeful, childish. What has Trump said that qualifies him to be POTUS? He's blubbering about a beauty contest winner? Dear gawd!

Shaw Kenawe said...


But what they fail to see in Trump is that he is absolutely "business as usual," because he believes in "pay to play," and he's bragged about it many times on the campaign trail.

IMO, voting for a complete incompetent and ignoramus would most definitely be destructive to our country. A vote for Donald Dumbass is a vote to destroy America.

You and I know that's not how change comes about. More than a strongman bully is needed to change what's happening in government. Getting rid of career senators and representatives is one good way. We changed the Constitution to limit terms for the POTUS, we should do the same for Congress. I truly believe most of our problems come from entrenched politicians, both Democratic and Republican, whose allegiances are with lobbyists and corporations, not the American people. There's only so much a president can do, because of checks and balances on the executive branch, as we've seen during Mr. Obama's presidency. But Congress can do more harm.

Dave Miller said...

Here here Shaw! A progressive advocating for term limits. Maybe that is the answer, but Congress will never pass a law to limit their power. Thus the rise of the anti in Mr Trump.

Lee Arnold said...

As we all know, Trump is a Liar and a Cheat. That's well proven. But, this Cover Story in today's Newsweek just cost him the entire Florida Cuban population. Kiss Florida goodbye, schmuck.


Documents show that the Trump company spent a minimum of $68,000 for its 1998 foray into Cuba at a time when the corporate expenditure of even a penny in the Caribbean country was prohibited without U.S. government approval. But the company did not spend the money directly. Instead, with Trump’s knowledge, executives funneled the cash for the Cuba trip through an American consulting firm called Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corp. Once the business consultants traveled to the island and incurred the expenses for the venture, Seven Arrows instructed senior officers with Trump’s company—then called Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts—how to make it appear legal by linking it after the fact to a charitable effort.

Lady Pinkbottom said...

Alicia Machado posed for Playboy. Heavens! Shouldn't one be ashamed of that?

Dear me, I'm not suggesting that our future FLOTUS should be ashamed of posing in a lesbian photo spread. No! Heavens to Betsy, NO! There's nothing in MY book that makes it shameful when a good Republican future FLOTUS shows the world her beautiful nude mammaries and keister! That's perfectly okay, m'dear. We pass judgement on those who are not of our tribe, and Ms. Machado is not one of us, if you know what I mean -- "Machado!" What is THAT?!

Mrs. Trump -- the third Mrs. Trump -- is a lovely woman who enjoys using other women's thoughts when she gives speeches, who told just a teeny little fib about her college degree, and who has fully contributed to American culture by designing jewelry and giving America a new perfume. What accomplishments!

Harumph! What did Michelle Obama do with her Ivy League degrees? (If she even honestly earned them, if you know what I mean.) Let's be serious, which should we prefer, a First Lady who manufactures jewelry only rich women can afford or a First Lady who has a first rate education from the nation's finest educational institutions.

Hmmmm. I know what I, as a fine Republican woman, would choose!