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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump,The Blame-Weasel

The following are examples of how real presidents take responsibility for failed military missions:

“The buck stops here.”-Harry Truman 

“I'm the responsible officer of the government.” - JFK on Bay of Pigs 

'If there is to be blame, it properly rests here in this office and with this president.” – Reagan on Beirut Marine Barracks tragedy 

“The responsibility is fully my own.” – Jimmy Carter on failed hostage rescue mission 

“I’m the president. And I’m always responsible,” – Obama on Benghazi 

The following is how a fake president places the blame on other people for failed military missions during his administration:

“THEY came to see me, they explained what THEY wanted to do—the generals—who are very respected, my generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I believe. AND THEY LOST RYAN.” – Trump on Yemen

It's not MY responsibility -- The Generals lost Ryan.  

Nancy Pelosi: Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath And Must Resign

Growing Number Of Republicans Call On Jeff Sessions To Step AsideSessions reportedly did not disclose conversations he had with Russia’s U.S. ambassador during his confirmation.

Attorney General Sessions lied under oath?

Who's surprised? He was chosen by the biggest lying liar in the country, Donald J. Trump.


Dave Miller said...

I'm sure within the extremists supporting Trump, had Pres Obama pushed off responsibility for Benghazi on some general or lower level bureaucrat, they would have quietly excepted that.

Just as they would have no problem with a Dem Senator giving demonstratively false testimony in a confirmation hearing.

Maybe what we are seeing is a sort of through the looking glass Alice in Wonderland Administration in a carnival House of Mirrors.

Anonymous said...

"Pelosi Tells House Members to Treat Trump Voters Like a Friend With a ‘Jerk’ Boyfriend."

LOL! Perfect. Drumpf is an exceptional jerk. I feel sorry for the people who support him.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... a little of topic, but Trumpist none the less...

I listened to the first part of Trumps speech the other night. As he started, I listened as he repeatedly spoke of what he did, what his Admin had done and well he he, personally had done.

Listening, I flashed back to how often some on the right were critical of President Obama in his speeches for himself, using "I", "My" and "Mine"... instead of we and us.

They wondered why President Obama was seemingly so narcissistic that he had to constantly refer to himself.

Again, I am wondering why there is no talk about what was scandalous behavior during the Obama Admin when it happens during the Trump Admin.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "Again, I am wondering why there is no talk about what was scandalous behavior during the Obama Admin when it happens during the Trump Admin."

As you've pointed out, the people on the right would have been enraged had Mr. Obama blamed the generals for the Benghazi tragedy instead of taking responsibility himself, which he did, and which Trump did NOT do for the death of Navy SEAL Owens. Silence from the righties on that because they are, after all, shameless hypocrites.

Remember how they mocked Mr. Obama about using a teleprompter? The only times Trump sounds sane is when he uses a teleprompter, yet there's no mocking about his use of it from the righties, because Trump is a "so-called" Republican.

The word "narcissist" will have to be retired after Trump is out of our lives, since he owns it and is the embodiment of all that words means.

All presidents have to have a good deal of self-confidence, how else could they possibly get through the grueling process of running for the presidency? Mr. Obama showed a lot of self-confidence, but he doesn't come even close to the rank narcissism that Trump displays. I have no memory of Mr. Obama bragging constantly about how many electoral college votes he got or about how big his win was. He did say "I won" that time in answer to some GOP senator, I think. Arrogant? Maybe. But, as I said Mr. Obama can't even come close to the sort of narcissist Trump is.

Dave Miller said...

Can you imagine the DSM V(R) in a few years? Someone will be looking up Narcissistic Personality Disorder and there will be a picture of President Trump...