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Friday, March 24, 2017

America's Ridiculous President


Ray Cranston said...

They had what 7 years to come up with a good alternative and all Ryan could come up with was a plan that not even his entire party could get behind. That is very telling as to how poorly this plan was put together. I'm still dumbfounded with how they simply can't come together and find things they both agree need work in terms of the ACA and see about fixing those issues. Instead we get constant "Lets repeal it" over and over again. Mean while the rest of the world is all "We have universal coverage America get with it."

Jerry Critter said...

Republicans again are showing that they can only effective obstruct government and are totally incapable of running government. If Obamacare is so bad, why have they not been able to develop a replacement in 7+ years that they can pass. They only have to satisfy fellow republicans. They don't need support from democrats. Even so, they can't do it!

Kevin Robbins said...

Looks like in the battle between Obamacare and Trumpcare (or as I prefer, GOPcare) the good guys are winning. The Reprehensibles went from a FAIL on the seventh anniversary of the signing of the ACA to an EPIC FAIL today. Ironically, I've been taking advantage of having health insurance since Sunday night and was able to get out of hospital on the day of the EPIC FAIL. I feel better knowing that at least some of my medical expenses are going to be paid.

What are the Repulsives planning for the eighth anniversary? Maybe we can make this a yearly event.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, I think your comment speaks to the fact that Republicans just don't know how to govern.

Jerry, Even so, they can't do it!

Today is a perfect example of their "Can't Do!" attitude.

Kevin, I hope you're okay. The Republican plan is to complain and make promises they can't keep. Trump showed America and the world that his brags about be the best negotiator and deal maker is as fake as his Trump University. He's nothing more than a bag of fumes.

Anonymous said...

The President is NOT a great closer!