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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trump Back At Work

Found via Democratic Underground


Rational Nation USA said...

Not a big fan of The Democratic Underground. In essence too much like the zany far right.

Dave Miller said...

Does he have a tin foil hat on in a tin foil room? That might explain a lot.

Seriously Shaw, how does someone choose what to address with Trump? He's so far out of the mainstream that he's a treasure trove of material. Maybe that is his goal... put so much craziness out there that opponents can't possibly keep up.

Dave Miller said...

Les... you've hit one of the nails on the head.

If there is an extreme right, which we all agree exists, is there an extreme left? And if so, what does it look like?

When Obama was in office, not one conservative would take up my challenge to define the kooks within their ranks. I hope in 4 years the same will not be able to be said about the left.

Ducky's here said...

This was really quite effective.
Mark "Dumpster Fire" Levin makes a few completely unsubstantiated claims, Breitfart picks it up and everyone's talking about Obama rather than he nature of the Russian connection to the Happy Hands administration.
Really a fine example of how our "news" works these days.

Meanwhile, back at the Senate, Paul "Full Ayn Rand: Ryan is giving the Affordable Care Act replacement a test spin.
As expected it will likely result in:
a: Loss of health insurance for low income Americans
(Jason Chaffetz suggests they just get rid of their cell phones to pay for coverage. He's such a smarmy little ditz)

b. Tax reductions for the wealthy

c. Modified individual mandate with the proceeds going to insurers rather than being used to subsidize low income coverage.

It's a real beauty and this all happens while Breitfart is covering Mark Levin's hissy fit. Just perfect.
The upside is that Republican senators in states that opted into expanded Medicaid are feeling pressure and will quite possibly vote against the bill (or feel the backlash at the midterm).

So far no indication that Lord Dampnut has done anything for his base but they don't seem to realize it.

Clearwater, Florida said...

What's so hard for people to understand? Sessions lied twice about meeting with the Russian ambassador. Why? If its so normal, why didnn't he tell the Senators he met with him? Sessions lied under oath. Isn't that a felony?

There is absolutely no evidence for Trump's accusation that Obama wire-tapped him. None. The FBI says it's not so. But in Wingnutland Sessions is unfairly accused and Obama is a snake.

Up is down and down is up and war is peace and half the country is crazy.

Kevin Robbins said...

Not a big fan of The Democratic Underground. In essence too much like the zany far right.

I used to read it and Kos, too. I'm a lot more mainstream nowadays or at least I think I am. Mostly the fake news in the NYT and WashPo and such. Do you me some Josh Marshall, tho.

Rational Nation USA said...

I generally steer away from websites that swing too far afield from just left center or just right of center right. Swinging too far either can result in losing perspective.

Having said the above I must acknowledge it is getting more difficult to find the just right of center anymore. Conservatives have broke free of their moorings. And to think, I used to be a conservative.