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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Republican President Who Got 81% of The Evangelical Vote

In 2012, Donald J. Trump, your president, said that young underage boys who had sex with their teachers were not hurt by it, but maybe the husbands of the female teachers would be a bit angry with their wives for having sex with their underage students. (That was supposed to be his attempt at humor on this subject.)

This is just another insight into Trump's moral values. A normal human being would have been appalled at the question and would have understood that it is statutory rape or child sexual abuse, depending on the student's age, and that's a felony. But Trump sees this as a chance to make a joke, because he's a moral pig.



Jerry Critter said...

What else should be expected from the Groper-in-Chief?

Anonymous said...

He's disgusting.