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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Squirrel in Trump's Brain

Instead of reading and reporting on what the liberal news outlets, pundits, and bloggers are saying today about Trump's dysfunctional campaign, I've decided to read and report on what a conservative blog,, is reporting about Trump.

Let's see what it says.

From RedState. com on Trump's repulsive scream-fest of a speech on immigration last week:

"One example would be the event of several Hispanic supporters of Trump choosing to walk away and withdraw their support after his hardline speech in Phoenix. 

Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser with the Trump team actually slammed Priebus in an email to Trump staffers. 

"The RNC needs to take control of this situation and quickly," Miller wrote, the Times reports. He called the departing advisory council members "professional amnesty lobbyists," before asking, "Can Reince do his job?" 

The weasel-y Priebus can be blamed for much, but the words out of Trump’s mouth are solely the responsibility of the squirrel sprinting aimlessly on the busted wheel that is his brain. 

As for the RNC, they seem to have no ability to just call a spade a spade. They complain of divisive power struggles between top advisers and Trump family members — and noted that the nominee has now installed the third leadership team of his campaign. 

Priebus, whom the Times reports has a "warm" relationship with Trump — "and speaks with him daily" — has told some of the Republicans that he has been "disappointed" at the candidate's inability "to evolve as a candidate in the general election." 

But the chairman denied making such statements. Right. Because Trump has evolved. And de-evolved. And evolved. We’re still two months out from the general election. That’s plenty of time to kiss and make up."

And here's one of the comments from that site:

Jperez5 •

The orcs leader Roger Ailes and his underlings Hannity, Orielly, Greta and Fox built up the "squirrel sprinting aimlessly on the busted wheel" and now they own him. I can actually visualize Trump on the wheel trying to go round and round. LOL!

And this:

Texas Gov. Abbott Received $35,000 Donation From Trump After Dropping Trump University Investigation 

Remember Pam Bondi, the Florida Attorney General who failed to open up an investigation into fraud charges against Trump University in 2013, only to have it discovered that in September of that year, the Donald J. Trump Foundation had donated $25,000 to her PAC? 

Yeah. She wasn’t the only one, but she got short-changed, it appears. Maybe she could have held out for more. The Associated Press is reporting that Texas Governor Greg Abbott received a $35,000 donation to his gubernatorial campaign from Trump, sometime after dropping a probe into Trump University, back in 2010, when Abbott was still the Texas Attorney General.

Trump calls Mrs. Clinton "Crooked Hillary." And the radical rabid right wingers ignore Trump's bribing elected officials so that they won't investigate his fraudulent Trump University.

INFIDEL753 has more on Trump's scandals.


Rational Nation USA said...

Trump is giving squirrels everywhere a bad name.

Dave Miller said...

He keeps hiring and firing people to run his campaign. If he can't run a campaign and get the right people, how's he gonna do that as Pres?

Dave Miller said...

BTW... speaking of ORCS, Trump now leads nationally in a new CNN/ORC poll...

Is it the start of a trend?

Rational Nation USA said...

That CNN poll shows Trump ahead among registered voters by a small margin and Trump leading among Likely Voters .

What that says to me is a) Clinton is losing support as a result of her perceived "bad baggage" and b) she has not been aggressive enough or accessible to the media as often as she ought to be.

If this is a trend and it continues prepare for a presidency much worse than GWB's.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From The Hill:

September 06, 2016, 07:16 am
Poll: Clinton has 6-point lead over Trump

Clinton is favored by 48 percent of registered voters while Trump is backed by 42 percent.
In a four-way matchup including Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Clinton has a 4-point lead over Trump, 41 to 37 percent. Johnson has 12 percent support and Stein is favored by 4 percent of registered voters.

Just remember that the election is won by electoral votes, and Clinton is leading Trump by a lot in that area.

RealClearPolitics has Clinton at a 60% chance of winning versus 30% for Trump.

Rational Nation USA said...

Should read Clinton ahead registered voters.

Rational Nation USA said...

Truman was expected to lose as well. Papers even had it printed. Strange things can happen. Over confidence is to be avoided and nose to the grindstone is advised for HRC.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, that surprise win by Truman was in 1948. There weren't the sort of polling done then that is done now. There's no comparison. Polling by organizations like Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight didn't exist. Also demographics are completely changed. The African-American vote, for example was suppressed because of Jim Crow poll tax laws.

There's just no comparison between then and now.
Trump is doing very, very poorly with a demographic that was always securely in the GOP column: White women with college degrees. They're not voting for him in this election. And why would they. He's shown himself to be a repulsive swine where women are concerned.

I Just read this on Bipartisan Report:

When you break down poll results by geography, Clinton still holds strong in the Northeast — leading Trump by 16 points — and stands firm with a 16-point lead in the West. However, Trump still leads her in the South by only one point. When it comes to the battleground states of Ohio and Iowa and the Midwest, the poll reveals they remain tied.

Other polls that support these findings show Clinton leads Trump 45 to 37, and she has a three point lead of 41 to 38 in Pennsylvania (Franklin & Marshall University poll). In another national poll taken by The Washington Post, it was revealed Clinton remains ahead of Trump in every New England state.

Ducky's here said...

No, this seems standard, Shaw.

A governor is going to cost more than an attorney general.
Drumpf knows the going rate for bribes, I'm sure.

As for La Donald winning, he's really going to have to pick it up in states like
Pennsylvania, Florida and Virginia. The electoral college is not a branch of Drumpf university.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, I know that you are not a Hillary supporter. Bernie was my choice. But we cannot let a maniac win the presidency. I believe in voting. My choice is either Drumpf or Hillary.

You do know that more than half of what's been said about Hillary is bullshit.

Ducky's here said...

I'm in the group which hopes that the Sanders candidacy has convinced Hillary that the electorate wants a more progressive administration, Shaw.
No TPP, no more greasing the skids for Wall St. If the last year or so of Obama's administration is an example of what her administration may be then I could make my peace with that.

Drumpf is unacceptable by any measure and , yes, what is being said about Hillary's criminality is in fact BS but it still leaves us with a right/center candidate.

I had lunch today with middle niece and a friend who teaches kindergarten.
These ladies are having none of it and want the pivot left, now. I was shocked, frankly.
Their both voting Stein as am I but it's a luxury we have in Mass.

I do feel better seeing that pathological ditz is in fact up against it in the critical swing states.
Have faith.

Rational Nation USA said...

Many liberals/progressives have been critical of the EC and stated presidents should be elected by straight popular vote.

I'm thinking given recent polling trends they now like the EC and are thankful for it.

Anonymous said...

Julian Assange is becoming a fixture on Faux News. He was on tonight saying he may release his first batch of HRC's e-mails next week. Him and Putin seem to be on Trumps campaign staff.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... I think what we are seeing is that Trumps core voters, maybe like the core group supporting HRC, are for her no matter what. The problem may be that she has more people willing to overlook almost anything, than he has.

I sincerely hope it is only half of the stuff said about Hillary being true. Honestly, I can't see either candidate getting anything done in the current toxic atmosphere.

At least HRC is not claiming fraud or cheating if she loses.

That alone may, in the end, be enough for me to support her. You can say a lot in US politics, but alleging fraud and cheating with no evidence strikes at the heart of our democracy, almost as much as birtherism.

I will say this... the current issues Trump has in FL, make it harder for him to claim she's crooked. Because if she is, he's "crookeder." Ha!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Trump's "core supporters" could be described as "not real conservatives." The real conservatives I know and have read about do not support Trump. The Tea Party conservatives have shown, through their support of Trump, that they don't believe in conservative principles, they believe only in hating Hillary.

I think one has to look very, very carefully at Trump the Pot calling Hillary the Kettle black.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, the EC is cumbersome and outdated. We should go to popular vote. If we had, Al Gore would have been president, not GWB.

Do you think Trump will get more popular votes than Hillary? It's difficult to see that because his support from huge demographics -- Latinos/Hispanics, African-Americans, women, college educated voters --big groups there, is at an all-time low for a Republican.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "...eaves us with a right/center candidate."

Well I'm not sure Hillary is right/center. She supports a increase in the minimum wage, a woman's right to choose, equality in marriage -- issues conservatives do not support.

Yes, I believe Bernie has influenced her -- certainly with the party's platform. Remember we don't completely know how a candidate will act once they're president.

George W. Bush, for example, promised no nation-building, and he promised to renew the ban on automatic weapons. He did not keep those promises.

The sickening part of our electoral culture is that once a president is elected, he/she starts thinking about the campaign for his/her re-election. I'm for changing the Constitution to having a president serve for 6 years. And for term limits for senators and representatives.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... A big yes to a single 6 year term. At least we'd get 4 consecutive years of work before he/she becomes a lame duck...

Rational Nation USA said...

6 years for prez and term limits for the rest. Sounds good over here